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VKD - useful extension for downloading music from VKontakte


One of the most convenient ways to download audio tracks is through the social VKontakte. However, every year the creators of the service complicate the ways of downloading music.

For this purpose it is quite convenient to use browser extensions. There are not many of them, but they exist for Firefox, Opera and Chrome.

The VKD extension will help you download the VKD music for free. An additional bonus is the download of VKontakte videos and original photos to your computer.

How to download music from VKD via Chrome browser extension

To download audio from VKD, follow the steps:

  1. Download this extension through the Chrome Web Store. (Add to Chrome button).

  2. Check on the Chrome Extensions page if VKD is activated. If not, move the slider to the right.

  3. VKD will add a download button next to the track name in the VKontakte music list (whether this is your profile page or a theme group). Go to any audio list and check if the download button is displayed in your browser. If not, one of two things:

    1. Have to update the plugin (remove and reinstall it)

    2. reboot your browser and check if the plugin is installed

  4. Download music from by clicking the "Download" button (the characteristic down arrow icon). The maximum bitrate is displayed next to the song name. It allows you to estimate the quality of the music track before saving. 320 is good, 128 is average, anything lower than that is not suitable for listening.

The main advantages of the VKD plugin are that it does not display any ads, does not contain any extra functions, not related to VK content download. The extension allows you to download music from VKD using the "Chrome" browser, nothing more is required. On the VKD website the link does not work yet, therefore we suggest you download a similar extension for Chrome instead.

You will also find other free extensions for downloading music from VKD on the Google Chrome page. Alas, often useful browser extensions are deleted. Therefore, if the extension you are looking for does not work, please try to find a replacement on your own by clicking on the link provided.

If the extension does not work.

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