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How to view your Instagram history anonymously


Content :

  1. What's an anonymous account
  2. Anonymization services
  3. Mobile apps
  4. Browser extensions
  5. Storis bots

What are "Stories"

Instagram Stories is a convenient feature that lets you share photos and videos with friends so that the captured moments do not stay in your account for long. These "storis" (stories, moments, short stories) do not last long - only 24 hours.

The feature allows you to know which of your friends and followers watched your Storis, and this is convenient. But there is a reverse situation: you need to view someone's stories, and you need to do it without being recognized. How to do it, which services and applications to use to view your insta-hosts anonymously - we'll tell you about it further.

Why should you monitor your activity

If the object of your interest is the account of a person with whom you have a good relationship, it doesn't matter if you browse his/her stories in the open. But what if you're curious about a friend's past or a loved one you've had a falling out with or have broken up with? That is, when you want to know what the person is living, but you yourself want to remain incognito?

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How to watch stories anonymously? Starting a new Instagram account

Officially, Instagram doesn't allow anonymous views, which doesn't mean there aren't completely no ways to make them happen, however. The easiest is to create a separate Instagram account and only log in from it when you wish to remain anonymous. However, this kind of impersonal profile is inconvenient in that you would have to sign out of your main account and log in to the auxiliary one, plus you would have to link that profile to your new phone number. It is much better to use other ways to easily browse your stories without being recognized by the owner of the account.

There are 4 main ways to browse stories anonymously:

  • through dedicated sites;
  • only through mobile applications;
  • installing a browser extension for the PC;
  • using Telegram bots.

Some of the above methods are universal, while others operate only with a PC or with mobile phones.

Online browsing through dedicated sites

This is the easiest and most convenient way and does not require registration. There are quite a few anonymizer sites that allow you to browse Instagram stories without giving away your identity:


The procedure is simple and practically the same for all of the above services.

  1. Go to the chosen site.
  2. Enter in the search field the name of the account of interest (you may do so without the "@" sign).

  3. Confirm your action by pressing Enter.
  4. From the list of the stories opened, choose the one you are interested in by clicking on its cover page.

  5. Download it by clicking on "Download" or "Download".

Please note that "Insta Stories" allows you to see only the public pro/files, while many other services allow you to see the highlighted stories too.

Anonymously watching the Stories through mobile applications

These applications allow you to view the Instagram Stories without registration or authorization. They are free and available for download in App Store (for iPhone) and Google Play (for Android smartphones respectively).

The way for iPhone

For iPhone, Story Reposter is an anonymizer with an intuitive interface that allows you to watch, download and repost stories in the social network. To access the story you are interested in:

  1. Enter the name of your account in the search box;
  2. Confirm the action;
  3. Select the desired story among those opened;
  4. Share it if you wish (click on Repost) or save it for yourself (click on Share).

Story Reposter will save your anonymity as it acts on behalf of the service and not on your behalf. An important detail: Only public pro/files may be viewed in this way, not private ones.

The Android method

The StorySaver+ application has the same functionality for Android smartphones. It allows not only to view the stories but also, if desired, to download the live stream to Instagram.

Use browser extensions (PC mode)

The method works for PCs only (not suitable for smartphones) and allows the anonymous viewing of the stories via Google Chrome. The extension IG Stories for Instagram is available for free download.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Install the extension IG Stories for Instagram;

  2. Log in to Instagram from your computer;
  3. Click the service icon (appears in the browser toolbar);

  4. Select the profile of interest from the list of accounts you are subscribed to.

At the top of the screen you will see an icon in the form of an occluded eye indicating anonymous mode (you may disable this if you wish).

Thanks to this utility your views will not be counted by Instagram, which is easy to verify: if you go directly there, without using the extension, you will see that the icons next to the accounts you viewed are still bright, and not greyed out as it would be after a view.

Use Telegram Bots

Watching stories anonymously is also possible by using bots in Telegram. Unlike the previous methods, the account owner will not only get +1 to view the story, but will probably see the bot's account as well. But in any case, there will be no linkage of the viewing to your persona.

To use the bot:

  1. Go to Telegram;
  2. Enter for example @IGSpyBot or @Instasave_bot in the search box of the service;

  3. send the bot a message containing the name of the account of interest;
  4. have the bot send you the stories contained in this account in video file format.

The following bots provide detailed instructions on how to use @IGSpyBot

The bots are essentially the same, with the difference that @Instasave_bot allows you to preview and select the stories in your Instagram account for download. Contrary to the assertion that there is an antidote for every poison, there is no software tool that can identify fans of anonymous browsing, as of today. So if you're curious, you, in turn, will go undetected.

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