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I'm going home.


"I'm going home" is a modern development that allows you to quickly and easily find your way home. It is suitable for hunters, mushroom pickers and people who like hiking but are afraid to get lost. Its high precision and pleasant voice interface make it indispensable.

Features of the program

I am going home is an excellent choice for hikers and those looking for a new destination. The following positive aspects of the application may be highlighted:

  1. Voice prompts. It is very convenient because your hands will always be free. There is no need to constantly look at the screen, but just put the headphones on and put the smartphone in your pocket.

  2. Saving your current location and being able to indicate the coordinates at home. So you will not get lost with your phone, unless of course the battery runs out.

  3. Extensive navigator settings. This allows the user to quickly adapt to any language.

  4. How to use the application "I am going home"

    The procedure is as follows:

    1. Launch the application and activate the GPS.

    2. Wait until the coordinates of your current location connect. You will see this in a grey window.

    3. Press the Menu button and from the window appear "Record".

    4. You have to write the coordinates as a word e.g. "Camp". You have to press the "Write and Select".

    5. When all the data of the conditional "home" have been written into the phone, you may disconnect the program.

    6. If you wish to find again the "home" you have to launch the program and to click on the green "Go Home" button.

    Where to download the application "I Go Home"

    The installation of the application is very easy, you should download the installation file with the extension

    This is the download link: //

    Are there any alternatives to the "I go home" application?

    There are many gps navigation programs for Android, but they can only show you the route on roads, not tropics like "I am going home", so there is no alternative to this navigator.

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