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The best weather apps and widgets for Android


You can't get away from the weather. For many of us, this ritual even starts the work day. Before going outdoors, you always need to know what to wear, what to expect from the weather. Today we'll take a look at the best weather widgets for Android, as well as apps that allow you to display weather information on the home screen of your Android smartphones and tablets.

Participants in the review:

  1. Gismeteo
  2. Yandex Weather
  3. GO Weather
  4. Transparent Clock and Weather
  5. Weather Russia XL PRO
  6. Weather from Weather Radar Forecast
  7. MeteoScope
  8. AccuWeather
  9. Widget Weather & Clock


The weather forecasting application Gismeteo is known by many people today. It is easy to use and very accurate in its forecasts. Conveniently, it allows you to view the weather for the next hours as well as for a few days ahead.

As far as the user interface is concerned, it is quite simple and easy to use:

  • You can either adjust the list of cities to forecast or use geolocation to precisely forecast where you are.
  • At the bottom of the screen you can choose between hourly or daily forecasts.
  • Everything else is optional through settings.

In addition to the temperature forecast, Gismeteo for Android also provides information on precipitation, geomagnetic situation, wind strength etc. The sunrise and sunset information is also available on the screen.

It is very important that this application has a built-in widget for your home screen. Therefore, it is possible to follow the weather on your Android screen without going to the application itself. Gismeteo widget can be optionally adjusted to your individual requirements: select the city, time of the forecast, precipitation information.

Download Gismeteo for Android

Yandex.Weather (Android Weather)

Yandex.Weather is a convenient application to follow the current forecast for today and upcoming days. This program works with special Meteum technology - it is an individual forecast of weather conditions with the accuracy of calculation up to your house.

In addition to this Yandex.Weather is ready to offer you the following functionality for Android devices:

  • The forecast for the current day or for the whole week is displayed with individual geolocation - city, district, house address.
  • It is possible to enable alerts on sudden changes in weather. In this case the user will receive a pop-up notification in case of a sudden cold spell, heavy rain or other weather situations.
  • Each application user can send to Yandex clarifying information about the weather in their region. This will help the developers to provide even more accurate data.

It is clear that Yandex.Weather is a very powerful application in terms of its functionality. The user is offered a lot of additional settings and possibilities to optimize it for his requirements.

It is the easiest and most convenient to install a separate widget. Widgets are currently available for the notification panel as well as the home screen. This will display an abbreviated version of the current weather in the selected city or region. You can set a widget to display information for the next hours or days - try it the way you feel most comfortable.

GO Weather

The "GO Weather & Widgets" application is a well-recognized mobile weather forecast app and one of the best today.

The developers put the emphasis on a bright design and full adaptation of the application for any smartphone with a different screen diagonal. If we talk about using the widget on the desktop, the following sizes are available: 2* 1, 4* 1, 4* 2, 5* 1, 5* 2. This allows you to select the best location for the application on your home screen.

Where the weather is directly displayed in the application itself the live wallpaper is used. This looks bright and individual and also allows a quicker perception of the current weather forecast. The design themes are also available via the app settings.

Now let's talk about the technical side of this app. What does it offer the average user?

  • Fast access to the latest weather forecast on the widget and possibility to set the alarm clock.
  • Days and hours forecast.
  • Access to extended forecast information: humidity, rainfall, visibility, wind speed etc.
  • Wind forecast for the coming hours.

In fact the "GO Weather & Widget" application offers more than 100 beautiful themes.

Transparent clock & weather

Transparent clock & weather (developed by Machapp Software Ltd) has been downloaded more than 50 million times from Google Play. It is an application with an interesting design and great functionality. It is suitable for smartphones and tablets with Android version 4.0 and higher.

Setup of the application is quite easy - it selects the town to display the updated forecast by geolocation. Additional points on the map can be added optionally through the settings.

The application has a nice semi-transparent design with live wallpaper. Additionally customizable widgets for the home screen. They can be completely individual in size (2x1, 4x1, 4x2, 4x3 and 5x2). Their appearance and position are the responsibility of the individual user.

In addition to this the "transparent clock and weather" application is able to:

  • Fit the hourly weather forecast as well as the forecast of the weather conditions for the coming week.
  • Select application design themes and widget covers.
  • Information about humidity, precipitation, wind speed, UV index, etc.
  • Monthly moon phase calendar and current moon information.

The application is free and available for download from Google Play. For an additional fee, you can disable the display of ads in the application.

Pogoda Russia XL PRO

Today we will look at the application "Weather Russia XL PRO". At the moment this application has more than 10 million downloads and it is being constantly updated.

This program is primarily adapted to the weather conditions in Russia - tens of thousands of Russian cities are available. The application automatically detects your location (has geolocation) and offers a forecast for the current region. Optionally, you will be able to add other cities and regularly update the data for them.

Greatly realized graphic component - the live wallpaper and animation are used. You have the ability to select the widget design to best adapt it to your device.

In "Weather Russia XL PRO" you will find the following:

  • Accurate forecast for the next 10 days with a report by the hour.
  • In addition to temperature, it displays data on precipitation, wind speed, pressure, humidity etc.
  • The application is regularly updated by the developers and optimized for new devices.

The application "Weather Russia XL PRO" can be praised for its ease of use and extensive functionality. It accurately displays the weather, has a great look and it does not really need much more.

Weather by Weather Radar Forecast

For example, "Weather - Weather" can be found in the free Google Play store. It is a simple and easy to use program to monitor the current weather. The user will be able to view the current temperature outside his window, the forecast for the coming hours and days as well as an extended weather data.

Information can be obtained either from the application itself or via the installed weather widget for Android. The developers have provided several design and layout options for their widgets. Users can choose the one that suits them to a greater extent and looks good on the screen of Android-device. By the way, the information that is displayed on android widgets can be flexibly configured through the settings.

The application itself can offer users the following:

  • Access to radar maps. These display temperature, wind speed, pressure and other weather data.
  • The weather for the moment, for this day (by hours) as well as for the coming week.
  • All weather alerts for extreme weather phenomena can be configured independently to display on the screen.

All weather information in the city can be customized. The data update is automatic and displayed through the application and widget.

MeteoScope-Precise Weather

The weather is shown on the phone screen for a couple of weeks ahead and for each day by the hour. The data is updated all the time, the interface is simple and intuitive.

All the functions:

  1. Full weather information with notification possibility, data configuration.
  2. The Russian language is available.
  3. All the CIS countries, location base, cities are very accurate.
  4. Widget is available, you can choose colors. The users write that the lines look on top of each other in the widget.
  5. No annoying advertising.

AccuWeather provides the weather tracker, weather reports and maps

AccuWeather provides the weather tracker, maps, reports. With the application you will be aware of local weather, temperature conditions, no matter where exactly you are. Features:

  1. Live Weather real time forecast, all climatic indicators including UV intensity, possibility to customize notifications.

  2. Russian interface.

  3. Broad geographical coverage.

  4. A user-friendly widget that displays the weather on your phone screen.

  5. Significant advertisement.


Download AccuWeather

Weather & Clock widget

This multifunction widget will make your tablet or phone even more comfortable. They display the weather, moon phases, date, time, calendar events, and other important values. The latest forecasts are provided for up to 10 days.


  1. Accurate instantaneous localization, notifications, multiple forecast providers, all parameters.
  2. Russian language interface.
  3. All locations by country.
  4. Classic widgets.
  5. Minimum advertising.

Accuracy is normal, but updates sometimes freezes. In general not a bad option to get fresh and relevant forecasts for all major parameters.

Download widget

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