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Turning on the flash on an incoming call


Missing important calls, can't hear the vibrate? Flash on Call makes notifications on your phone more visible by flashing and notifying you when an SMS arrives or when a call comes in. So you won't miss anything!

Basic advantages of Flash on Call:

  • Flash on Call and SMS (on received incoming message)
  • Simple interface, one click on Flash on Call
  • Flash on Call is available for download in Russian

Let us explain how to set your Flash on Call. The model of your phone does not matter - as long as it is an Android device.

1. Download Flash on Call app

First of all, download flash on call, here is the link to download the apk file. Install Flash on Call like any other android app, setting all necessary permissions during installation.

2. Flash on Call Activation

To activate the flickering flash on call, go to Flash on Call settings. To do this, simply launch the application from the home screen.

Flash on Call: App Settings

Choose the necessary options to put the flash on call. Here are the priority options of the app:

1. Flash On/Off

  • Flash on call
  • Attend a new text message

Slide the slider to the right to put the flashlight on or off to disable the flash.

2. Number of flashes

Interval of the flash when the phone flashes when you are incoming (adjustment of the flash frequency). If necessary, you can test the flash by pressing the Test key

3. Additional options

There is also a mode to temporarily disable the flash alert when a call comes in and a smart way to silently or vibration disable the flashlight flicker to save battery power.

It is not only possible to enable the Android flash on incoming calls but also flexible to control the flashing of the flashlight on a call - depending on the current phone status (Silent, Vibrate, etc.)

Prefer to try similar flash applications

1. Flash On Call: Flashing Alerts & Notifications is an application for flash notifications activation. Allows you to set up both sms/mms and voice calls. The flashlight uses the battery slightly, as it uses battery saving algorithms.

2. Flash Alerts 2 is another "notifier" and flashlight on call, with the possibility of notifications in the status bar. The alarm modes are set depending on the current state of the phone (Vibro, Silent). For other functions the application is similar to the above mentioned ones.

Review of flashlights on the ringer

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