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MusicSIG - app for downloading music from VK


The MusicSIG Browser Add-in is essentially an application that allows you to download music from VK to your computer or mobile device for further listening without a wifi connection.

MusicSIG main functions

  • Direct download of music, videos and apps from VK
  • Disable VKontakte ads
  • Filter songs according to bitrate and other parameters
  • Change the main menu in your user profile
  • Add clockbar and other widgets to your VK
  • Customize your user profile, Adding information
  • Deleting rating and reminders

Downloading music

The main function of the application is the download of music from Vkontakte. It's very simple - the user gets a small download button in every single line with music. Press the button and the download will start.

Download albums

While many alternative applications can allow the download of individual tracks, not all allow the download of individual albums. This is just as simple.

Video Downloads

This app (or rather an extension) allows you to download videos with no quality restrictions. This is as easy as in the case of the audio, that is, by means of a single button which appears next to the opened video.

Advertisements blocking

Besides its main function, the application also removes the advertisements presented in the blocks on the left side of the website.

Download photo albums

Also MusicSig helps you to save photo albums present in your account (or in the accounts of others open). No need to save one photo at a time - you can start uploading in bulk with one click.

The application will be useful for those who want to download music from Vkontakte but also need a couple of extra features


  • The extension is located in the official browser directories, this guarantees its security;
  • additional functions like ad blocking and downloading entire music albums;
  • No built-in advertising, the extension is completely free.


  • not all popular browsers are supported;
  • may conflict with other extensions;
  • downloading certain /files that violate copyright law may be restricted.

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