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Kingo Root: root Android in one click. User guide


Application Kingo Root is a safe and fast way to get root rights on Android. In the instructions, we will show you how to use Kingo Root and get root access to your phone's file system.

The topic of granting root privileges is very relevant and timely for every modern mobile gadget user. To have an extended, unlimited rights on your device, rooting will be an excellent and unchangeable solution. The more and more applications you can use to backup your data, transfer programs from the internal storage to the external memory card, use customized multitouch and multitasking gestures, overclock your device and more, the better your device will perform. If you are developing your own Android project, rooting will give you the necessary tools to access the Android interface, customize the firmware in depth.

New years ago, we dedicated a separate article to the importance and risks of the rooting procedure, where we focused on the factors which will help you decide for yourself whether you need root privileges or not. Today, we will talk about an alternative way to jailbreak your Android gadget that works on a par with Framaroot - Kingo Android Root.

In fact, the Kingroot app is one of the easiest ways to get root privileges, without too much fuss and effort. Furthermore, the application has already proved itself with a lot of positive feedback from the online community.

There are two versions of Kingroot - for Android (mobile application) and for Windows (desktop version). We will go into details on each one of them and discuss their specificities.

Instructions for Kingo Root for Android

  1. Go to the official web page of the project and download the Android version.

    Download Kingoroot

  2. If you have downloaded the package from the site using your PC, copy the Kingo Root apk file to your phone by any suitable method: USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Cloud.
  3. Run the apk file from the phone if you have previously allowed the installation of mobile applets from unknown sources.
  4. Watch the following step by step procedure: setting the web connection through Kingroot, matching the root script with the one stored in the applications base, preparing the working environment, running the script and setting the root access rights.
  5. Check the result of the operation.

Option to allow the installation of applets of unknown origin in Kingroot

The Kingo Root interface for Android

Let us know how to jailbreak successfully

The method to root the mobile device through an apk file Kingo Root for Android is relatively new and may be not fully tuned in some cases, so if you see the failure message as a result of the attempt, please use the procedure described below, which involves rooting your PC. As an alternative scenario, we suggest to use another root manager, e.g. BusyBox for Android (you can download it here or on 4pda in pro-version).

Result of the failed procedure to obtain root access via Kingroot

Tutorial for Kingo Root for Windows

  1. Go to the official web site and download the software Kingo Root for Windows.
  2. Launch the setup file and install Kingroot.
  3. Activate Debug mode on your smartphone/tablet via the corresponding option in the "For Developers" section.

  4. Connect the mobile device to the PC via USB cable and launch the app.
  5. Confirm the digital key fingerprint access by checking the popup form and confirm with the OK button.
  6. Root process by pressing the Root button in the GUI window on the PC. During the jailbreak process the device may restart several times, so do not worry, everything goes as planned.

Enable debug mode in the device options menu

> Confirmation of the digital key fingerprint access

Start the root process

Root process

This method is more reliable in comparison with the one performed entirely on the device. From version to version the developers hone it, as indicated by the frequent updates in the history of the main release branch of the applet.

Features of Kingo Root

If everything went well, together with root rights your smartphone receives the Kingo SuperUser utility for easy jailbreak management. Apart from providing flexible security levels and applications installed on the gadget, it may also be used to completely remove root privileges should you need to take the smartphone to a repair center under warranty.

Interface of the Kingo SuperUser installed along with the root

Another program to add is Xmodgames. It is not absolutely necessary to run the root process successfully. Therefore you can simply remove it after jailbreak.

Resume. Rooting is a risky procedure. Hacking a device with root privileges may result in the theft of IMEI or the penetration of a virus, so you do so at your own risk. Before obtaining root rights, be sure to make a backup of all important information for you (contacts, notes, SMS, browser bookmarks). The usage of Kingo Root software has been tested by the author of this article and no issues have been detected.

Answer - Question

I have a Nomi i503 and I wanted to root the phone, I decided to install it with Kingo Root. After root installation phone wouldn't turn on, so it was like a brick. Reprogrammed it and after connecting to the internet the phone app installs. It can be removed, but when you connect to the internet still downloads and installs. All the antivirus tried, and nothing helps. Connects to the internet but still downloads and installs.

I have reflashed, reset, formatted flash drive and nothing helped. When it turns on, the phone just hangs, but when you press the Home button, it minimizes. Please help me to resolve problem after installing Kingo Root on Android.

Answer . The big question is where did you download Kingo Root from. You may have gotten a modified version of the root app. To restrict permissions of the Phone app, install Advanced Permission Manager and cut off all possible permissions for both KingRoot and Phone app.

In extreme case, installation of custom flash with phone internal memory dump should help. But this is a dangerous trick.

Installed KingRoot for Android. Really only managed to download Kingo Root program and install it on the phone via PC. Got root access, seems fine, but!!! Doesn't remove preinstalled system apps! Applied mobile apps delete simply. I on my first phone installed the same rooting software, everything went fine and everything you need is just uninstalled!

Answer . Try to download Kingo Root again via official website and do the same steps. If it doesn't work, use ROOT Application Manager to remove system programs. It should work together with your root manager without any problems.

I have an irbis tz70 tablet, I rooted it with King Root. used the program to remove system apps, reset it several times. After several such operations, the tablet stopped restoring the previous version, leaving everything the same after reboot. It won't go into recovery, it just reboots and that's it, just like through settings. Everything would be fine, but the tablet stalls just a nightmare. Root program kingo root system applications see, but can not restore them. I downloaded the CWM, but even with it in the recovery can not get. Can you advise me whether I can use my own means to recover system applications? If so, how? Try to download the latest Kingo Root and retrieve the root rights again.

You should go to the 4pda forum (visit // with the topic "Discussing Irbis TZ70"). There you can get help for sure. General advice is: fully upgrade the firmware, with memory dump. Please be warned, that this procedure is not safe and will lead to deleting all user data. You might need to install custom recovers before that. In general, follow the above link, see what's posted in the forum thread header, have users encountered a similar problem using kingo root.

Installed SuperSU on Android, checked Root Checker, rights are there. Opened app, "Applications not configured", only root checker in logs. Waited - no request for rights appeared. I want to move some programs to SD card, some delete. All need the rights. What to do? You do not need root rights to move or delete standard applications. For more specific tasks like uninstalling or moving applications to the sd card, we suggest installing Framaroot or Kingo Root, in combination with an Android uninstaller application like CleanMaster.

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