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Video Repair tool: functions, features, instructions


Video Repair Tool is a powerful utility for repairing damaged video /files. For the successful recovery of clips that fail to play (or turn on without sound) it is advisable to use a sample: a video recorded on the same device. If there is no possibility to get a sample, no problem - you can try to do without it.

Demo version of Video Repair tool is posted on the developer's site for free download, but with its help you can recover only half of the damaged file. An unlimited license for the full version costs 99€. Repair 5 broken videos can be done for 29€.

Video Repair tool recovers corrupted video from cameras, action cams, smartphones, cameras and digitized analog media in .mov, .mp4, m4v, or .3gp formats. It helps you if you are missing audio or video, movie freezes or has an error.

How to recover a damaged video in the Windows version of the Video Repair tool:

  1. Click the 'Choose movie...' button and select the movie you want to repair in the file manager that opens.

  2. Click 'Choose reference movie' to load a reference movie shot using the same camera settings. If you do not have one you should select something as suitable as possible from your archives.

  3. Press 'Scan' to start the recovery process.

  4. ListBox to preview the recovered clip and save it to the USB stick.

Not always the desired quality of the recovered clip is obtained the first time. In case you encounter problems with the picture or the sound during the preview, try to select in the settings:

  • 'Overwrite existing codec information by reference file' - to copy codec information from the sample;

  • 'Enable AVC1 single mode' - to use an alternative method of image restoration;

  • 'No CTTS repair' - to eliminate interruptions and jumps during playback;

  • 'Enable AAC detection' (for AAC audio) or 'Enable PCM audio' (for PCM audio) - to recover the audio track lost during processing.

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