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How to upload multiple photos to your Facebook feed at once


It seems like a simple task to upload multiple photos to Facebook. But if you need to do it for one status update, it gets complicated. It can be done in two ways - via creating a photo album or without it. We will describe how to do it using the browser on a PC or the Facebook Mobile App.

We will use the Chrome Web Browser for posting pictures to Facebook

Any modern browser installed on your system will work, be it Chrome, Opera or Firefox (if Facebook is opening correctly, this browser may be used for publishing).

  1. Click the "Photo/Video" button in the "Create a publication" field before or after you enter a status, but before you click the "Publish" button .

  2. Go to the desired folder on your computer.
  3. Select images / photos. To select several /files hold down the "Shift" or " Ctrl" key on your PC. Make sure that all desired images are highlighted.
  4. Click on the "Open" button. , a Facebook status update window will appear with thumbnails of the selected images.
  5. If you wish to comment the pictures to be published, write a message in the window "Create a post".

  6. If you wish to add more pictures to the post, click on the square with the plus sign.
  7. Hover the mouse over a thumbnail to delete or edit a picture before publishing.
  8. Other options are also available: tag your friends, add stickers, and more. Use these as needed
  9. When you are ready to publish, click Submit.
Note. Only 5 images will appear in your friends newsfeed. Users will see a number with a plus sign, indicating that there are more photos to view.

Creating an Album of Images

There is another way to publish a series of images in your Facebook feed - through album creation. In a nutshell, you create an empty album, add photos to it, then a link to the album appears in your timeline, publicly accessible. It gives your subscribers access to the album content - all the published photos.

So to create an album in Facrbook and publish a link to it:

  1. Go to the home page of your account by clicking on the Facebook logo.
  2. Go to the "Photos" section at the top of the page.

  3. Click the "Create Album" button.

  4. The File Selection dialog is displayed. Use the Ctrl or Shift keys to select the images to be placed in the photo album.

  5. Make sure that you have selected all items. Click on the "Open" button.
  6. In the screen with the thumbnails of the images you can use further options, specify geotags and fill in a description.

  7. If necessary you may add more photos to the album by clicking on the square plus sign.
  8. Publish the album by clicking on the Publish button.

  9. The link to the album with the pictures will appear in your profile timeline.

  10. If you wish to hide the publication, use the option Hide from Chronicle in the album menu by clicking on the three dots.

Publish a photo album to Facebook with your mobile application

If you are using a mobile application to browse your social networks, you can use Facebook to share a series of photos to your friends. This method is as convenient as the ones described above. And for iOS and Android the method is the same.

To post a series of photos to Facebook:

  1. Open the Facebook mobile application on your device

  2. Go to your main profile page and click on the Photos link.

  3. Click the Create new album button.

  4. In the dialog that opens, select the photos you wish to publish.

  5. After that, click on Done and check the thumbnails in the Preview window.
  6. If necessary, add descriptions and geotags to the photo.
  7. Name the album, add a + sign if you would like to add more images.
  8. Check the data and click Publish.

  9. The link to the pictures appears on your profile timeline and consequently on your friends and followers update page.

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