Kim Barloso

2022-10-28 is one of the largest torrent trackers in Russian language. Registered visitors can download free movies of different genres - local and foreign series, action movies, comedies, dramas, adventures, author content. Each client, before downloading, joins the tracker, gives the necessary information, and receives the addresses of the other participants, who are distributing or already downloading the file. They are called BitTorrent clients. You may download up to 100 /files per day.

The section "Author's Handout" allows you to download directly the material uploaded by the author or with his/her consent.

Film can be downloaded to any device such as computer, iPhone or iPad. And the conditions for free downloading are ideal, with the highest possible speed allowed by the internet and the hardware used.

The tracker participants note both the strengths and the weaknesses of the platform. The advantages:

  • - unique collection of movies of all genres,
  • - anti "trash" content,
  • - normal download speed,
  • - user forum,
  • - own knowledge base
  • - low advertising content.


  • - possibility to receive malicious content.

“Hello. My name is Kim. I discovered that technology, when used with a purpose, can be pretty amazing. To share the wonder of tech, I’ve written for blogs like and With over three years of freelance writing experience in the technology and entertainment niche, I can write a storm about a software app, a cool browser extension, a new mobile device and other geek-centric stuf... “

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Kim Barloso