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Power Data Recovery - download free russian version

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Why I advise you to download Power Data Recovery? Firstly, because it has proved itself a long time ago on the market of applications for reanimation and reconstruction of file systems, system partitions, flash drives, hard disks and other storage devices. Secondly, minitool has a localized and uncomplicated interface that's not cluttered visually and is available in Russian. Therefore you don't experience any difficulties at all during the file recovery process.

Power Data Recovery program interface, source selection for locating the lost /files

First of all, Minitool Power Data Recovery works with data sources such as HDD, CD/DVD, memory cards and other common types of digital devices that may be damaged. Therefore, if hard drive recovery is clearly required, this file recovery software will be relevant for all sources.

Three key features of Data Recovery software when searching and recovering /files

  1. FAT 12/16/32 file systems (actively used on hard drives, flash drives, etc.), NTFS as well as encountered on CD/DVD systems such as ISO9660, Joliet, UDF
  2. Support for the following devices and popular file transfer protocols is provided: IDE/ATA, SATA, SCSI, USB, Firewire (IEEE1394), hard drives and other media such as USB flash drives, memory cards, digital camera, players, etc. - including your iPod and similar iOS devices.
  3. The program provides support for compressed and encrypted data in NTFS

    Work with damaged HDD

How to recover /files on the memory card (video)

Other features of Power Data Recovery

  • In Power Data, you will easily use the step-by-step wizard that allows you to recover lost items in 4 steps. No technical knowledge or special dexterity is required in order to operate the program's tools.
  • The ability to scan all partitions on the local machine and build a directory tree of all lost and deleted /files, which is very useful for preview purposes, for example. In other words hard disk recovery becomes more intuitive.
  • Save data to all Windows file volumes, including even network drives, removable media, etc.
  • Full software support in minitool power data recovery for dynamic drives.
  • Ability to load ("roll back") previous successful file recovery results for a hard drive.

Directory tree in Power Data Recovery with preview capability

I basically told you the basic features of the file recovery program. Files that have been deleted are easily returned to their proper place. The user is happy. What more could you wish for? "The wolves are fed and the sheep intact," as the folk wisdom says. Once again I advise to use power data recovery application, if you really care about how and which /files should be reanimated in the system.

You can download the software from the Download section of the developer's website or from the link below.

Download Power Data Recovery

Frequently asked questions on the use of Minitool Power Data Recovery

I cannot open recovered /files with the software applicable to this file type. Why?
Your /files have been overwritten with other data. In this case there is no adequate way to recover the /files.
May data recovery damage my disk?
Since the disk is not physically damaged, there is no risk to use the software. The Power Data Recovery software only reads data from the disk, not writes the data itself as is.
Can disk fragmentation affect recovery results?
In the NTFS file system, fragmentation should not affect recovery results. The file distribution information is stored as a note in a special MFT table. However, in case of FAT file system, this information is stored in FAT. Consequently all information will be lost after deletion, so the less fragmented the disc, the better the chance of recovery.
Can I recover my data after running the fdisk command?
Even if you have deleted partitions using the fdisk system utility, you may download Physical Device Recovery and choose to scan the physical disc with Power Data Recovery and then recover data from lost partitions. Furthermore, even if you have created new partitions after deleting old ones, you still have some chance to reconstruct the data using the functionality of Power Data Recovery tool.
Can I use the Power Data Recovery tool to recover lost data from CD, CD-R, DVDs?
Yes, you can use the Recovery CD/DVD tool to recover data from a CD/DVD disc.
Will Minitool Power Data Recovery restore all NTFS permissions for deleted /files?
No, the program recovers the information present in the file, however the permissions must be overwritten in the file.
Power Data Recovery handles all file formats or only selectively scans corrupted data of the formats the program is familiar with?
Power Data Recovery can recover all /files, but only if they have not been overwritten by the user or third-party applications.
What the program reanimates /files in the format.$EFS ?
These raw /files are encrypted and will be imported to the new NTFS file when it is saved. If the import was successful, these /files will be deleted automatically. You can save your /files to an NTFS format volume if the file cannot be imported (because it has not been saved for an NTFS volume).
Is there any chance to recover lost /files from CD-R/RW disks?
The Power Data recovery application is not a CD burning software! Anyway you can save on CDRW if the software/hardware supports batch burning. You must install the driver for the CDRW drive in UDF. Then you can save /files on your hard drive to a CDRW drive (this feature is already included in Windows XP and newer operating systems from Microsoft).
When you connect a disk to a computer, the system prompts you to format the disk. Should I format the drive or should I just restore the data on the drive first?
As a general rule, when faced with the above situation, users should do the data recovery on the drive first. If you need to recover lost data from the disk more safely and comprehensively, then format the disk.

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