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The Shazam music search and track recognition app


Shazam is a real find for music lovers who want to keep track of new music, regularly add new tracks to their playlist and be in tune with their favorite artists. More than 100 million users have already appreciated the application's features. Shazam recognizes music, finds lyrics, shows video clips, tracks that friends and even celebrities are searching for.

Functions Shazam

The application is well thought out and offers users several useful functions, among which are:

  • Music Recognition. This is the main function of the application that is most in demand among users. It consists in recording a fragment of a song and getting its title and the name of the artist. To achieve this, Shazam has its own base of music tracks, which already contains more than 11 million tracks and is constantly being replenished with new ones.
  • Interaction with social networks. The app allows you to log in through Facebook, allowing you to share tracks you like with your friends as well as track songs that other people are searching through Shazam.
  • Search for popular tracks. With Shazam, one can find the most listened to songs at the moment by selecting any country on the map. In addition, users have the ability to search for the most popular songs in a particular music genre.

How to use the Shazam application

For Shazam to work correctly, the latest version of the application must be installed on a mobile phone.

To recognise a music track

  1. Internet connection,
  2. Log in to the application (link below),
  3. Support the phone as close as possible to the sound source,
  4. A few seconds later the system analises the database and provides the user with the artist and song title,
  5. If one cannot connect to the Internet at the moment, an audio clip can be stored and the track recognition is possible later.

Where to download the mobile version of Shazam

Mobile users can download Shazam from Google Play. There is always the latest version available, a detailed description as well as user reviews. In addition there are quite a few sites on the Internet that offer to download the Shazam application for free and without registration.

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