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The microphone does not work in Windows 10 after an update: How to enable it


One of the most frustrating technical problems after installing Windows: the microphone does not work. Users complain that the sound doesn't work in instant messengers Skype, Viber, sound recording programs...

Which microphone settings should I check first to fix the sound? Is it a problem with the drivers of your sound card? You will learn how to do so in this guide. It is applicable to Windows 10 and earlier OS versions. If you are too lazy to read it, just watch the solution video.

Contents :

    After reinstalling or upgrading the OS (Windows 10) your settings have changed

    Microphone issue: after upgrading from Windows 7, 8 or higher you have performed a "clean" installation and the microphone is not recognized or does not work properly.

    Often this "bug" is caused by the fact that the latest version of Windows 10 has integrated new privacy settings. Because of this, the system simply blocks access to the recording devices. This is strange, but a fact. If you use sound recording software or use a microphone to communicate in messengers, you first need to review your privacy settings.

    Video tutorial

    How to fix the microphone in Windows 10:

    1. Go to Windows Settings (right click on Start > Preferences).

    2. In the search bar open the section Privacy settings for microphone.

    3. The option "Allow applications to access the Microphone" must be activated (Slide the slider to the right to do this).

    4. If necessary you may manually configure the microphone access for each application (make sure to check this list if the application you use is present).

    5. Check also that "Microphone access from this device is enabled" is displayed.
    6. If not, click on Edit and activate the respective setting.

    7. After applying the changes check if the Microphone works on the system and in the programs.
    8. If this does not help then reboot the OS and test the recorder again.
    9. The fix does not help? Next

    Fixing the microphone via the utility "Device Manager"

    The next case is when the microphone as a device is not detected in the Device Manager or is detected with an error. This is due to incorrectly installed drivers of the audio hardware.

    To resolve the microphone error

    1. Go to the Device Manager (context menu item with the same name under the "Start" button).

    2. Locate the "Audio Inputs and Audio Outputs" section and double click on it.
    3. Make sure that a microphone or sound card is displayed.

    4. If the device is not detected, reinstall the drivers.
    5. If the Audio Card is displayed with a question mark then uninstall the conflicting driver using the context menu (item "Delete device").

    6. Reinstall the driver (in Auto mode this can be done through the menu "Action - "Update Hardware Configuration").
    7. Reboot the system.
    8. If this method does not help, try to install the drivers by downloading them from the manufacturer's official web site (Realtek, Creative etc.)
    9. If the sound is integrated on the motherboard make sure the drivers installed are up to date and do not conflict with Windows.
    Help: Best Software to Update Your Drivers

    Check your microphone connection

    Often Skype does not see your microphone because there is no microphone-to-computer connection. You may have plugged the device into the wrong jack. Therefore messenger does not recognize your microphone as a physical device.

    Please take the time to read the little brochure which comes with the microphone (usually in the box when you buy it). This will tell you how to correctly connect the microphone to your computer. Usually the microphone is plugged into the computer's usb port, or into a line-in jack on the back or front (depending on the chassis design).

    If the microphone is connected properly, check the connection with the Windows system mixer. One of the symptoms as to why the microphone does not work in Skype may be that there is no signal from the sound card to the system mixer.

    How to fix this issue? Right click on the Speakers icon in the System Tray - Recording Devices (or the Recording tab in the Sound window).

    2. Check the Microphone status.

    3. If you still cannot connect to the PC and/or the sound does not work, please check if you need drivers to operate the Microphone. Did a CD-ROM come with the microphone? Google the name of the microphone and add "drivers" to this query.

    Microphone not working in Windows 10: How to fix it

    Check the microphone settings

    One of the bugs is that the sound settings in Skype are not optimal. Let's see how to set the microphone to work:

    1. Log into Skype. "Tools - Settings". The "Sound Settings" tab.
    2. Make sure that the device connected to your computer is selected next to the "Microphone" option.
    3. Change the volume to a normal level. To do this, say something in a calm voice into the microphone and verify that the volume bar moves to the end of the bar without fading to red.
    4. If you wish, you may activate the option "Enable automatic microphone adjustment" in order for Skype to adjust the volume at its own discretion.

    What to do if you cannot hear the other party

    In this same section of the settings, check that the playback device is correctly set. If you cannot hear the person you are intercomed with, this may be due to improper audio output from Skype. For example, you have speakers in your headphones, but the output is being delivered through your desktop speakers, which you have switched off. Select the device and adjust the volume.

    If this technique does not help, send the other party a link to this article, or instruct them on how to adjust the sound.

    Get a good microphone or headset for Skype communication

    The quality of Skype communication depends on the acoustic properties of the microphone. Sometimes communication problems are due to a low quality microphone, resulting in interference, very low sound quality, or no microphone at all

    For comfortable internet communication a pair is recommended: Not the cheapest microphone and headphones or speakers. The Internet is full of microphone reviews and instructions on how to choose a microphone. You should listen to advice from podcasters who work closely with sound. You may consider buying a more or less headset priced from 90-100$.

    Headset is a combination of microphone and headphones. Often even in inexpensive headphones manufacturers build in a microphone.

    But the best microphones for Skype are not professional, but just comfortable. Here it really doesn't matter how cool the sound characteristics are, it's the ease of connection that counts. The technology will only partially improve the sound quality. A cool microphone would require a mixer and phantom power, and that's extra cost and extra worry.

    Download the latest version of Skype for phone/PC

    If after all the manipulation still the microphone does not work in the Skype app, update the app by downloading the latest version of Skype for computer or phone (tablet). The same rule applies for your chatmate: ask him to install the latest Skype version.

    Swap to an analogue

    Most likely the most unpopular solution to the microphone problem is to change your messenger. Thankfully, there are dozens of analogues. Remember however that changing your communication software does not always prevent you from having microphone problems.

    Similar Skype programs

    Mike does not work anyway: what to do?

    If none of these solutions have helped you, please ask your question to us through the contact form. Please describe the problem in details, specify the model of the microphone and the version of the program you use. We will do our best to reply.

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