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How to take a screenshot on Lenovo and Samsung tablets


For owners of Lenovo and Samsung tablets (Galaxy Tab 2, 3, 4,5, etc.) there are several different ways to take screenshots.

Method #1: Use Screenshot Easy

On some models of Lenovo tablets you simply need to access the Quick Launch bar. To find it, just slide your fingers from top to bottom of the screen.

If some functions of the tablet do not work, no problem. Special programs have been created to make screenshots easier to use. "Screenshot Easy for Android has a friendly interface and its capabilities are sufficient for the average user.

There are several ways to take a screenshot on your tablet.

Standard ones:

  • Hold the "Power" and "Volume" keys for a few seconds and wait for the tablet screen to blink;
  • Use the "Home" and "Power" keys.


  • Use your own combination of physical keys;
  • "Start Capture" button in the "Screenshot Easy" program menu;
  • Click the icon in the notification bar;
  • shake the tablet;
  • save the screenshot through a custom shortcut.

Method #2: Standard method for Lenovo and Samsung

Holding the volume down key and the screen off button for a couple of seconds, the user will hear a sound similar to the click of the lens when taking a photo. It means that the screenshot is ready.

This option will work for most Lenovo and Samsung tablets, that do not have a mechanical home button. It is not always possible to take a screenshot at the first attempt. Usually you have to try several times.

The pictures can be easily found in the gallery or in the Pictures/Screenshots, Pictures/ScreenCapture folder.

Method #3. Samsung Galaxy Tabs

This method is recommended for owners of Samsung Galaxy Tab and models with a separate "Home" button. How to capture a screenshot: Hold down "Power" and "Home" button simultaneously for several seconds.

Method №4. Gesture-based screenshot

In gesture-based tablets the "Palm screenshot" function should be activated. Press your index finger to the left side of the screen, then move your palm to the right. The white frame which appears on the edge of the screen indicates that the OS recognizes the command.

Method №5. Connecting the keyboard

With the keyboard connected to the unit, use the "Print Screen" button.

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