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Programs to change ip address on android


When we access the Internet, we have an ip address bound to the network. Any object on the World Wide Web, be it a website or a computer, has its own ip-address. However in some cases it is more convenient to make the ip-address unbeknownst to anybody.

Why this is needed

The main reasons why an android ip-address may need to be changed are:

  1. Protection from scams.
  2. Protection from viruses.
  3. Limiting tracking of ip-address by sites with annoying advertisements.
  4. The need to bypass regional restrictions and reach banned sites.

There could be several ways out.

Use VPN services

One of the most common ways to make the ip address difficult to determine is to use an intermediary computer. It is through him that all traffic will go. In this case, the device itself can be located anywhere in the world, and in the statistics of sites you will visit, will remain information that visited them from the computer, the ip-address of which was specified.

Services, with which you can carry out this procedure, there are several. Find a completely free VPN with no restrictions is unlikely to succeed: there will always be either limited traffic or advertising banners. But a simple switch to the desired site is quite feasible.


One of the most popular programs to change ipi. To use it, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Download the application at the following link: // #5
  2. Log in and create an account.
  3. In the authorization screen that appears, enter the data you have entered previously.
  4. Going to the application, press the switch in the center. The VPN will be activated and your ip-address will no longer be visible to anybody.
  5. If you are asked for additional traffic access, you must accept.
  6. It is possible to change the country to any of the listed countries. To do this you open the list of the countries we can disguise, click the up arrow at the bottom of the screen and select any country. For example, Switzerland. Confirm access to the program.

If the blue circle appears at the very top of the screen then it worked and our ip address has been changed.

Hotspot Shield

Another fairly popular ip changer. The number of servers in the free version is limited. There are ads. The way this VPN is used is very similar to the one described earlier:

  1. You need to download the service at the following link: //
  2. Register an account, indicating the mailbox to restore the information.
  3. Enter the data you entered during the registration.
  4. Click the radio button in the middle of the screen.

Proxy Switcher

The main feature of this application is the enormous amount of proxies. They can be sorted by country, speed and type.

The main drawback of the Proxy Switcher ip address changer: It is a paid application. There is a free version, but it has little effect: even the list of proxies cannot always be downloaded.

It should also be noted that this application is completely in English. There is a Russian "pirate" version, a cracked one. You would, however, hardly need to know English to use the application.

In order to install and run the program, you should:

  1. Download it from the official site: //
  2. Launch the installation file.
  3. In the window that appears, click on Next.
  4. You accept the terms of the license agreement.
  5. After modifying or saving the installation folder, click on install.


This method is slightly different from the others but it too allows you to change the ip address. In order to use proxy, you need to have root rights in your smartphone. The sequence of operations would be as follows:

  1. Install the proxy software such as ProxyDroid: //
  2. Find on the net a list of free proxies.
  3. Open the application with the right rights.
  4. Enter in the address bar the address of the proxy of your choice (the digits before the colon).
  5. In the port line enter the digits after the colon.
  6. Click the switch to establish the connection.

The disadvantage of this method is that the free proxies are often overloaded. There are two choices: either wait until they become free or pay.


Tor is a "darknet". More precisely, a browser that will make your stay on the Internet anonymous. Tor was originally developed for the purpose of encrypting government communications. Now it is an organization that advocates for the privacy of information on the internet.

How does this work? During transmission, data is encrypted and distributed to multiple computers located at different locations around the globe. That prevents the Internet Service Provider or people monitoring your activity on the local network from being able to see which sites you have visited. In order to use this feature, you will need:

  1. Download Tor browser: //
  2. Install it on your computer.

Tor, that is all. From now on, all your browsing will be kept secret. Tor is definitely a useful ip changer, but it has a big disadvantage. The Tor services require a great deal of your smartphone's resources, so they will drain your battery faster.

Can I change my phone's ip address without programs

If you can't download an ip changer, you can try to do without it.

The sequence would be as follows:

  1. Go to "Settings"-"Wifi connection".
  2. Find the proxy server.
  3. In the line "IP Address" replace the number after the 1 at the very end with any number manually. For example if you had a 3, you can enter 150.
  4. Go to Chrome.
  5. Go to the following link
  6. In the list of sites with anonymous connection, copy any IP address.
  7. Paste this to the line below our IP address. Make sure that the "Port" has the value 8080 (standard).
In the "Port" string.

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