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How to turn on your phone if the power button is broken


If the power button on your phone does not work, it may not be easy to activate the display. There are several solutions to this problem which may be applied without the help of a wizard.

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    The power button is one of the most vulnerable parts on almost any phone. It has nothing to do with the manufacturers or the quality of the device, the reasons all lie in the active use of the button during the day. In addition, many users face mechanical damage after a bump or drop of the phone. It is clear that the power button is responsible for turning the device on and off, so it is important that it works correctly. However, even with a non-functional button, it is possible to start Android. Furthermore there are several ways to power on your phone without the power button and we will explain how to do so within this article.

    The phone is not switched off but is in sleep mode

    If the phone is not switched off but is simply in sleep mode (screen inactive), there are several ways to switch it on without the button. The main rule in this case is to avoid running out of battery. For sufficiently charged gadgets perform several actions in turn:

    Double tap the screen

    Turning the phone on using this method may not be possible for all manufacturers but this feature may be available on your device.

    Home Button

    Clicking the Home Button if provided on your phone. The Home key must be pressed for at least 10-15 seconds and on some devices may require about a minute.

    Call a locked device from another phone

    You should pick up the handset and reset, this should unlock the screen without the button.

    Volume knob

    Another way to enable the device. Just press the volume knob to increase or decrease the volume. If the screen is still locked, try pressing the volume knob at the same time as the power button or the home button.

    Setting up the charger

    One of the easiest methods to turn on a gadget. On some smartphones, developers have provided a screen activation when the charger is connected, but this feature is not available to all. The good news is that even if the phone will not turn on, it will definitely not discharge, which means that the problem could be solved in another way.

    If the smartphone starts in the Recovery mode during any action, it indicates that the problem is not mechanical damage of the button. In this case you should select the option "Reboot system now" or just "Reboot" in the Recovery menu. The handset will then reboot and the problem should be solved.

    Please note! If you have managed to power on the phone using one of the described methods, this is not the end of the solution. To avoid problems like this in the future you should install a special application on your Android phone that will replace the lock button and activate the screen if necessary.

    Applications for diagnosing the power button

    Unfortunately it is not possible to solve the problem of a broken power button with a special application at the time of failure. However, there are a few applications which can be installed in advance, e.g. at the first sign that the power button is malfunctioning. The following applications and programs are currently available to users:

    1. Power button to Volume button. Already from the name it is clear that the main task of the application is to move the power button's power on function to the volume control.
    2. Gravity Screen - on/off. The app increases the sensitivity to the movement of the device. The screen automatically locks if the phone is left on a horizontal surface for an extended period of time. However, simply lift or move the device and it restarts.
    3. Shake Screen on/off. A simple and easy to use application that can switch the phone on without even touching the screen. A gentle shake of the device is enough to activate the display.
    4. Proximity Actions. A program that allows the control of the smartphone with the motion sensors.

    Setting up the phone via USB cable on the PC

    Users with debugging enabled in the settings can switch the phone on from the PC, without activating the power button on the phone. To do so, please follow these steps:

    1. Download and install on the PC Android Debug Bridge (ADB), the software intended for the flashing of the touchscreen phones.
    2. Connect the device to the PC with a USB cable.
    3. Open the ADB console and enter in the string "adb reboot".

    In addition the application allows to configure the root rights and to reflash the phone if needed. A simpler version of the program is ADB Run. It too allows to reset the Android even if the power button does not work.

    The phone is totally disabled: what to do?

    If the lock button on your device does not work and the battery is already dead, it would be a little more difficult to reset the phone. Some devices will turn on automatically once the charger is connected. If this does not happen, you may try holding the on/off button pressed for a few seconds or a minute.

    The second option is to connect the phone to the PC via a USB cord and repeat the same steps. If the device has the USB debugging enabled then the ADB app will be able to reboot it even with the minimal charge.

    So there are enough ways on how to power on the phone if the button is not working. Tried all the suggested options but none of them worked? Probably your device needs professional craftsman's advice with subsequent repair or replacement of the power button.


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