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Remove viruses on your phone, instructions for Android


The phone is as prone to malicious attacks as the computer. Use antivirus to minimize the risks of intrusions. Has the problem already made itself felt? Read on to learn how to remove viruses from your phone using Kaspersky for Android.

Content :

  1. Features of Kaspersky Internet Security
  2. How to know if your phone is infected
  3. How to remove virus on your phone
  4. Alternative antivirus
  5. Questions and answers

Kaspersky for Android: Key Features

Internet Security from Kaspersky Lab for Android tablets, smartphones is a free high reliability antivirus software that guarantees reliable protection of personal data on your device. Turn on access protection for applications you use - and be sure your mobile device is safe. The software will quickly find viruses and move them to Quarantine.

Benefits of Kaspersky Anti-Virus:

  • Background Scan - run system tests for threats whenever you like.
  • Maximum reliability - detected threats are blocked automatically.
  • Application blocking feature - need to think of a secret code to protect personal information.
  • Anti-phishing - protect personal data when paying for goods, services online.
  • Fast device search in case of loss and theft.
  • Anti-hosting - protects your personal data and prevents unauthorized access.
  • Blacklist for your phone: blocks unwanted calls and SMS messages - set up relevant contact information and no one will bother you.
  • Internet Filter - removes dangerous links and resources by itself.

Kaspersky Lab guarantees the best protection from Trojan horse, spyware and viruses and is therefore widely known around the world. It allows you to remove viruses from your phone in no time at all and without displaying any intrusive ads. It is created with the use of advanced technologies, in what you can be convinced personally. This software is available in paid and free versions and their functionality may vary slightly.

Download Kaspersky Antivirus for Android

Signs of virus infection

Your phone is infected with viruses if:

  1. instead of desktop background you see ads, different messages constantly pop up in browser, games,
  2. advertisements appear after unlocking the device,
  3. programs install themselves and sites are loaded as they want,

Android viruses come from malicious sites, as a result of downloading relevant programs, sending infected /files. Your task is not to figure out where they came from, but to decide what to do about it.

How to remove virus from Android

1. To remove a virus from your Android, first try to remove all suspicious, unknown programs. The standard features of the OS will suffice for this. These actions can solve some problems. Then make sure that there are no running and running in the background programs on your phone. Look for the superfluous software in section "Applications" (menu "Settings"). Any programs with obscure names, occupying big memory space, requiring some destruction (for example, address book access) should cause suspicion.

This is a great guide on how to delete unnecessary applications on the phone. And here is a video tutorial:

2. If you can't uninstall a program because this action is only available to the Administrator of the device, go to "Security" menu, find the list of programs "Administrators" in it - and boldly delete all unnecessary stuff. As a rule, malicious software with additional protection and access settings is more dangerous for the device. The last step is to run the background scan of Kaspersky antivirus. In this mode, the program has almost no effect on the operation of the devices and effectively searches for malicious /files.

4. Virus Removal from Android (Quarantine) is performed at the end of scan. Kaspersky will show you

  • which potentially infectious /files have been found,
  • what are the infection risks,
  • whether the infected /files require mandatory removal.

Kaspersky will also provide an indication of what can/should be done.

5. It is recommended to reboot your device after cleaning.

Other Antiviruses for Android

Now you know how to remove the virus from your Android phone and you can provide your personal data with the highest level of protection.

In principle the Dr Web and Avast mobile antiviruses have similar functionality.

Download software from official sites only, to avoid installing malicious software along with antivirus on your device. You should scan the device as soon as you find a problem and just from time to time for preventive purposes because some malware may not show up but steal your data.

Readers questions

I have detected 4 viruses on my phone, 1 was deactivated by Doctor Web. The other three, in a hurry, I deleted them from the main menu. How can I disinfect them?

The answer is . Simple. Run the virus scan on your phone again and in the same way remove the threats found. If there are no viruses detected after the second scan, it means that you have already deleted them after the last scan. As an alternative, you can install any other mobile antivirus, for example, Kaspersky Internet Security.

Doctor Web Technical Support assures that shortcomings related to incorrect operation of the application for Android 6.0 sms filtering will become a thing of the past when version 11.0 appears. But they cannot say when the app will be released. Do you have this information? I bought this product and only later found out that it doesn't provide full functionality for version 6.0.

Answer . Good news for you: Dr Web 11 is out, you can download it at the official developer's web-site // or here. Various editions of this cross-platform antivirus are available, both for Android and desktop OS. So you can download the evaluation version of the distribution kit and check if the information stated here is correct.

Regarding Kakasoft USB Secuity I want to say that on my computer Acer Iconia W 511 with Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB (x32) onboard, it only sees "mounted" USB flash drives. And it doesn't see micro-SD...

That's just for the record, but there's also a native Windows BitLocker. And why this same Kakasoft is in your android partition, why is it marked as phone antivirus?

Answer . Thanks for the educated question. Indeed Kakasoft USB Secuity, according to its description, supports portable flash drives only. However if you use a USB card reader it is possible to work with sd-sticks, too.

Your smartphone (Android) is not connected to the internet. It seems to be infected with a virus. There is no possibility to install a legitimate antivirus program. What to do?

answer . There are two possible solutions:

  1. install antivirus locally on the smartphone/tablet (choose any of the android antiviruses available at
  2. check the mobile device for viruses with the desktop antivirus. You connect the phone to the PC via usb cable, run the antivirus with the latest databases and scan the sd-card for viruses. This approach has one drawback: it doesn't allow you to search for virus infections on the mobile phone's internal memory.

The most effective and not the most radical method to fix your problem is to update your Android firmware or reset your phone to factory settings. Good luck!

I have Micromax A104 phone model. I am constantly attacked by viruses that my antivirus cannot remove but only disable them. As a consequence, the viruses turn on themselves. I can't remove them again, I have to disable them, and then the situation repeats all over again. I have Clean Master antivirus.

Also I don't know where these applications are coming from and I can't get them off my phone. What have I got to do?

Response . We have to disappoint you: Clean Master is not an anti-virus, it's one of the wizards to clean your phone. You should not use this application to check for viruses. We advise you to download and install any normal antivirus for mobile platform like Avast Free Mobile Security. You will be able to find all little known and dangerous viruses and remove them, as a consequence you will not need to search and remove them endlessly, as you describe in your question.

I have picked up this adware virus but neither Dr. Web, nor Kaspersky nor the other three antiviruses simply do not see it and therefore do not remove it. What can I do about it?

answer . 360 Total Security, CM Security to help you (Generally, we highly recommend you to read the rating of the best mobile antiviruses as of 2016).

However, it is far from certain that even an efficient antivirus is able to detect a specific "adware virus". Your question is not specific enough to give a clear-cut prescription. Try searching for a solution by entering the name of the adware module or application causing the problem.

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