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Rating of best free antivirus for Android - 2019 for smartphone and tablet


Typical malware are viruses, trojans and keyloggers. Phones and tablets need constant protection against them. We have selected the best antiviruses - paid and free - for Android, which will help in this. The rating is valid at the end of 2018 - 2019.

This is the list of apps that participate in the review:

Rating antiviruses for Android
Title of antivirus Producer Number of downloads Average rating Free version
Dr.Web Doctor Web, Ltd 50-100 million 4.5 +
Kaspersky Internet Security is our choice! Kaspersky Lab 10-50 million 4.7 +
ESET Mobile Security our choice! Eset 50-100m 4.7 +
AVG AntiVirus AVG Mobile 100-500m. 4.5 +
360 Security 360 Mobile Security Limited 100-500 million 4.6 +
CM Security Cheetah Mobile 100-500 million. 4.7 +
Mobile Security & Avast for Android AVAST Software 100-500 million. 4.5 +
Malwarebytes antivirus is our choice! Malwarebytes 10,000,000 - 50,000,000 4.5 +

Dr.Web Light - Free, Lightweight Antivirus for Smartphone


  • Effective threat monitoring and heuristics
  • System scanning
  • Unobtrusive background operation


  • Sometimes false positives
  • High cost

Antivirus Protect Dr. Web Light.Dr.Web Light

Despite the prefix "Light", Dr.Web offers a full set of basic features to protect your mobile device from malicious software. The software is perfectly optimized to run on Android smartphones and tablets, so the background protection will be invisible to the user. Even on devices with 512 MB of RAM, Doctor is very fast and doesn't drain the battery.

Antivirus is highly customizable and allows you to select a scanning mode, full or fast, like in the desktop version of Doctor Web. If you need to scan a folder or a disk for viruses, no problem, just specify them before starting the scan.

If you frequently check the contents of your phone and would like to have the antivirus always at hand, you can add a special Dr.Web Light widget to your home screen. It is convenient to use this widget to check downloaded Internet content. However, there is no need to be checked regularly as SpIDer Guard monitor provides real-time protection for your phone.

Noting other features. Dr.Web Lite successfully copes with blocker viruses. If your device is blocked antivirus will eliminate the threat and remove protection. If there is no virus in the Dr.Web database, the Origins Tracing™ technology will help identify a potential threat by analyzing the behaviour of running processes.

The free version of Dr.Web anti-virus for Android does not include a spam filter, SMS blacklist, anti-theft protection and some other important security features. To get them, you need to upgrade to Dr.Web Security Space (costing about $30).

Dr.Web Lite is regularly updated along with its antivirus databases (as of November 9, 2018, the last update took place on October 19, 2018).

Download the antivirus on smartphone/tablet at the link below (the number of installations exceeded 50 million - an impressive figure for software in the security category). Doctor Web rating on Google Play: 4.5.

Download Dr.Web Light

Malwarebytes Security for Android: Adware, spyware and ransomware removal


  • Removes adware viruses
  • Real-time threat protection
  • Effectiveness compared to other antiviruses


  • not noticed

Malwarebytes antivirus has successfully caught on desktop platform, with a relatively recent mobile version of the application also available. The main functions are protection against phishing, adware and fraudulent software, removal of viruses, Trojans. Malwarebytes protection works in real time and does not overload your phone's resources.

The basic version of Malwarebytes for Android is free. Premium allows you to test additional features for 30 days, after which it "rolls back" to the free version.

Features of Malwarebytes:

  1. Detects and removes ransomware viruses in a timely manner - without waiting for phone lock; if Malwarebytes antivirus was installed at the time of infection, ransomware will also be removed;
  2. Detects phishing and malware, malicious links in incoming text messages and any text, including email, Facebook or Whatsapp, or web sites.
  3. Real-time Application Scanning. Malwarebytes Security identifies malicious code, potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) and adware within other applications.
  4. Monitoring apps permissions - protecting against unauthorized access of installed applications to the file system. An app that requires more than normal access rights is marked as suspicious and, at the user's request, placed in Quarantine.
  5. Calculating spyware (programs that track location, keystrokes, calls, spend money on hidden charges).

Although Malwarebytes Security is not in the top apps (160 thousand downloads), we recommend it as a mobile antivirus. At least the free demo version will serve you well if you notice suspicious activity on your device.

Download Malwarebytes antivirus for smartphone

Kaspersky Internet Security - Malware search, anti-theft and anti-phishing


  • Sometimes disconnects while running


  • Works fast,
  • Fast Updates the virus database
  • Antivirus

Kaspersky Internet Security - An all-in-one confidential data protection, antivirus scanner and malware blocker. Let us list the main application features.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Real-time and on-demand scanning

Antivirus protection works in real time, you can also scan your mobile device at any time. Kaspersky® Anti-Virus Engine puts all detected viruses, spyware and Trojans into the Quarantine or deletes them on demand.

Anti-Phishing module

KIS, like any firewall, operates in the background mode, affecting your phone/tablet resources only slightly. If the user tries to open a link that leads to a fraudulent resource, Kaspersky Internet Security blocks the download and issues a notification.

Access restriction for android applications

An exclusive feature of KIS, the application blocking. Without entering a password the blocked application will not start and therefore you will not be able to access your personal data.

Theft protection

If your mobile phone has fallen into the wrong hands after it was lost and/or stolen, Kaspersky will locate it. If the thief is nearby, you can activate the siren on the stolen phone or take a photo and send it via email. All personal data (contacts, banking information, passwords) will be deleted or hidden from the thief.

Antifishing, blacklisting and private data protection are available in the premium version only. One year subscription price is $14.95 for a single device.

Rating of Kaspersky antivirus on Google Play is 4.7.

Download Kaspersky Internet Security

AVG AntiVirus FREE: Protection and removal of private data


  • Phishing protection
  • Checking applications for viruses


  • Intrusive notifications
  • No tech support for Russian speakers

AVG AntiVirus FREE is one of the best antiviruses for Android among free ones. Main definitions:

  • protects against viruses, malware, spyware and potentially dangerous applications;
  • Access rights control for installed applications;
  • blocks unwanted calls, sms.

AVG AntiVirus FREE works in real time, file scan on demand is also available. Like most other mobile antiviruses, AVG scans both the sd card and the phone's internal memory.

The anti-theft feature will find your lost smartphone on Google Maps. If the phone has been stolen, more drastic tools can be applied - remote data cleaning and locking the mobile device.

Private data, apps blocked by pin code. You can restrict access to messengers, photos and videos on the phone. Another security feature is the ability to lock the smartphone after a SIM card change.

Also AVG offers a feature to irretrievably delete /files in the phone memory or on the sd card. This might be necessary, for instance, if the smartphone/tablet is about to be sold or the data are of extreme importance. Personal information wiped in this way cannot be recovered.

Task manager, file cleaner and battery optimizer (Power Save) are other less important tools within AVG AntiVirus. These are not particularly necessary: The latest versions of Android have built-in optimization tools.

AVG AntiVirus is popular on Google Play: > 100 million downloads. AVG AntiVirus has a rating of 4.5 on Google Play.

ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus - Find ransomware and monitor security


  • Frequent notifications


  • Effective protection against Trojans
  • Real-time security monitoring
  • Excellent technical support

ESET Mobile Security is an antimalware application for Android that scans your mobile device for viruses, Trojans, ransomware; Also detects spyware and adware among installed applications.

The free version (30-day trial) allows you to evaluate the premium functionality of the antivirus without restrictions. After the trial version expires, the program will run normally but without premium features.

Features of the free version of ESET Mobile Security:

  • Antivirus. If you lose your phone, text and get gps coordinates. It is also possible to find out the location of the lost device via the Internet;
  • Selective scanning of the file system, internal memory and sd-card on demand;
  • finding malware, spyware and adware applications among installed ones (including hidden and system ones);
  • Security Report (allows to identify and repair Android vulnerabilities).

Features of ESET Mobile Security premium version:

  • Call Filter - blacklist for incoming calls and text messages from anonymous contacts;
  • Check permissions of installed applications (Security Audit module);
  • Protect applications and user data with pin code or fingerprint;
  • Proactive Anti-Theft and Anti-Phishing modules.

The ESET Mobile Security rating on Google Play is 4.7.

Download ESET Mobile Security

Antivirus 360 Security - another good antivirus for Android


  • Many ads in the free version
  • An annoying notifications


  • Works on old android-devices
  • Frequent virus database updates
Application 360 Security
Android version

Free Antivirus 360 Security

<0 any of the antiviruses claiming to be the best or just good have a basic set of security features. In the case of 360 Security for Android (distributed for free), you get a curious bonus. What is it? Read on.

Main features of 360 Security Android Edition:

  • Real-time phone protection: the antivirus cloud and database is updated continuously, protecting against viruses, Trojans and Malware
  • Antivirus feature: Find your lost or stolen phone
  • Protect messages and contacts in your phone address book
  • Blacklist to block unwanted calls and messages
  • Mobile data usage monitoring

Advanced features of 360 Security:

  • accelerating the sd card,
  • removing unnecessary /files,
  • ability to slightly increase the battery life of the device by optimizing the CPU frequency and wireless networks.

An interesting feature of 360 Security is the "in-house" Android system cleaning function. Shake your smartphone or tablet to launch an automatic system cleanup. An interesting idea, but totally senseless (why does a mobile antivirus need it?)...

We understand that not everybody needs such a multimedia "combine" (we can find and download antiviruses for Android for easier version). Additionally, the 360 Security kernel will de facto slow down your Android smartphone.

A Important note: the application requires root access to function properly. This is not always possible without losing your warranty. Therefore if your device does not have such access rights, some of the functions relating to system /files and processes will be very limited.

Verdict . We recommend 360 Security antivirus if your mobile device has enough power: from 1 GB of RAM. It's worth testing on your smartphone/tablet: real-time monitoring, anti-malware, blacklisting, privacy protection are important features. And maybe the cleaning functions will prove useful and replace CleanMaster.

The 360 Security rating on Google Play:

Download 360 Security for Android

CM Security (Security Master) is an antivirus, optimized for Intel-devices


  • Lack of intrusive ads
  • Lost the number blocking feature


  • Effective cleaning virus
  • Detailed scan log
Application CM Security
Android version

Interface androidCM Security

What can we say, Considering the best antiviruses for android in order: If you need a fast and discreet application, then you should pay attention to CM Security mobile antivirus in FREE version. We could list the features of the program for a long time, but we will focus only on the important features of one of the best free antiviruses.

As for the important differences of CM Security from competitors, they are that you get the opportunity to "catch the intruder" who reads your correspondence, or tries to gain access to the machine. If it is an unauthorized access, Android antivirus will take a picture of the intruder with the smartphone's front camera and send it to you via email. In addition, the picture will be taken even after entering the wrong password twice when unlocking the smartphone or tablet.

As you can see from the subtitle, there is a version of CM Security specifically optimized for x86 devices powered by Intel and AMD processors that takes into account the specific architecture.

The CM Security antivirus rating on Google Play:

Mobile Security - Avast free antivirus for Android


  • Web protection works in many browsers
  • strong and reliable protection against malware
  • A great set of antivirus features
  • Remote blocking, cleanup and notifications
  • SMS Commands tool
  • Free antivirus for Android


  • No spy camera available
  • Confusing web interfaceantivirus interface
  • Long customization of the anti-theft feature
  • Lock screen problems on Android
Avast for Android
Avast for Android Device dependent

Mobile Security &Amp Avast AntiVirus for Android

Avast Mobile Security (aka Avast for Android) rounds out our list of the best free antiviruses. The Avast desktop antivirus is familiar to many, so, its popularity among other antiviruses for Android was also very high. Basically, Avast for Android is quite fast and performant with the necessary set of mobile security features:

  • canning your phone's internal and external memory on the fly,
  • checking your smartphone for viruses on demand,
  • working with blacklists,
  • other basic security features on the mobile platform

An interesting Mobile Security & Avast for Android functionality is also provided for mobile devices with root-enabled access. You will be able to enable the firewall that works on the same principle as on the desktop versions of the operating systems. The Avast Free Antivirus for Android has been redesigned and now works similarly to the Avast Free Antivirus on desktop. The first one is to go to and under Avast Free Mobile Security click on Install Free. Then you will go to Google Play website, where you need to click on the green "Install" button. After that, you can install Avast antivirus on your smartphone or tablet.

The second method to download Avast antivirus for free is by going to the section Programs > Security at the 4pda website and downloading the desired distribution version (currently it is revision number 5.1.2).

Verdict . Being free makes Avast one of the best antivirus apps for 2018. It contains a full set of security features for your smartphone and tablet, and even a little more than that. Avast has disadvantages, but they are not that significant.

Rating Avast antivirus on Google Play:

Download Avast on phone

Resume . So, today we have reviewed a few free antivirus to protect your smartphone or tablet with Android OS installed. Which antivirus for basic Android malware protection is better is up to you to decide. Each app in this review has its own chips and you are free to choose between functionality and performance.


I have ZenFone 2 version 5.0.0. Please tell me which antivirus is better for Android - Doctor Web or Avast. Just need a normal antivirus, as already caught a Trojan virus and had to carry my smartphone to repair.

Avast . Both Dr Web and Avast are quite effective antiviruses. Keep in mind, however, that to be safe, you need to update virus databases regularly (especially if there are new Android viruses in the news). If you use a licensed version of mobile antivirus - there should be no security problems. For the sake of interest you can install Kaspersky or 30 Security.

There is nothing wrong with your device so far, thank god. But Google sent me that I have 2 viruses. Their names are complicated, long. One had "device" written in English, but that's just part of the name. Google put a timer on the page for 1.5 minutes and told me to follow some steps. I keep getting thrown onto different sites.

I had licensed version on my Android, after 1 year I bought new key for 3 devices, but I can not use it in mobile application, it just keep loading "get more features" tab to infinity. What is the problem, how can I fix it? Or how do I get the new key into my Kaspersky app on Android

I got an alert on my tablet . The Ministry of Internal Affairs has blocked my tablet and asked me to pay 4,000 rubles to delete Yandex . Thinking that if deleted the virus will go away but I can't go to gallery, camera, downloads, and can't download antivirus from google.

I hooked some virus application through SMS on android. Now my access to settings to uninstall this parasitic app and dr web is blocked. No access to texting. I can't get the SMS.

I tried to use Cureit to remove it through the big computer, but it doesn't see smartphone as a removable disk and it is not picking it up.

Maybe I should go to the Tele2 store? Maybe they can remove the virus through their computer?

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