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How to turn on invisibility in VKontakte


    Despite the great variety of social networks, Vkontakte continues to hold the leading position, and the number of new users grows daily. Communicating with friends, news in communities, music, games - there are many options. To be in your favorite network without detecting your presence, you can turn on invisible mode VK. This is a convenient option for people who went to the page to listen to music or learn the news, and do not want to be distracted by correspondence at this moment. In addition, many users are looking for how to enable invisibility in VK to hide their stay in the social network from parents, the other half or the boss.

    Important nuances

    All users surely know that in 2017 the social network Vkontakte has updated not only its interface, but also some principles of its work. "Under the squeeze" hit the invisible mode, which previously could be officially enabled in the settings. Since 2017, it is no longer possible to do this, but this does not mean that there are no ways to make VK invisible. There are, and even a few.

    Most users look for third-party services and applications to hide their stay in the social network. However, they all require access to the Vkontakte page to work. It is clear that this carries certain risks because the page can be hacked. Therefore, the main advice for users is not to trust third-party sites and applications. To set up invisible mode in VK, we recommend choosing only proven services that are trusted by other users.

    The easiest way

    From all available options, how to be invisible VK from your phone or browser, it is worth starting with the easiest, which does not require additional programs. The main thing is not to use a special Vkontakte application, but a standard browser. The step-by-step instructions look very simple:

    1. Go to your page in the social network.
    2. Log in to the "Messages" section in the menu.
    3. Let the tab remain open for 15 minutes.
    4. The "online" window disappears and you may listen to music or read the news.

    For this method to work it is important not only to use the browser but also to consider several nuances:

    • If you go to the main page of the user the "online" status will be active again.
    • Connecting with one user will show his "online" status to all the others.

    To avoid waiting for 15 minutes every time you want to listen to music without detecting your activity you can leave a Vkontakte tab in the browser. Not the home page is suitable for this, but for example the music or the games section. Pay attention! If you close the tab in the browser, the social network will show you the time of your last visit.

    My Guests

    One of the official ways to enable VC invisibility is to install the My Guests application. To do so, just follow these steps:

    1. Open your Vkontakte page.
    2. Go to the section "Games" on the left side menu or through the "Settings".
    3. Find the application "My Guests" and install it on your page.
    4. Recharge your internal Vkontakte account, as the "Incognito" feature of the application is paid.
    5. Turn on the Invisible Mode and you will be able to access the pages of other users without revealing your identity.

    Kate Mobile

    One of the most popular applications for Android owners. Kate Mobile is especially convenient to use on your smartphone or tablet. If you want to hide your "online" Vkontakte status on a desktop PC, you can install the Android emulator. To start using Kate Mobile, proceed as follows:

    1. Go to Google Play or go to //
    2. Download the browser on your device.
    3. Launch the application and authorize to log in.
    4. Open the menu and find the "Settings" item.
    5. Click the "Online" button and set the "Invisible mode".
    6. Let us not forget that if you update the homepage or add new posts to the wall, the "Online" status becomes active.

    Special browser extensions

    Google Chrome browser users have the possibility to install special extensions for the social network Vkontakte. They have various functions, among which is hiding activity on the page. There are quite a few such extensions, but the most popular are "VKfox" and "VKlife offline". To install this extension, the following steps are required:

    1. Open the Google Chrome browser and locate the three dots on the top right.
    2. In the menu that opens select "More Tools".
    3. Open the "Extensions" section and navigate down the page.
    4. Click "More Extensions" and go to the Google Chrome Web Store.
    5. Find the extensions you are looking for by name and install them in the browser.
    6. If you want to visit VKontakte without being online, activate the extensions by clicking the respective icon in the top right corner of the browser.

    Beware! The "VKfox" extension allows you to perform various actions in the social network, except messaging other users. When sending messages, incognito mode disappears. At the same time, the extension "VKlife offline" gives the ability to hide "online" status even during correspondence, but feedback on the work is quite ambiguous. Some users do not see the activity, while other people see that the page is active.

    So there are several ways to put invisibility in VK through browser extensions or third-party services. Users note that after the changes of 2017, the proposed options do not always work. Therefore, for a guaranteed result we recommend to check several ways, tracking your activity from another page.

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