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How to use Instagram without signing up for an account


What to do if you need to view someone's profile on Instagram, but don't want to register a separate account for the sake of it? That's okay, there are a variety of options available. Despite the fact that unregistered user will inevitably have a number of limitations when using social network Instagram, you will still have access to the posts you want.

How to use Instagram without registration and what are the pros and cons - we will tell you in this material.

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    How does anonymous browsing without registration work

    What happens if you simply go to the homepage of the social service Instagram without an account? Probably nothing: The pop-up window appears with the verification request, in other words the possibility to log in (which in my opinion does not exist).

    Logically speaking, to make full use of Instagram functionalities one should log in to the account using one's credentials. At a minimum, without authorization in the browser or app, there will be no access to the pages of other users.

    At the same time, if you ignore such a trifle as an authorization page, you can navigate through the pages of individual Instagram pro/files, search for information, see thumbnails of photos and run videos. Next, let's move on to the details.

    How to view other people's pro/files without an Instagram account

    The good news: It is possible to view the Instagram profile without registering.

    In order to view the information on the page of a certain profile, user or public profile, you only need to obtain the correct page address, which is usually available to everyone.

    Rather than going to the IG home page, go directly to the target page by typing after the slash the additional name of the profile. An example link like this:[username]

    The result opens a thumbnail feed assuming that the page is not empty, i.e. the user does have some content and updates of the profile.

    The advantages of the method

    Limits when viewing the profile without authorization

    • Your total anonymity: The person you visit does not know that it is you (however, authorised users have this feature too)
    • Anonymity of the user when viewing Instagram stories: the author of a story can only track those who are authorised.
    • only 30 posts can be scrolled
    • When the limit is reached, the "Log in to continue" window appears.
    • refresh the page and try again, it is possible, but useless, the same 30 messages can be seen again.

    Ways to remove the limitation:

    • Create a new account in Instagram.
    • Open the page in the name of any user (also logged in).

    By the way ! We have already explained here how to watch storisations anonymously.

    Log in to Instagram without logging in from the PC

    1. Open your web browser (e.g. Firefox, Opera or Chrome)
    2. Enter in the address bar the URL of the yellow page to visit, for example
    3. Hit Enter on your keyboard.
    4. To see the video, right-click and select the menu item "Open link in a new tab".

    So you do not even need a pre-established account to access a certain Instagram profile. But pay attention to the limits we have specified above: except for the view posts nothing is available in details, interactive functions and posting comments are not allowed.

    How to view IG content without registering from your phone

    To browse Instagram without an account from an Android or iOS phone, you also need a mobile browser, any kind - Chrome, Opera or other.

    Browsing with the Instagram mobile app is not possible, unfortunately because you need to have an account to access the page.

    Here are the instructions for your phone:

    1. Open your browser.
    2. Enter the link to your profile in the address bar.
    3. After clicking on the link, you will see the person's page with basic profile information: BIO, latest posts.
    4. You can now view his latest posts.

    You will only see the latest posts due to IG restrictions.

    If you want to display the IGTV video in full size,

    1. Long tap the post in the IG Profile page.
    2. Select the option Open in new tab from the context menu.

    The video opens in the mobile browser in the same way as on a computer. Simply click on the preview.

    Intagrám Limits for Unauthorized Users

    Let's stop at the list of features that are not present in the public version of Instagram, which is essentially read-only.

    Going to your profile, looking at the grid of photos, you might think you have access to a view or something else? As if not.

    You do not have the possibility to:

    • Display photos, preview them in gallery mode.
    • Delete or publish your own comments.
    • Save likes and emoji under posts.
    • View storis.
    • Subscribe and unsubscribe from other pro/files.

    With all this, the most annoying thing is that every time you want to exceed these limits, the registration prompt pops up again. You can, of course, reload the page to get rid of it, but then it pops up again.

    Search Instagram without opening an account

    Little instruction on how to search for information in Instagram without authorization, in other words without the registration procedure:

    1. Open the browser on the PC.
    2. Go to any Instagram page (just not the home page). Any user or public profile will do.
    3. Top of the page, center, place the cursor in the search box.
    4. Enter the search input: username, company name or nickname.
    5. Search Instagram by context also works: just use phrases or keywords from the description.
    6. Hit enter, Instagram will provide information on your request.

    Here you can find the person, the profile info or the shop with the working hours.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    That's all we could tell you about the features of unauthorized Instagram. But let's run through the frequently asked questions. By the way, if you have something to ask - ask questions in the comments, we'll try to answer promptly.

    Is it possible to access the private (private) pro/files without logging in to Instagram?

    No, this is not possible. You have to create an account and request the possibility to follow your profile, in other words, to subscribe to the account and wait for the mutual follow. When the owner of the account confirms the subscription status, you will be able to see his posts on Instagram without any limitations.

    Is there any way to avoid the restriction for unauthorized users?

    No, you will be able to scroll without restriction, you will be able to view photos, comment and Direct Direct posts - only if you are logged in with your details, with Facebook or directly.

    How can I view photos on Instagram without logging in to the full size?

    Go directly to your profile via the public link. In this format you can only scroll through the thumbnails, after a while you will be asked to register. The full screen display of photos, images is not available.

    Can I login to Instagram without registering?

    Yes, but only through your Facebook profile.


    While it is possible to view pro/files and basic information published on individual Instagram pages, without registering, most of the possibilities will be blocked by an annoying window. The only way to get rid of the inconvenience is to set up your own account. It can be not your personal, but corporate, or pseudo-account. You will have to link it to your phone number.

    So if reading the Limited Edition is not sufficient, all you have to do is take 5 minutes to create your own Instagram account.

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