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How to restore the password to your VK account after deletion


Sometimes unexpected situations happen in social networks: correspondence is suddenly deleted, passwords are forgotten, VKontakte blocks pages without your knowledge. What should you do if you do not remember your password, the page is blocked or the phone that is connected to your account is inaccessible?

If you need to access VKontakte, unfreeze your page, recover your password or remember your login, this guide will answer these questions.

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    How to recover your VKontakte password saved in your browser

    The basic, yet working, way to recover your account page password is through the browser settings you used to successfully authorize to your profile.

    The thing is that desktop and mobile browsers store the login data for autofill forms (not always, but as a rule). You can access them using their settings

    Method 1: access the main browser settings

    To retrieve your password, you have to access the following sections:

    1. In Google Chrome: type chrome://settings/passwords in the browser address bar and go to this address.
    2. In Opera: enter opera://settings/passwords in the browser and go to this address.
    3. In the search box enter "vc".
    4. Click the "Show" button next to the VKontakte address.
    5. When prompted, enter the PC Administrator password.
    6. The desired password will be displayed instead of the asterisks.

    Sethod 2: viewing password through the original html

    If you have forgotten your VKontakte password saved in your browser in the form of asterisks (or dots), you can easily recall it.

    How to do this:

    1. Open the login page of your profile.
    2. Put your cursor on the password line.
    3. The password will be displayed in a text field in the form of asterisks.
    4. Click the right mouse button to open the context menu.
    5. Choose "View item code" or "Inspect item" (each browser has a different name).
    6. The developer window opens with the html page code.
    7. The mouse pointer will be placed in the field with the entry:
    1. Replace on this line the entry:
    1. The password figures appear.
    Note. The same way you can recover the login data from another account, but VKontakte administration does not recommend this and bears no responsibility for the consequences.

    Trying to recover the password to access your VKontakte profile

    Restoring your VKontakte page password without phone

    Restoring your VKontakte access is quite easy with the phone number, but how to open the page if you have not enough data to log in to your account?

    1. There is a special box when restoring: "If you don't remember the data or don't have access to the phone, click here".
    2. The system will ask you to enter a link to your account.

    1. Then you have the possibility to enter the old phone number, the available phone number, the registration e-mail, one of the old passwords (you used to log in with).
    2. You enter the data you remember on the page and within 24 hours the help desk will re-establish access.

    Users may restore the page by mail or by entering a login. How to do it:

    1. After providing the data you will need to write the name of the account.
    2. Then the system asks for confirmation of the page to be restored
    3. A avatar with the first and last name will be displayed
    4. You must confirm that this is the page from which you want to restore the password.
    5. Click "Yes, this is the page you need"
    6. A form will ask you to enter a new phone number and receive a confirmation code by SMS.
    7. In the special form the new password must be indicated, repeat it
    8. Be sure to write the data down in a safe place (notepad).
    9. Changing the phone number if you forgot your VKontakte password is allowed for a limited number of times.

    We already told you about VKontakte mobile app for Android. If all else fails, try installing this application on your phone and accessing your page.

    Download VK for Android! Click

    Restore VKontakte page after virus

    After your computer or phone is infected with a virus, the user may encounter an offer of paid VKontakte page restore via SMS in their browser window. Some viruses related to VKontakte ask for activation code for Kontakte, which also can be obtained by transferring money to certain payment systems. In most cases, even after sending an SMS or money transfer the social network page remains blocked.

    How to unlock it:

    1. First of all, be sure to check your computer or mobile phone for viruses. If you had your page password stolen once, chances are it will be done again.
    2. Download Doctor Web antivirus for your phone
    3. Run the antivirus scan
    4. Wait for the result.
    5. For the correct recovery of your social networking page, you need to access the hosts file in the following path C:{Windows\system32\drivers\etc.
    6. Open the hosts file using Notepad.
    7. If this file contains entries with the host and other social networks, delete those lines.
    8. Maybe there will be 2 hosts /files, in this case check the second one also for redundancies.
    9. After that, in most cases access is restored.

    Edit the hosts file which might contain the mentioning of VKontakte

    If after deleting the lines from the file by itself no changes have occurred and the virus keeps blocking the page,

    1. Try to download the original and correct folder etc
    2. Download the correct hosts file available at: //
    3. Unzip the file and replace the old etc folder with the new one.
    4. Reboot your PC,
    5. Log in to your VKontakte account again.

    Tip of the day. If you want to protect yourself from viruses on your Android smartphone and tablet, make sure you download mobile antivirus!

    Download antivirus for Android

    How to unfreeze your VK profile page

    When logging into VKontakte, site asks to link page to phone number due to suspicious activity? We need to figure out the reason for this situation. Enter your phone number, and if a message appears asking you to send a paid code to the number - you will be convinced that there is a virus on your computer, which has nothing to do with the messages from VKontakte tech support. The social network will not ask you to send messages to any numbers, on the contrary, the site itself sends the codes automatically.

    To restore a VKontakte page, you have to do the same steps with the replacement of the hosts file as described in the last subsection.

    Remove VKontakte page and restore it

    Remove VKontakte page quite simply:

    1. On the left side of the social network open the "My settings".
    2. At the very bottom of the page that appears, you will see "You can delete your page".
    3. In the list choose the reason for deletion: this information will be displayed in your friends feed.
    4. You may uncheck this box and you will not show the deletion of your page in your feed.
    5. If you do not indicate a reason, you will see the entry "user silently deleted his page" on your behalf.

    To restore a deleted VKC page:

    1. Log in with your password
    2. Go to the "Recover your page" link.
    3. The deleted page keeps the information for one year.
    4. If you forget the address, you can try to find it in the list of your friends or in the groups, to recall it later.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I had deleted my VKC page and created a new one with the same phone number! Now I deleted the new one and I can not access the old one! Can I get it back?

    In such cases unfortunately none of the methods I mentioned above will help you. You'll have to create another account from scratch by adding your friends. If you need to read the old correspondence, try to look for the duplicated emails. I also advise you to contact VKontakte tech support, explaining the reason.

    I deleted my page and cannot restore it because I don't remember vk password. I tried to restore it but they suggested that I should send the code to my phone, attached to a page I do not use.

    First of all, you can try to recover your old phone number. Contact the mobile operator that you have a contract with.

    The second option is to contact directly the support VK, explaining in detail the situation with the phone and so on. They will be able to help you, for which you may need your passport.

    I deleted my VK. How can I restore it if I do not know the old password? Or create a new page on the same number?

    Recover your VKontakte account password to your email or phone. This is a standard procedure, there is nothing complicated about this procedure. How to remember your VK account password or retrieve it from the asterisks, read above. You can create a new page, but why?

    I have an old page, deleted a long time ago. There is an email and a link, tied to an email. Any chance of restoring and accessing my VKontakte page?

    The VK account can be restored within six months. Therefore, if you want to get back your correspondence, photos and other data - hurry to do it while your page is available on the VKontakte server. The recovery procedure is standard, read our guide.

    I cannot recover my VKontakte password. I tried all the combinations, but nothing works. How do I recover my password?

    1) Read the article on recovering the VKontakte password (see the text above)

    2) If my account is not linked to a phone number, I will try the //

    I have hacked my VKontakte page. I tried to restore it, but it says that neither login, nor password, phone number and surname are wrong. From the link also cannot find my account.

    The easiest thing to do is to contact the support service of VKontakte with an explanation of the reason. Of course, this should be done if your page is really hacked. Chances are you will be asked to send the photos of the documents confirming your identity.

    If you are not sure about the crack, try to access your account through the standard form for password recovery to email.

    Analyona: Good evening! I registered a new page on my phone thinking that I could bind 2 pages to one number. Now I can't go to my old VKontakte page. Help, how can i restore my vkontakte page?

    answer . your page can be accessed by entering the actual vk login and password. yes, the phone number can be used instead of login, so in your situation it can really confuse you.

    Zhibek: I deleted my vk page, opened new one on the same number, several times, now i cannot return my old page, and there are friends, important videos, photos, music that i listen from phone. Can you help, is it possible to restore? Zhibek, see the answer above.

    Galymzhan: I have forgotten my vk account password. Yesterday I forgot my password and I did not receive an SMS to the new number, and I would have been able to login in 24 hours, but I accidentally deleted the SMS with the new password. How can I enter my account now?

    Answer . bear with me. try again to recover your password and wait for the sms. also you can contact the technical support of the social service you are using and ask to restore your account individually.

    ruslan: I can not restore my VKontakte account, it was deleted by my ex-girlfriend, but she changed the password before deletion. There is no phone number to which the page was linked. How can I access my VKontakte page in this case?

    answer . make up with your girlfriend, it will be the best option that will allow you to regain your cherished VKontakte page together with the password. also try to restore the page to your email address. if it is not possible, write to VK support service and explain the situation, saying that your data has fallen into the hands of an intruder (i.e. say that you have been hacked). or threaten the girl to go to court.

    Irina: I had an account in contact, I forgot its password, e-mail cannot remember what phone number I linked it to. Now I can not log into my account, as my number is tied to a girl's account, and I do not understand how to get a password from vk: when I enter a phone number, it does not come out my account.

    I tried to restore - it is asking for a link I can not see it, I find my friends, and when you logging into VK asks for a password. In the internet, look at the instructions that I have to find my account and recognize that it is mine, nothing comes out, only the number and activation code all do as instructed go into someone else's account to which I have tied the number. Help me, how to restore the password in kontakte? Thank you for your understanding!

    Answer . your situation is very complex and you have messed up. i will try to help you. the main thing is to get together. remember all your phones and mailboxes, write them down on a page of paper. and try to restore your password to one of the written out addresses. and so on.

    Second advice: You can access the page not only by phone number, but also by entering the login data you specified during registration. so try to remember your authorization data.

    Please tell me how to restore your deleted VKontakte page, it was hacked about 9-10 months ago.

    Report . If you act fast, it is still possible to get your VKontakte page back (however, a lot of time has passed and our tips will not help you in any way). Firstly, it would be a good idea to check your computer for viruses (probably, it was a virus which stole Vkontakte passwords). Ask your friends and acquaintances if any suspicious messages were sent from your account. Finally, contact VK support and explain your problem to them. Another thing is that you will not be able to restore your vk account without the phone number to which your social network page is linked.

    How do I restore a vk account with old messages and conversations without losing my friends?

    Answer . Your question contains the answer. The fact is that you have already deleted your VK page. In fact, all you have to do is to create a new account and add VK users as your friends again from memory. If you are afraid that someone will not understand your actions, just describe your situation. True friends will understand you! Good luck.

    I made myself a 2nd VKontakte page. Then I found out that I can't log in to the first page of my account. After that, I deleted my second VK account, but I still can't go to 1 page. My page was hacked 1 time. How to restore my VK account after that?

    Answer . The sequence of your actions is not quite clear. In any case, I advise you to secure your page against hacking. To do this, come up with a strong password for the account, tie VK to a valid phone number. After hacking your page, it is best to contact VKontakte tech support promptly and explain the problem.

    As for actually regaining access to VK, try to remember your account password or reset it via email by pressing the "Forgot password?" button when logging into your account.

    1.5 years ago my phone drowned in the sea, I was hoping to recover it, but couldn't live without my vk account. A new phone required a number change and I opened a new page with a different name. Now both me and my friends really miss my old page, I know that my old phone number was given to another user by the operator.

    I have a big request to help me to open access to my old page too, there are many important messages as memory and I would like to read them again. Can you tell me how i can restore vk and log in to my former page, i didn't delete it, i just forgot my password and i don't own my former number. Maybe I need to buy a new phone number for this, I'm willing to do it, just to restore my old page. HELP!

    Answer . To restore your VKontakte access, you need to restore your phone sim card. Although you won't be able to get back the contacts saved on the sim card, when you restore the number, you will be able to access your VK page. All you need to do is to contact your mobile operator through which you issued the sim card and phone number. You may do that either through the Call Center, by calling the operator and giving the code word or directly to the nearest office of mobile operator.

    If the phone number has already been given to another user, you will need to contact them by calling and explaining your problem. Then you will probably be able to send a code to his number, restore your vkontakte page and change the phone number.

    I deleted my page six months ago, the linked number is valid and so is the email, but I don't remember the password. When I enter the number and e-mail, the answer is that the page is not found.

    Response . All you need to know about restoring the VK page is read above. However it is possible that we have not listed the relevant method for you. What to do. Probably, the best way to regain access to your VKontakte page is to contact technical support by writing from another account - // Describe the problem, indicate the address of the previously deleted page and wait for a reply.

    Four days ago I deleted my VKontakte page, today I wanted to restore it, but cannot do it. I logged in through my phone, I enter my VK phone number and password (exactly correct), VKontakte gives me the message: "Authorization error. Incorrect login or password". Already many times I tried to enter the login and password, in general nothing is possible from the phone! I cannot log in from the computer, since it is in repair. Help, how can I recover my VK password? There may be many reasons. Maybe you are using the Russian keyboard layout instead of the English one. Try to enter the phone number with and without the international code. Try to access VKontakte through a different browser on the phone.

    By the way, VKontakte password recovery is possible not only by phone number, but also through email and login. Phone number is already the last option to restore, in fact.

    I forgot my password and recently recovered it with my old password, since I don't have the number I linked my page to. And the VK team approved to restore access to the page, and they gave me a new login and password, and after 24 hours I wanted to go in - but I don't go in. Why won't I log in?

    By the way, I put the phone number I use as the login of the other page on the available number. Could this be the reason why I am not logging in? How to restore a page in contact after deletion? Is there any way to fix the problem? Chances are that you are using the wrong password to access your account. Please enter the one that VKontakte support has sent you. Did you not change the password to another one immediately after access recovery? Try to restore access to your VKontakte page not by phone number but by email. Once again contact technical support. If there were any irregularities on their side, maybe the problem is in the wording of your question to them.

    I cannot recover the password in contact. I tried everything. It says: "Enter a new password. I do, it says: "Password has not been changed, so the characters entered are not correct or contain only numbers" and so on all the time. Please advise what to do in this case.

    Answer . It seems that you are trying to change the password, but you have entered the old one in the field for a new one. Please carefully read the text fields to enter the old one, the new one and its confirmation.

    1. I deleted the page in November 2016, now I want to restore it, but can't find a site to help me. It hasn't been six months yet. But it's not just me but my friends have faced this. And now, a few months later, we have the desire to restore the pages after deletion.

    2. Changed password and left vk immediately, then when I came home and wanted to log in, password didn't match, tried several times - nothing. Then I clicked "forgot password?" But it was written that the limit is raised. And I'm stupid, I clicked "Log in via Facebook" and tied my number to the page created by Facebook. At that page I changed my number to log in, but when I try to enter it says "access denied" I have tried to restore access to the page, but there is a need for a passport photo and I did it, but nothing comes within 48 hours!

    Answer . Actually, there is no better way to restore a deleted VK page than to go to // and enter your username, email or phone number. After that, you will get a code or a link to restore it. If you can't regain access to your account through this recovery form, contact support. Chances are you will be asked to provide a scan of your passport or other proof of identity to restore your VKC page.

    1. Someone made a complaint about my vk page and it got frozen! How do I restore it without a phone number as I live in a village where there is no network coverage?

    2. In December 2016, I deleted VK. Today I wanted to restore it and I don't remember the password... But I have the number where this page was linked to.

    Answer . Go to // or // These pages are designed to restore access to the VK page. Here you can specify not only the phone number, but also the email or the actual address of the page that was deleted or frozen.

    Missing (I don't know how, my husband was fiddling with his tablet, "clicked something somewhere and that's it..." - are his words) my page in VKontakte! I used my old login and password to register a new VKontakte page but all my notes, notes, photos, videos and music are gone!

    Answer . VK page can disappear only after deleting it. If you don't remember the address of the old page, you can find it through the search in VKontakte service by entering your name and surname. From the photo you will find "yourself".

    Through the standard restore form // it is easy to restore your page in Kontakte. For this, you can use the address of the old page or, for example, the phone number to which the account was "linked".

    I really need your help! After resetting my Android Smartphone to factory settings, I can no longer access my anonymous VKontakte account because I forgot the password. The whole problem is that even before the reset to factory settings (because the phone is recorded and the Internet does not work), I connected two-step protection to an anonymous profile of Vkontakte. That is, I could go to his page in VK only after receiving a one-time code. The main thing was to enter correctly the password from the page and there were no problems. But now to restore access to my anonymous profile in VK (under a false name) is not possible in a usual and simple way through "forgot your password? THE WHOLE REASON THAT THE ADMINISTRATION OF THE SITE REQUIRES ME A REAL PHOTO IN THE BACKGROUND OF THE APPLICATION TO RESTORE ACCESS. All because I connected two-step authentication (for security against hacking). But for serious reasons, I can not send to the administration of VK my photo as a background application. A password from the page I pick up for a week. Tried all the options - do not fit. Really I have no more hope to get to my page Vkontakte if I can not remember the password from it?! Please advise me what to do?! And where can I find a backup of Vkontakte passwords in my phone

    I want to delete my VKontakte page, but I cannot remember the password. The standard procedure asks for the documents, my full name, but I changed my last name! The old phone number has not been active for several years.

    I deleted my VKontakte page. I tried to open it again, but it says that the password or login is incorrect, but I typed it correctly. Then I tried just logging in through "forgot password", but it says that my page is blocked. What should I do?

    When recovering the password in contact, they ask me to indicate the family name indicated in the page, I indicate that the answer is that the family name is incorrect, what should I do and how can I regain access to my page? I tried to create a new one with the same number but it didn't work. Then I tried to restore the page but I only know the number but I can't remember the password and the first name to restore it. What should I do?

    I deleted this page a few months ago because I had 2 and I thought I did not need this page, I know the login to it, but I forgot the password, I want to restore but when I enter the name write that the name is not correct, please help me, I really want to restore this page, there are so many memories

    Hello, I have a very complicated situation! I have a few accounts in Vkontakte and one of them is my anonymous (fake page) that I used for 3 years and I left there a lot of valuable information. In order to avoid hacking the page, I connected two-factor authentication to it. And I didn't write down the password anywhere(. But there was no need in it, because I was coming into VK through Kate mobile application, and it was enough only to enter code sent to phone number, linked to the page (because two-step authentication was connected). But my android constantly recorded, didn't load internet, and a month and a half ago I reset it to factory settings. All app data was wiped, and I didn't write down the password and completely forgot it. Restore it through support VK impossible because my page fake, it does not have my real data and personal photos (even if I send them a photo and passport, as they require) - who will believe that this is my page ... The password has not saved in any browser, no google account. Phone is not rooted, because I'm not an experienced user. The only chance to get to his anonymous page is to find a forgotten password! Please tell me where it can be found!!! I have tried all the passwords I can remember during this time, and to no avail! Is there no more hope to find or restore forgotten password?! Help me please!

    After reinstalling the programs on the tablet, I have changed the login and password to the page "in contact", so that from the tablet I get to my page "in contact", but from the computer - I cannot. I can not change the login and password on the computer - no access to restore the page.

    I deleted my page, and logged out of the account. Now I want to restore, but I can't do it through my computer because the VKontakte app doesn't work, is it possible to do it through my phone. (

    I tried many times, it says one thing, the page does not exist.

    I want to restore my vk, but I can not, I tried through the phone number and through a link to my page, very important photos and correspondence remained, really now there is no way to restore my page !(( I deleted a page about a year ago or more !

    I understand that there is no chance to solve my problem, but i will describe it anyway. I deleted my Vkontakte page in 2014 or 2015. I want to restore it back. Here's her address. don't remember her phone number or login if anything. May be some photos from her or some data left somewhere((

    I cannot restore the old page. The thing is that after deleting immediately the next day opened a new page . Then I changed my number to a new one. There is no way I can bring back the old page. I can't use the number. I can't find my friends. It's the same thing every time. There is no page on this number. Can I restore the old page? Please help

    VK page was deleted and different phone number was linked to it, I am trying to restore, I entered the link to the deleted page, I got a message that no such page exists, what can I do?

    I deleted a page about 8 months ago. But I can't access the linked phone number to restore the page. The full version of my browser can not find my page id. Please help me whoever. There are pictures of my dead brother. I really need them.

    "Deleted my vk page, want to restore literally 12 hours later. I click the /restore page/ button, but nothing happens and the page stays in the same deleted state. What to do?

    I deleted my page because I created another one with the same number, I deleted it to use a new one, can I restore it now, at least to bind it to another number?

    Why I can not send access to contact by mail. Why I have to be photographed and send documents it is not legitimate, I indicated the mail phone I have another why I can not get to my s troits. I decided to restore it, but I forgot my password and I had to change it, I did a survey, the password was successfully changed, then I got the same survey, but then I wrote, try again later. The password that I changed does not work. What should I do?

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