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How to save phone numbers in the Google cloud: instructions and apps


If you lose your smartphone or buy a more modern gadget, it can be difficult, because you don't want to have to re-enter all your phone numbers. Google has made sure that owners of Android devices don't have to worry about saving contacts.

Convenient services will make it easier to move data between phones, completely eliminating the possibility of losing information in case the SIM card is broken or lost. And today, we'll look at how contacts are synced to Google's cloud service.

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    Google Contacts: benefits of the cloud service

    Here you will find a virtual directory designed to store detailed information about the people in your social circle: their phone numbers, email, home address, workplace, position, business unit, etc.

    Thanks to integration with your calendar, Gmail and cloud storage, Google Contacts is ideal for Android users.

    Storing contacts in the cloud is secure. High level of security is ensured by HTTPS protocol access. Google guarantees the privacy of the data.

    The service is completely free, provides regular automatic updates and synchronization of contacts across devices.

    How to transfer numbers from your phone to Google Contacts

    To upload your data to your Google Account, you prepare on your phone a special file with the extension .vcf that will contain all your contacts.

    Video tutorial :

    In order to synchronize contacts to Google you must:

    1. Go to the "Contacts" application on the smartphone;
    2. In the "Manage contacts" window, select "Import/export";
    3. Select the location to save the vcf file;
    4. Check all or some lines;
    5. Confirm.

    Google Contacts also recognizes vCard format widely used for data exchange between modern gadgets. The CSV format can be easily converted into vCard using special programs.

    To save data in the cloud you need:

    1. Google;

    2. log in to your Google Account;
    3. under "more" click on "Import";

    4. select "Import from CSV or vCard file";
    5. accept the switch to the old version of Google Contacts, the new one at the moment does not support the download function;
    6. Go to "Import" and indicate the file path. This will take a few seconds to process.

    Edit and view contacts

    The Gmail service stores all the phone contacts migrated to the cloud by the user. To open these contacts you must have a device with internet access.

    In order to view your Google contacts from your computer you should:

    1. log in to your Gmail account using the link //;
    2. select "Contacts" from your account menu,
    3. a list of contacts and more information about each one appears.

    Find a specific person by name, last name, e-mail address and other data, the system will automatically suggest all matching options.

    If you have an Android device at hand:

    1. Locate to "Contacts" from the application bar;
    2. In the menu add Gmail account;
    3. wait for the synchronization process to finish.
    Touch any line, you will see more details about the person.

    How to make an adjustment to an existing address book entry:

    1. Go to "Contacts";
    2. touch the "Edit" icon in pencil image;
    3. fill in empty fields or edit information already entered;
    4. save edits.

    How to enable synchronization on Android

    How to enable synchronization with the cloud on one or more gadgets:

    1. Select "Accounts and synchronization" in the settings;
    2. Add an existing Google Account or immediately register a new one;
    3. Enable contacts synchronization from the list of available options.

    In order to synchronize your contacts to the address book and to display the data downloaded to the server on your new device:

    1. In the "Contacts" application menu, open the "Show contacts" drop-down list;
    2. Click on "Show contacts";
    3. Select the Google Account. The numbers will appear in your phonebook.

    Best programs to save contacts to the cloud

    Move Contacts Transfer/Backup

    An application to transfer contacts between different devices. You can download it for free. The application is universal for different devices and models. The only prerequisite for use is the presence of Bluetooth on your phone. Evaluation on Google Play is 4.4.

    Functionality of the application is universal for all gadgets. For example, you can transfer your phonebook from iPhone to Android, between two gadgets, etc. The application even transfers data to Windows Phone. It uses Bluetooth to transfer the phonebook. In addition to the transfer between devices you will be able to store your contacts in the Google Drive or in the cloud.


    1. Download your contacts to the cloud.
    2. Put your Bluetooth on your device.
    3. Log in to your Google Account.
    4. Give permission to use the data.
    5. Back up your contact book by clicking the "upload address book" button.
    6. Connect via Bluetooth to a second device.
    7. Transfer the data to it.



    • Takes up very little memory on the phone.
    • Security control in the application.
    • Limited functionality for contacts transfer.
    • No Russian language.
    • Installable only on Android.


    Multifunctional application for different operations (backup, import and export) on the smartphone. The developer is the Contacts Plus team, which has long established itself in the app market. In addition, the app has different design formats to suit all tastes.

    Functionality of Contacts+ is quite wide: working with contacts, incoming calls and messages, spam blocking, caller ID. The app allows you to save all your contacts even if you lose your phone in your google account.

    In the settings, go to the "Backup" section.

  1. Activate the backup.
  2. The advantages

    The disadvantages

    • Multifunctional application.
    • The presence of paid features in the application.

    Easy Backup

    Easy Backup is a simple phone book application. The application has both restore and backup functions. Backups are saved and sent to the email address you specify. Contacts are easily restored. You have the possibility to export between different services.


    1. Go to the application, Press "Start"
    2. Give permission to the contacts.
    3. Backup your contacts.
    4. Authorize to the application through e-mail.
    5. Load the /files to the cloud.
    6. Find the saved contacts in the google cloud.

    The pros

    The cons

    • It is possible to use on different platforms.
    • Data can be transferred to different devices.
    • Step instructions in the application itself.
    • No detected.


    A simple application to back up the address book, define incoming numbers and keep the contacts in order. The application has a cleanup feature. You can delete duplicate, unrecorded names and unused numbers. Moreover, the app allows you to group your contacts into groups for more convenient use. The app has spam blocking and unwanted incoming calls.

    Instructions to save contacts:

    1. Go to the application and press "Start"
    2. You need to give permission to access your contacts and incoming calls.
    3. Click "Backup" to save phone numbers in the cloud.
    4. You can also click on "Clean" and "Duplicates" to clean up your contact book.
    5. You can find numbers in the Google Cloud.

    The pros and cons of using the app:



    • Multifunctional app
    • High security
    • Ability to transfer contacts to different contacts
    • No detected

    Immediate Contact Transfer

    An application for Android allowing the transfer of contacts without any third party storage. The application has a rating of 4.8 on Google Play. Unlike other apps, it does not require you to register additional accounts. There are two options to save and transfer your data for your convenience.

    Instructions for saving your contacts:

    1. Go to the application and click the "Transfer contacts" button
    2. Click the "Next"
    3. Give you access to your contact list by clicking the "Allow"
    4. Choose your preferred method to transfer your backup contacts.
    5. Send a copy to another device that also has this application installed by the code on the screen.
    6. On the other device press the "Receive Contacts" button.
    7. Enter the received code from the other device.
    8. If this option does not work for you, send a backup copy of your contacts by e-mail.
    9. Open the copy on another device.

    The pros

    The cons

    • The interface is simple and clear.
    • No need to link additional accounts.
    • It does not take much space on your smartphone.
    • It has paid features.
    • The free format allows you to send and save up to 50 items.
    • The Russian language adaptation is poor.

    Contacts and File Transfer

    A simple and efficient wizard with features to transfer contacts and other /files from one gadget to another. For data transfer you use Wi-fi network. The app is great for transferring /files from your old device to your new purchased phone.

    Instructions to save your contacts:

    1. Go to the application and give permission to use the /files from your phone.
    2. Click the "send contacts" button.
    3. To get the /files on another smartphone, install this application on it.
    4. Enter the received code on the device receiving the /files.

    The Pros

    The Cons

    • The application can send not only contacts but also other /files from your smartphone.
    • Simple and clear interface.
    • Fast file transfer via Wi-fi network.
    • No cloud storage.

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