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Installing Skype on your phone and tablet (Android OS)


A guide to installing the Skype application on your mobile phone (smartphone or tablet). The operating system used is Android, but many of the installation steps are similar to iOS. The version of Skype and Android is not critical.

The issues we will cover in this guide:

  • How much does the full version of Skype cost
  • System requirements to install
  • How to download Skype on the Google Play app store
  • How to install Skype on your memory card: answers to your questions

If you have questions or comments about the installation, feel free to answer them via the contact form. The answers to the readers' questions will be published at the bottom of the material.

An answer to the first question. You can download the installer and install Skype on your phone free . There is, however, a small "but". The fact is that when downloading Skype for mobile traffic, your mobile operator can charge you for data transfer. Therefore, we advise you to download the app installer over the internet using wifi connection. This will be both faster and cheaper. We advise you to download and install Skype in multiple versions, because it is convinient. As a result, you will have access to instant messenger on your phone and on your computer, you can even run these applications at the same time.

System requirements for the installation of Skype on your mobile

Please pay attention to the system requirements needed to install and run the application:

  • Your tablet (Smartphone): e.g. popular models - Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy Note
  • Your smartphone or tablet must be at least the required Android version. Skype does not require any hardware or software at all. An Android version 2.3 or higher is required.
  • If you intend to use Skype for voice communication, you will need a working microphone and headphones (or speakers) to talk to your chatters. Mobile devices have all of this.
  • Video communication requires a webcam. The phone's built-in camera is sufficient.
  • Fast Internet. Again it is recommended to check your mobile data plan and make sure you have enough paid traffic for your Skype needs (if you plan to use wifi).

Two ways to install Skype on your phone

Go to the official Skype website (type in the address bar) and follow the link to download the installer via Google Play. The mobile version of the Skype application is available on the Google Play Market. On the appropriate page, you will need to select a mobile device from the list (Skype will be installed on it), click Install and download the apk file to your phone / tablet running Android.

The second way - open the application Google Play through Android and in the search box entered Skype. In the results select the tedious app and click on the download link of the installer. You will be offered the version of the app that your smartphone or tablet supports.

When installing Skype, as usual you need to read the access rights. This is a formal procedure - you may click OK to confirm. In fact, the mobile app requires a lot of privileges during installation and accordingly, you need to grant all permissions for Skype to have access to contacts, messages, access to the Network and other permissions. The app will then be installed on your phone and ready to go. From then on, you can start setting up and registering your account if you haven't already done so.

How to install Skype on a tablet

Installing Skype on a tablet is not difficult, and the process of setting up Skype on your phone is more than simple.

There are basically no special features when installing Skype on a tablet. Since the operating system is the same - Android - any mobile version of the apk installer will be suitable. The source for downloading is the same: Google Play. You can access it either through the link on the official website or through your tablet. Beforehand, make sure that you do not have an ancient smartphone, where you can not update Android above version 2.3. In any case you will not be able to communicate comfortably with other users on an outdated tablet.

You can launch Skype through the application menu or through the icon on your home screen (for this you must bring out the icon yourself after installation).

As the official Skype installation guide says, no additional setup is needed and you can use the application right away. This is true and it is not. If you are installing Skype for the first time, you will need to register for free -- that means getting a username and password.

Resume . Installing Skype is no different than installing any other application. Of course you may experience some performance errors due to the specific hardware on your phone or computer. If you suddenly have such problems, ask us a question via the contact form - we'll try to answer it.

Questions and answers on installing Skype

So we have described in detail how to install Skype, now we're ready to answer your questions. But let us preface them with one clarification. Some users have a question why Skype won't install. There are several main reasons for this:

Check the system requirements when installing the apk package or automatically installing Skype on your tablet after downloading on Google Play. Check if the version of the Skype app meets the system requirements stated on the official website Try to download the messenger specifically for your device or make sure that the version of Skype you are installing is designed for your tablet or other mobile gadget. Skype on your tablet is available for Android, iOS and Kindle, so it is easy to get confused and to download the wrong version.

Can't install Skype on Google Play

The reason is that in some countries Google Play is not available or restricts the download of mobile applications. In this case we suggest you download Skype via Trashbox or 4pda. These sites are more or less trustworthy but we would not recommend to download the applications from other than the official Google Play store as you may easily fall ill with some infection.

I cannot install Skype, what is the problem?

If you cannot install Skype on your Android (Install button on Google Play is not available) it means that your device (tablet, phone / smartphone) is not compatible with the latest version of Skype. In this situation, to solve the problem, you will have to change your mobile gadget or use an older version of the distribution that is compatible with your device. But to be honest, situations where Skype won't install on your tablet are extremely rare. If you have problems with installation, please contact us, we will try to resolve your issue individually.

Can Skype be installed on the sd-card?

Yes, there are two ways to install to the sd-card on your phone and they are only available for the Android 2.3 platform and above.

  1. Install Skype immediately on the sd-card.
  2. Install Skype on your phone/tablet internal memory and then move installed application to the memory card.

Can I run Skype without installing it, on my browser?

Yes, for users like you Skype Online service was developed, it works without installation on computer or phone. What's great about Skype Online is that it has all the same functionality as Skype, it's not badly optimized and has few glitches. So you can use this alternative. However, it doesn't make you to create an account.

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