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How to set parental controls on your child's phone: the best apps


Children start to use digital gadgets at a young age, gaining unlimited access to the Internet.

Frequently, children's devices run on Android. And this OS does not have enough parental control features of its own. However, there are many applications for parental control on the phone, including free ones. Some of them we will consider in today's review.

Content :

    Necessary parental control features

    In this review we have placed applications where most of the listed features are present.

    Statistics :

    • The possibility to monitor the information the child receives,
    • how long the child uses the smartphone or tablet,
    • Sites and social networks visited,

    Limits access :

    • limited tablet time,
    • parental control on youtube, VK and other social platforms,
    • controlling apps: which apps the child runs,
    • blocking Play Market and not being able to install other apps on Android,
    • blocking certain actions.

    Blocking sites on your Android phone: Best apps

    Kaspersky Safe Kids

    Recognized by users as one of the most handy. The Russified free version has all the necessary functions:

    • Controls device usage;
    • Limits the time spent with the tablet (phone);
    • Locks apps and web resources;
    • Consults a psychologist in question and answer mode.

    The paid version provides additional features:

    • Locating a child;
    • Monitoring of calls and SMS messages;
    • Monitoring of the child activity in social networks;
    • Notification of the child on-line habits.

    For establishing parental Internet access control, the application should be installed on the parent and child phones.

    Step 1: Create parental account

    1. Download the application via Play Market.

    2. Install Kaspersky Safe Kids on your device (where the remote control will be executed from).
    3. You accept the terms and conditions after reading the text and clicking Confirm.

    4. Give the application requested permissions.

    5. Create your My Kaspersky Account by clicking the Create account button.

    6. Log in to your account.

    7. Create 4-digit access code.

    Step 2. Set Parental access on the phone

    1. Load the application on your child's device.

    2. Set the necessary rules for the device, Internet and application usage through parental account.

    How to remove parental control

    There are two ways to remove parental control completely (temporarily or completely):

    1. Uninstall the Kaspersky Safe Kids application on the child mobile device;
    2. Remove access restrictions on the restricted phone through parent account settings.



    • Effective blocking of harmful content on the phone or PC/Laptop;
    • Alerting suspicious activities to the child online;
    • Tracking the time of device usage;
    • Locating child location;
    • Battery monitoring of the smartphone.
    • no quick lock button;
    • deteriorates device performance if the smartphone is weak;
    • no time limit setting (e.g. 2 hours per day);
    • cannot track current online activity.

    Download Kaspersky SafeKids

    ESET Parental Control

    Another application that allows you to set parental control for Android. Comes with a free version and an extended version with different sets of functions available.

    In the free version the following features are available:

    • Controlling the applications used;
    • Limiting the time you use the device.

    Additional functions of the paid version:

    • Secure search that excludes inappropriate content;
    • Controls internet sites visited;
    • Locating child locator;
    • Ability to define a secure zone - permitted child usage areas;
    • Various reports.

    For the parental control of the Internet you should:

    1. Download the software from the web site,
    2. Install it on the device following the instructions of the start-up wizard.

    3. Fill in the initial settings (indicate language, accept the agreement, etc.).).
    4. Create a parent account.
    5. Create the child profile, indicating its name, sex and age.

    6. Set the PIN code necessary for parental access to the child settings.

    7. Set the application monitoring.



    • monitors sites and identifies dangerous ones;
    • automatically blocks specific resources according to the age of the child;
    • comfortable interface and tactful messages to the child;
    • support for any device (smart bracelet, smart watch).
    • hard to remove from child device;
    • resets all parental settings when going into power saving mode.

    Download ESET Parental Control


    The free version of the application allows:

    • set a daily time limit for device usage or a certain schedule;
    • block third-party applications and unwanted content as well as social networks, games and camera use;
    • work in three modes: parent, child, and lock mode;
    • set a one-time usage time limit using a timer;
    • set a pin code to restrict access to the settings.

    The purchase of the paid version provides the possibility to control an unlimited number of devices.

    How to implement parental controls with Kidslox? There are very few steps you should perform:

    1. Download the program to your device.
    2. Install and create an account.
    3. Set a parental pin code.
    4. Open the application and add the device that you want to control by clicking on the correspondent button. This will be displayed in the list of devices.
    5. Switch the modes (Child-Parent) to establish the requested restrictions, limits and schedules.

    Most of the appeal for the Kidslox App is the possibility to remotely control an Android device with an iOS device and vice versa, also through additional Mac and Windows utilities or through the web browser.



    • Remotely lock the device
    • has remote control software via PC
      <9 with lock buttons
    • incorrect navigation

    Download Kidslox

    Mobile Fence Parental Control

    To restrict children's access to the Internet with Mobile Fence, is required:

    1. Install the program on your smartphone.
    2. Create an account and connect your phone to the application.

    3. Load the application on the child's device.
    4. Log in to your username and connect the application to the child's device.
    5. Launch Mobile Fence on your phone and define the necessary rules.

    Features in the free version of the application:

    • reports the time of the child's device usage and the online activity;
    • Locks applications and unwanted content;
    • Sets the time limits;
    • notifies the child on entering/leaving the safe zone (school, section, etc.).

    Advanced version provides additional features:

    • remote device management;
    • call blocking, camera, Bluetooth, WiFi;
    • Location tracking.



    • can be used by schools
    • block access to non educational resources (sites, games, YouTube)
    • block non-productive applications on devices.
    • incorrect navigation;
    • complicated payment;
    • complicated installation.

    Download Mobile Fence Parental Control

    Norton Family Parental Control

    The android parental control application allows:

    • monitoring searches, web pages visited, videos viewed and applications used;
    • limiting the time your child is online.

    Advanced features of the paid version include:

    • Tracking your child's whereabouts;
    • Reporting online habits;
    • Instant blocking.



    • there is a full featured trial version
    • can be set a time limit for each applications
    • you can remove the application yourself

    Download the application

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I block the PlayMarket from children?

    If you notice that your child installs applications from Play Market, we suggest the following method of blocking:

    1. Download the Family Link mobile application.

    2. Create a Google account for your child.

    3. Create your child's profile.

    4. In the list of "Installed Applications" tap the More button.
    5. Select the application you wish to block (Play Market).
    6. Set the slider in the "Approve" position to the "Off" position.
    7. <5

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