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Review of the best hair color apps for Android and iOS


The first thing a person pays attention to when he sees another person is hair. Hair style and hair color are of fundamental importance in the image. And if you have any doubts, you can use a hair color adjustment service.

Authorized photos are useful to post on social networks, on resumes during the job search, in pro/files on dating websites, or just for your own entertainment.

There are on-line services and applications that allow the user to modify the hair colour on photos, simply by following the instructions.

Photo Editors:


    Teleport is the easiest application where you can change the hair color without going into the fine tuning nuances. On the one hand it deprives the resulting photos of 100% realism, on the other hand it gives the fastest results.

    The advantages

    The disadvantages

    • The photo can be processed in seconds
    • If necessary, The portrait can be edited in the built-in photo editor
    • Lots of advertising in the free version
    • Lack of detailed adjustment
    • Lack of realism
    • Lack of possibility to change the eye color

    How to change the hair color in photos

    1. Download and install Teleport (available free on iOS and Android).
    2. Give the app access rights to the Gallery and the Camera when you launch the app.

    3. Take a clear photo by clicking on the Camera icon in the center.

    4. To change the background, use the tab Background.
    5. To change the hair color of the current photo, open the tab Hair Color.

    6. Select a shade. In the photo editor you can choose from several dozens of hair tones to change the color.
    7. Experiment. In addition to the standard natural colors (blonde, brunette, red) there are also unusual shades - green, ginger, etc.
    8. Create a collage by putting several photos in the same frame with different colours.
    9. Change the background: Teleport has a function to change the background. The base contains many popular images - various landmarks, beautiful natural objects, etc.
    10. Select a skin tone.

    11. Lighten up the background: there is an option to "blur" the image so that only the face is clear and the rest is not conspicuous.
    12. Save the result you get by clicking on the download icon in the right center of the photo.

    Download Teleport

    Fabby Look

    The Fabby Look editor offers the possibility to choose the different shades of hair. No settings, just set - choose hair colour - save the result. You can install the application on your Android by downloading it from the Market.

    The user can experiment to the minimum with the photo image. Once a hairstyle has been selected and resized, additional colour options open up as an option.

    Besides changing the hair colour, the Fabby Look editor offers the trimming, flipping (by tapping on the photo above) functions. This allows you to create or modify an existing look, using advanced mobile technology.



    • Lack of advertising
    • Intuitive use
    • No change or blur functions. background
    • Hair Color Changer

    Download on Android

    Hair Color Changer

    This iPhone application allows you to "color your hair", by trying several different colors simultaneously or by applying different shades during the editing process. Here you can seriously control the part of your hair that you want to recolor.

    Hair Color Changer is conditionally free, it has ads. Comes with in-app purchases, without which you can't unlock additional shades. The main inconvenience is that the program does not know how to automatically detect hair, you have to select this area with a brush.



    • Lack of Free Features
    • Unstable operation
    • Hair must be manually painted

    Instruction, How to Upload a Photo and Change Hair Color

    1. Download the Hair Color Changer App on your iPhone (there is also an iPad version).
    2. Take a clear photo on the Camera. You may create a new picture, or use a predefined one from the Gallery.

    3. Select a pencil, change the size of the tip with the slider.

    4. Make edits to the photo. Use gestures to change the color, move the photo, zoom in.
    5. Change the color. When you repaint your hair you can try different variations (colors) to determine which one is best.

    6. Save the result. All the options can be saved in the Photo Editor and then in the iPhone Gallery.

    Hair Color Booth

    The Photo Editor has the same settings and interface as the Hair Color Changer. But there are much more colors and shades. You can't view the photo online, so all the work is done with selfies. You can use your fingers and gestures to use color strokes.

    The color saturation is adjustable, as is the smoothness. With all the functions, it is possible to experiment in order to choose a more suitable option.

    There are no advertisements but together with the application, the user receives purchases without which it is not possible to use the additional colour palette.

    Hair Style Salon

    Many people cannot choose the most suitable hair colour and hairstyle themselves. In this case, it is possible to take the advice of your friends. There is a special service for this, which has a voting function. Each user can change his/her hairstyle by recoloring it to his/her liking and then putting a photo up for voting.


    1. Select the desired section. The Hair Style Salon photo editor has different tabs available where you can choose your hairstyles, color scheme.
    2. Select the hair type. There are categories of long hair, short hair, and curly hair. These are selected before you change the color.
    3. Determine your hair and eye shade by mixing different colors. There is a ready-made palette for that.

    This app is considered the best of all iOS apps for experimenting with your image. The color changing tools are available for free, but you have to pay $2.99 per week for new hairstyles.

    Hair Color

    This hair color changing app works online in real time. It is used to try out different hair colors.


    1. Download and install "Hair Color" App,
    2. Snap a photo with the camera,
    3. Select one of the 50 shades to "try on" your hair.
    4. Apply the settings. There is a function to change the intensity and depth of the color using vertical stripes.
    5. Take a screenshot and show it to your friends or your hairdresser (there is no save function).

    The application is free, there are no ads, the colour palette is freely accessible. Additionally there is a paid palette marked with an asterisk and activated through a purchase included in the application.


    This online service is considered one of the most popular ones today. It is accessible with a browser. No registration is required. Its main advantage is the large number of tools (functions) that allow you to change the color of your hair.

    Those who have worked with Photoshop and similar editors will easily be familiar with the tool's functionality. Just in case we provide the instructions

    How to change the hair color using Avatan

    1. Key on the start page click on "Edit", choose how to upload an image.
    2. If necessary the Flash Player should be activated manually.
    3. In the top line find the option "Deshadow".
    4. The list of sections appears and in this list find the option "Custom".
    5. Another list appears ("Plastic", "Leg Length", etc).
    6. Customize the colors you want either by using the palette presented or by using the preset templates provided by the service.
    7. To resize the brush you find a slider named like this and use it. The thickness of the brush will be increased or decreased.
    8. The item "Intensity" allows to set the transparency values, the brightness level - in the "Darken" item.
    9. After all the adjustments are done enter the working part of the editor and carry out the coloring procedure. On the toolbar we find the functions to move the surface of the image, to zoom in, to cancel an action.
    10. If the user re-selects the shades in the palette, the selected hair is recolored.
    11. For the correction we can use the eraser by clicking on the icon with its image. Its settings can be changed through "Brush Size".
    12. The Eraser allows to undo the previous hair color changes, restoring the original color scheme.
    13. The final result can be consolidated by clicking on the "Apply" button. The finished file can be saved on your computer, sent to a social network or sent by e-mail.

    For iOS and Android the Avatan App can be downloaded, it duplicates the functions of the online service.

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