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Restoring the MBR boot record with fdisk


The easiest way to restore the MBR boot record is Fdisk. Its commands are easy to learn.

Be aware that the hard disk must be connected to an IDE or other interface as a master disk. Like with the other connection methods we have to specify the location of the IDE device in the form " Fdisk/CMBR ".

The syntax for the Fdisk commands at the command line looks like: " Fdisk/parameter switch ".


Purpose of the parameter : Do not check for bad sectors on the disk surface

Description : May increase the speed of partition operations.


Purpose of the parameter : Create a new MBR on the specified disk

Description : Same as /MBR except that it applies to the specified disk


Purpose of the parameter : Create extended partition.

Description : Creates an extended partition on the current disk which is used to create a logical partition


Purpose of the parameter : Test FAT16 and FAT32 usage in interactive mode

Description : When parameter /FPRMT is added there is no prompt to indicate that the hard disk requires compatibility support, however there might be a prompt that uses FAT16 or FAT32 when creating a new partition.


Purpose of the parameter : recreate the logical partition.

Description : Used to create a logical partition, /LOG and /EXT must work together.


Purpose of parameter : create a logical partition with FAT16


Purpose of parameter : recreate the MBR of the master disk

Description : Clear the system boot selection written to the MBR MBR after uninstalling Windows


Parameter Purpose : Create a primary (primary) partition and activate it.

Description : in this case the partition will be automatically assigned as active


Option: creates a primary partition with FAT16 and activates it.


Option Parameter: does not reboot the computer after performing Fdisk


Option Parameter: displays the information of the current partition

Description : When there is no logical partition on the extended partition, the latter will not be shown


Parameter assignment : Do not use LBA attribute

Description : This makes it difficult to use Fdisk with the above parameters. Nevertheless, hiding the parameters is a dangerous issue which needs more attention from the user.

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