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How to turn on and off the flashlight on an Android smartphone (Samsung, Lenovo)


You will learn how to turn on the flashlight in different ways. If your phone has a built-in camera, you can probably turn on the flashlight. On some Android smartphones and tablets, however, it is not so easy to turn on the flashlight. We have prepared a selection of the best flashlight apps for you. You can enable them on Samsung A3, LG, and also Lenovo smartphones.

Turn on the flashlight on your phone and walk safely in the dark. No more backstreets!

How to use the flashlight on your Android?

All mobile applications emulating the flashlight software may cause damage to your smartphone or tablet. You should use the flashlight of your device only when strictly necessary and for a limited period of time. We advise you not to use the flashlight for calling and wasting the battery. Why?

First of all, such flash light applications will quickly drain your phone's battery: it uses the gadget's flash and it is not designed for an intensive and long-lasting use as a "lighting device" on Android. A camera is a camera, its main function is to take photos and videos, not to be a flashlight for making calls.

Secondly, all, without exception, free flashlight applications downloaded from Google Play, heat up the Android mobile device and may damage it in case of inadequate, unregulated smartphone handling.

But do not worry: the Android software flashlights reviewed in the review are quite good, easy to use and relatively safe. In any case, don't be lazy to download Flashlight on your gadget, test your phone with Flashlight and leave your favorite app in Android for a long time.

Including Flashlight on Android

Owners of iPhones might be slightly luckier, since the Flashlight app is built into the operating system. If you have iOS, we've picked out the best flashlights for iPhone especially for you. If you have Android - read the review further :).

The Samsung phones have a built-in flashlight. How do you enable it on Android? This requires the activation of the application through the widget on the home screen.

How to activate the flashlight on your Lenovo, Samsung A3 and Duos

  • Look for the widget on the home screen
  • Find the "Flashlight" application in the menu. If not present, the icon at the end of the widget menu list.
  • Turn on the flashlight by clicking on the correspondent flashlight icon in the widget.

VideosTutorial on how to enable Flashlight:

The second way to enable Flashlight on Samsung

  1. Tap any free area on the phone
  2. Select "Widgets" in the menu that appears
  3. You need to select the Flashlight widget by scrolling through the menu in different directions.
  4. Don't release your finger and drag the widget to the Android home screen.
  5. To turn on the flashlight Samsung (Lenovo), tap the widget icon.

Download flashlight on phone (self-install flashlight)

The Samsung flashlight is not a problem, and its capabilities are sufficient to light the way, to use in emergency situations, etc. However, if the flashlight isn't built into the phone - no problem, you can find plenty of alternatives on Google Play. Download the best flashlights for Android through my website. Install the app on your phone and turn it on as needed.

You can download flashlight on Samsung from Google Play store. Find the app you like best in this review and follow the link to download it to your phone. We also advise you to search for other flashlights on Samsung on your own in the App Store. To do this:

  1. Open the Play Store on your desktop.
  2. Enter the word "Flashlight" or "Flashlight on Samsung phone" in the search bar.
  3. Find the app in the presented list or open several options to see the characteristics of flashlights.
  4. Click Install and download flashlight on your phone.
  5. Run Flashlight on Samsung phone

Note . Do not forget that excessive use of the flashlight can quickly drain the battery of your mobile device!

Download flashlight

How to turn on the flashlight on your phone when calling

Not everyone uses the flashlight for illumination. Another utilitarian feature of the phone's built-in camera is the extra signalling of a call.

If the flashlight flashes when the phone rings, it is more noticeable than the vibration mode, the phone buzzes like a tractor. Many people like this type of alarm better. The flashlight flashing has some disadvantages (bad battery consumption), but considering its short life, this can be neglected. I have written a tutorial:

How to enable flashlight on call on Android

In this tutorial, I list the applications and I show you how to enable flashlight on call. It is not possible to turn on the flash with the standard Android tools. The FlashonCall add-on and its counterparts are used for this. All of them are available for download on 4pda and Google Play.

Okay Google commands to activate the flashlight

For the voice activation of the flashlight I suggest to use the Google Assistant commands.

Open the Google app or use the Google Now add-in. Click on the Microphone icon and say one of the following commands:

The Ok Google command Result
  • ok google, flashlight on!
  • ok google, flashlight on!
The TinyFlashlight application will be displayed in search results. Once you have installed it on your phone you will be able to run it without voice commands.
  • ok google, switch off flashlight!
Unfortunately at this time the command does not work. You will not be able to disable the flashlight via voice prompt, it has to be done manually. Don't forget that the app actively uses your phone's battery and drains it very quickly. Therefore you should switch off your torch immediately.
  • ok google, download torch!
This command is similar to the first two, you will quickly download the TinyFlashlight App to your phone.
This command is very fast.

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