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The default SMS sending application is present in every phone. If the limited capabilities of the basic software do not suit you, find a more functional alternative. Actually, we will consider popular SMS messengers for Android devices, which can be downloaded in paid or free edition. We have chosen the candidates based on the number of positive reviews and, of course, on the Google Play rating.

The reviewers :

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Textra SMS
  • GO SMS Pro
  • Signal
  • Mood Messenger

Facebook Messenger

A simple yet comfortable and well designed SMS messenger for Facebook communication.

The main functions of the application:

  • Send messages to Facebook from any device;
  • Emotions - you can send emojis, emoticons, funny stickers, gifs, which the program has a lot of;
  • Sharing videos and photos - you can share them in just a few clicks;
  • Communicate in group chats - ask questions, schedule meetings, etc.
  • Voice, video chat - also with group chat support;
  • Send money transfers - secure, convenient, fast;
  • Games with friends - entertainment choice is vast for every taste.

The app has shopping, but the standard design is enough for most users. The reviews are not bad, although there are delays in updates, small bugs in the standard functions.

Download Facebook Messenger

Textra SMS - Messaging application

The software is the leader amongst the SMS software by the number of downloads. It's compact, fast, attractive design and modern interface. Its motto is "Delicious": fast, pretty, free.

and indeed, the customization possibilities are very good:

  • Imponents for quick sending to choose;
  • prepared text templates on any theme. You can copy the text inside the box in a couple of clicks, very convenient if you are happy with standard text messages.
  • various lighting modes and styles (100+ material design-inspired themes). You can choose your favourite themes and colours by mixing them.
  • Fans of emotional messages will love the emoji collection.
  • Over a large image gallery.

All Textra functions are in fact free. You may pay to disable advertising - it is done only once. There is a helpdesk which quickly reacts to incoming requests.

Download Textra SMS


GO SMS Pro is another popular messenger application with more than 100 million downloads. The SMS messenger app is simple, straightforward, has an elaborate interface and allows you to make your messages more diverse. Stickers in different styles, beautiful design themes, clever message organization, pop-ups - the software has everything and more.

The main functionality of GO SMS Pro is free. These include:

  • huge selection of stickers and themes;
  • personal email with strong information security;
  • ability to pin correspondence at the top of the window;
  • form quick reply to messages;
  • support for a wide range of devices with a couple of SIM cards (number constantly increasing);
  • Smart filter, SMS blacklist;
  • GO chat - support for free group chat and other messages;
  • postponed sending;
  • automatic categorization of the messages from all unknown numbers.

Pro features paid separately are:

  • advertisements disabled;
  • email with extended functionality;
  • unlimited space for cloud hosting and storage of the mail copies (optional, selectable and configurable).

Feedback on GO SMS Pro is mostly good, although some bugs are reported by the developer. For example, users complain that there is no possibility to select a card to send messages if there are two (although it should be).

Download GO SMS Pro

Signal - program for sending sms

Private messenger for sending free sms on mobile devices. It creates all the conditions for private communication and simplifies the process of correspondence. You will be able to create groups for chatting in real time. Setting up your private chats is easy: just follow the prompts.

Features of the application:

  • Totally confidential user data: the servers do not have access to your data, no correspondence history is stored anywhere;
  • No additional logins or passwords are needed, the ones you already have on your phone (this means no need to create accounts);
  • Messaging with the group chats.

Signal is free, the reviews are very positive (although some users write that there is still a charge for the SMS messages).

Download Signal

Mood Messenger - Text Messenger

Mood Messenger is suitable to send text messages, SMS and MMS. Its main functions are free of charge, additional (paid) functions can be enabled in the application settings.

Messenger features:

  • SMS and MMS sending with different emoji (you can add them using just a few buttons)
  • Autoset emoji according to the context
  • Huge choice of themes (wallpaper, fonts, etc. can be modified.
  • Hotmail audio and video;
  • Insert GIFs with animations;
  • Calculates sender location, geotagging;
  • Dual SIM card support;
  • Private and encrypted communication mode.

Mood Messenger offers the most comfortable and emotionally personalised communication. The interface is clear and simple, the design is very well thought out. The feedback is very good, more than 5 million users have already downloaded it.

Download Mood Messenger

Mood Messenger

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