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Ways to restore an old phone number


The situation where you can't remember your old cell phone number is so frequent that it's time to create a special service where you can get it for a fee. But this is not such a big problem and there are several working and easy ways to solve it:

Get your number from a friend

You probably bought your phone to call someone or to receive calls. So friends, co-workers or relatives have your current number and may have an old phone number stored - you just need to find it out and write it down in your smartphone's memory.

Super Backup Pro

Here you go, use "Super Backup Pro" software to restore your entire history with your old phone number.


  1. SMS messages - they may store your old phone number if you communicated it to someone in this way;

  2. All your contacts - friends from your contacts may have your old number stored;

  3. History of all your calls showing current or old phone number;

  4. Recover your notes, bookmarks, calendars and your other activities - these too may have your number stored in them;

  5. Recover games and applications. In these you may have indicated your data when logging in, your old phone number included.

Techniques for restoring all your data:

  1. Install the application - to do this, download it from Google Play and start the application;

  2. After you have started the application you will see a window with the suggested solutions. select "Backup" then navigate to "Call backup";

  3. In the new window you will see the path to save the calls;

  4. Click "OK".

When the backup is completed navigate to this address and look for your old phone number. In the same way the data in the phonebook are rolled back.

How to restore the SMS messages - these too may contain the current or the old phone number:

  1. Go to "Backup";

  2. Select "Backup SMS" and accept the selection;

  3. In the new window you will see the path to save the recovered calls program;

  4. Press "OK".

In order not to lose any more of your data, the program offers to send restored and saved copies of your data to yours or to a trusted e-mail address.

Reserving your Google Account

You may restore your number if you have recorded it on your phone and then accidentally erased it, by a backup in your Google Account. Google backs up your data from your phone automatically as soon as you've activated your account after you've started your phone and enabled the option in Settings - Restore & Reset - Backup Data. There you will also find your Google Account which you can modify, e.g. select your old phone number.

Phone number

Some mobile gadgets have a built-in feature to display the cell phone number of the owner but you might not know it. To see your number:

  1. In iPhone: "Settings" - "Phone" - "My number".

  2. In iPad: "Settings" - "Main" - "Cellular data number".

  3. In Android the phone number digits are manually entered in "Menu" - "Settings" - "Phone details" - "Status" - "My phone number", so if you have not saved it, you cannot restore it.


If you have saved the old Contract, the old telephone number may be indicated on the Contract Form, on the SIM card packaging or in the Detailed Bill of Sale provided when purchasing the SIM card.

Clear the number from the operator

You know exactly who your mobile operator is, it may help you to recall your forgotten telephone number. Different mobile operators do not have a common feature, therefore each one provides its own set of features using short numbers with answering machine voice prompts.

Mobile operator Beeline:

  1. Enter the code * 110* 10 # and obtain the prompt;

  2. Call the number 067410 and follow the robot instructions.

Mobile operator Megafon:

  1. Enter the code * 205 # and obtain the clue;

  2. Call 0500 and speak to a live operator, not a robot.

Mobile operator MTS:

  1. Call the number 0887 to obtain the live help;

  2. Enter the code * 111* 0887 # and obtain the hint.

Mobile operator Tele2:

  1. Enter the code * 201 # and follow the instructions of the robot;

  2. Call the number 611 and ask the operator to solve your problem.

Mobile Service Centers are available around the clock.

There is another method to obtain your phone number:

  1. Here you go, find the documents of your SIM-card agreement at home - the new number of your phone or smartphone is indicated there;

  2. If you still have the plastic SIM card slot, your number is indicated on it too - near the PIN.

Personal account of the mobile operator:

  1. Log in to your account on the website of your mobile operator;

  2. Personal account - you have all the information about your telephone number, SIM card, PIN codes, etc. available there.

Check the payment accounts of all on-line shops where you have made purchases. When you purchase from an IM, you necessarily enter either an e-mail address or a phone number and this data is stored in the database of the service;
  • Check the same information in internet banking if you have made purchases by credit cards.

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