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Restore deleted numbers from the sim card on your phone


With the questions about restoring contacts on Android, it is not uncommon to receive letters: how to restore phone numbers on the sim card. A separate part of the questions is this: what to do if the sim card is lost or damaged.

Let's change the formulation of the question: is it possible to restore the sim card in principle? We are not going to repeat the different pseudo-instructions, where the useless programs for contact recovery stuffed with advertising are advertised. We'll list the seemingly "lying on the surface" tiphacks that can nevertheless save your contacts deleted on the sim card.

Contents :

  1. Can you recover your phone number by replacing your sim card
  2. Finding contacts through Google Contacts
  3. Mobile operator help
  4. The easiest way to find your old sim card
  5. An answer to questions

Can a sim card replacement restore deleted phone numbers?

No one prohibits you to replace a lost sim card with a new one. The service is free of charge, the SIM replacement is done through the operator center where you have signed the contract. You may need to make a claim for the loss of your SIM card using the form provided. And since your contract is assigned to the old phone number, a trip to the operator in any case will not be superfluous.

But when you get a new SIM card it does not make sense to search for lost contacts on it. The SIM card is a physical device, and all phone numbers are lost along with the old one.

Lost contacts may be stored in the Google Contacts

Contacts in the address book are not normally stored only on the sim card. On your phone (Android, iOS, etc) it is possible to export the contacts to a local VCF file, or make a backup copy. Look for this file in your memory card or device memory.

If you synchronized your phone with your Google account, contacts from your address book are on this service. Check the availability of contacts via Contacts, by logging in from your google account. Use the Undo Changes section to restore your contacts.

If you've managed to delete phone numbers in Google Contacts, there's still a chance to recover contacts and other records - but only if it's been no more than a month since the deletion. Read here how to do it.

Recover deleted contacts via Google Contacts

Request your call details from your mobile operator

If you want to recover a deleted number (it is not in your address book or call history), do not waste time on recovering a deleted number from your SIM card. Request a printout of the incoming/outgoing calls for a specific period.

Detailing of the calls, as a rule, is done from the date of the last billing before making the request to the mobile operator. In addition to the date of call and other information, the document will contain the numbers of your contacts.

This method has the disadvantage that you will know the callers' names, so you will have to call them to enter them into your phonebook. Although, if you remember part of the number and you have a good memory for numbers, the recovery of numbers would be less of a problem.

Lost SIM card? Find it

The most "optimistic" way to recover the contents of a lost sim card, in particular phone numbers, is to find it. Use your brain and recall where you put it or where you may have inadvertently dropped it after removing the phone cover.

There's an easier and faster way to recover all your contacts through your mobile operator or to conduct a grueling search, essentially a needle in a haystack.

How to recover phone numbers. Question - Answer

The alcatel pixi 4 4034D phone does not read the internal phonebook. Only read contacts on sim card. After transferring all the contacts to the phone still does not read the numbers. How do I restore contacts on my phone?

How did you transfer contacts to your phone? There is a way to restore numbers in your phone: Contacts - Import/Export - Import from internal memory. You can also return contacts to Android from a local file from sd-card. Then go to the contacts settings and check the display and account settings.

After the sim was inserted into another phone, all contacts and photos on the Android were lost. Then I restored them, but when I put it back into this phone, the photo and some of the contacts are gone.

Contacts and phone numbers can be stored on the SIM card as well as on your Google Account. You just need to link your account to your Android account, and then all your contacts will be synced to your phone over the internet. Settings - Cloud and Accounts - Accounts - Add account.

Pictures can be stored in Google Drive or Dropbox cloud (read about backing up here).

The service asks for a password sent to my phone number to confirm that it is my account. The phone number hasn't worked for a long time, I can't get a text message with the password. What to do?

Returning the phone number to your name is possible through your mobile operator. Only this does not always work (for example, the number may have been diverted to another subscriber).

I lost my phone number to which my Instagram page was linked and I cannot recover it now because it sends a confirmation code to the number, but I do not have it, it is a different number! How do I get my page back?

Try to recover your password to your backup email or by confirming your identity through Instagram support. How to contact them?

There are quite a few "restore sim" offers on the Internet. Should we trust them?

You can meet sim card recovery "specialists" on the web. They offer to recover any information on the "SIM card" (deleted numbers, contacts, sms-messages) or for money are ready to share the unique way of restoration of contacts from the SIM card. Be careful, it's a scam!

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