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Searching for a person by photo on Instagram: instructions


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    Often we want to quickly find someone's page, social profile and still avoid the hassle of registering.

    Instagram is one of the most extensive information platforms, where a large flow of people flock every day. If you are suddenly interested in searching for a specific user, then this article is for you.

    Worth noting that to search for a person without registering on a smartphone, you must either register in the app or switch to the browser version of the Instagram client.

    Search in Instagram by user account name

    This method is suitable for those who already know the user nickname. In order to find a person on the Instagram site:

    1) Enter the appropriate nickname in the field. Click on the tab Accounts.

    2) The search will also propose answers similar to the query as a desired result. The official accounts of stars, clubs and other public services are marked with a blue circle sticker.

    3) If you need to see an image for a certain hashtag, then place a double cross in front of the search term (" #"). More information about this feature can be found below.


    In the address bar you enter the slash "/" after the site name, without spaces or spaces, and in the address bar after the slash character (/). The profile opens automatically.

    If you do not have a username, but some other data, a first name and a last name, then you should enter these in the search box, and a list of people matching the given description will be created. However it should be understood that this search method is suitable for public pages (communities), brands and people who have indicated their real names during registration.

    Hashtags and tagging search

    1. Geolocation. Most Instagram users leave place tags when posting their posts and stories. If you know the exact location where a user has made an entry, or the point on the map to which it is attached, in the search bar go to "Labels" and enter the location.

    2. The search results will show you all the entries attached to that location by filter, from the most popular to the least viewed.

    3. This method is good if the person you are searching for is well known - such an entry will have many reviews and hits, and will likely appear among the first in your search. Otherwise you might have to look through a dozen different search terms to find the page of a certain person.
    4. Search the photo published in the profile you are looking for. Requirement for this type of search is that the account must be public. If you have a photo published earlier by the given user on your computer or phone, you should choose "Search by picture" option in any popular search engine, upload the image and select from provided options the appropriate one. There are also special resources and sites dedicated to this search method.
    5. Instagram hashtags. Many people use tags on their pages so that their account is seen by as many people as possible. Such posts are posted to a single registry and offered to those who have posted an entry with similar tags. With knowledge such as the hashtags used by the person you are looking for, you can get a list of published posts with these marks.

    Instagram search by connected social networks

    This search method is suitable if you are registered on "VKontakte" or Facebook. Access the menu of the account, find the function "Settings" and synchronize your page with the requested social networks. This way, the user has the chance to become a subscriber of these users.

    A similar way is to search for the results by phone number.

    Search for people in Instagram by phone number

    Hey! This way only works if the phone number is in your address book contacts on your smartphone.

    In the "For subscriptions" line on Instagram, there is a subsection called "Contacts". Put the phone number of the person you're looking for in the list of phone numbers. Click on the line in the "Settings" menu and you will see the page.

    If you find the nickname of the person, you can find him on Instagram, without logging in to the system of this site. Searching without logging in can be difficult if this person is not in your phonebook or in your access to sync with your social networks.

    Twitnow: searching without logging in to Instagram

    Without signing in, you can also search without registering through online portals, where you can enter the desired search criteria. As a result, the selected posts and people matching the submitted query will be displayed in the bottom bar. One such portal is, for example, Twitnow, which allows you to get what you want in a matter of seconds with minimal effort. This service can be accessed via the following link: // or by using your browser search.

    I cannot find the person on Instagram: What to do

    Times it happens that you cannot find the desired person, despite the precise search query. The answer you seek just doesn't pop up on Instagram.


    1. As banal as it might sound, check carefully the name you entered. Maybe you have written something in capslock or enabled the English layout where it is not needed.
    2. If you are still correct and search refuses to provide answers, then probably your Instagram profile is blocked or deleted.

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