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VKontakte does not play music - how to fix the error


Main reasons :

    Social network VKontakte has many advantages, among which the search for all kinds of music stands out. Not every site offers such an assemblage of tracks. However, not infrequently the users have a problem: the music does not play in VK.

    There are many reasons for the lack of sound when playing tracks on the site. Sometimes VKontakte crashes due to a broken connection with the server. All you have to do is wait for the connection to work again. Most of the problems when the VKontakte music does not play comes from the user. Let us systematize the common mistakes in this guide.

    The phone is infected with viruses

    It goes without saying that viruses may disrupt the operation of the VKontakte player. In this case you should:

    1. Check your phone for viruses with one of the mobile antiviruses. For this purpose Dr Web or Malwarebytes for Android will do.
    2. If any unsafe software, adware, viruses are detected then these should be moved to Quarantine and afterwards deleted completely.
    3. Reboot the device.

    Misconfigured antivirus

    If you still cannot play VKontakte music, you may suspect that your antivirus or firewall is the problem. Often the embedded web screen is blocking the operation of the website. In this case you should:

    1. Go to Firewall settings (antivirus) and temporarily disable it.
    2. If the sound in the section " Audio recordings " of VK is working, then you should add the VKontakte website to the list of firewall exceptions, as a mask ** .
    3. It would not hurt to update the installed antivirus to the latest version.
    4. In a pinch, you can remove the antivirus that conflicts with VKontakte from the mobile device.

    If the problem is solved, you can continue to enjoy the tracks. However it is dangerous to keep the antivirus disabled since there is a risk of worm infection.

    Often users complain about disruptions caused by Kaspersky Anti-Virus. It is recommended to Change their antivirus in the first place to something else like Malwarebytes.

    Changing http to https in VK address

    The problem is not entirely correct spelling of the address before "".

    Most of the Internet resources have long since switched to the https protocol and VK is no exception. When using http there can be failures. This is why, in particular, the music in VK may not play on your computer.

    The fix for this problem is very simple. Instead of http, type https in the address bar. This will come up to //

    flash-player problems

    If you access your social network using your browser, you need components in your computer to play any multimedia /files. Usually a flash player, freely available from Adobe.

    To fix this issue:

    1. Install the Flash player from the official website or here.
    2. Update the player to the latest version.
    3. Reboot The browser.

    Reboot is required otherwise changes will not take effect.

    In addition the Adobe Flash plugin may be blocked in the Chrome desktop version. Read here how to fix it.

    Cache or browser problems

    In rare cases, the cache may prevent the player from working in VK. In this case you should:

    1. Go to Browser Settings ;
    2. Select the Clear History item "Cookies" and "Files saved in cache".
    3. Set the interval " All time ".
    4. Click " Clear ".
    5. After this you should visit the website again and try to launch the music.
    Help info: Cleaning the cache on your Android

    Also keep in mind that some Chrome extensions slow down the music download. This can be a VPN, which significantly reduces the speed, or it can be a variety of ad blockers or flash applications.

    So if you do not have problems playing the music (on your computer), it is worth checking the active Chrome extensions, disabling them one by one.

    Internet connection is poor

    In this case, try switching from Wi-Fi to mobile internet. not working

    • Sometimes the VKontakte website is under maintenance.
    • In addition, problems with your internet connection may be on your provider's side.
    • In some situations VKontakte is blocked at the country level, which happens when the situation in the country is unstable.
    • The website does not open due to a browser error.
    Совет. What to do if VKontakte is blocked? Use a good quality VPN service.

    VKontakte outdated version

    If you can't play music in VKontakte application, but it works with other applications and in the browser, the reason may lie in the outdated version of the application. Here, you just need to update it to the latest version through Google Play.

    Many users hesitated to update because of the lack of music section in it. But now this problem has been solved and everything works perfectly.

    Broken or incompatible file

    This is a very common problem with smartphones.

    Try to validate if your track is working and play it on your PC. If it does not play there either, then the problem is in the file itself and it is faulty. If the file is incompatible (i.e. the format is not supported by the device) then it is simply necessary to install a third party player via Goggle Play on the smartphone.

    Nomedia and long titles

    Sometimes the problem may lie in the file settings and it may occur without your knowledge. The .nomedia file is designed to hide all unnecessary media /files from the gallery and ringtones lists. In this case:

    1. Here you should find this file in the list of ringtones or music tracks.
    2. Remove it from the phone.
    3. Try to play music in VK again.

    On Android the music often does not play in VK because the track names are too long. Usual limitation for this kind of media is 10-12 characters. Therefore you should simply rename the track and enjoy your music from there.

    System reset

    The last fix for this problem is the system rollback (hard reset). This allows to quickly resolve Android software issues while restoring the phone to its original state with untouched firmware

    More important to know! This solution will also affect other applications present on Android. All user information in the device, including logins and passwords, will be deleted.

    On Android smartphones a hard reset is performed using the Settings:

    1. Go to Settings >Restore &Reset .
    2. Select " Reset Settings " (may also look as "Master Reset", "Factory Reset", etc.).
    3. Confirm the operation.
    4. Install the VKontakte application again.

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