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Websites for watching and downloading 3D movies for VR


Watching movies in 3d format in a virtual reality helmet allows you to ensure maximum immersion in what's happening on the screen. All you need to do is choose a suitable movie in 3D format, download it to your smartphone and run it through the virtual reality helmet. To simplify the process of finding movies in the appropriate video format on special services, you can install the AAA VR Cinema Cardboard 3D SBS application on your phone. It allows you to simply download 3D movies and further adjustments to VR helmets are made through the in-app settings.

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    Films in 3D format for virtual reality helmets are quite heavy. If your smartphone does not have enough internal memory, simply increase it by using a memory card or a flash drive connected via OTG cable.

    Another tip - watch movies with your helmet and headphones on, so you get the maximum immersion in cinematic reality.

    To view movies in virtual reality in 3D you will need:

    • a smartphone with a gyroscope;
    • special gadget software (unless you are going to watch already made movies online);
    • a downloaded video file.

    Popular services with 3D VR movies

    There are several services where you can download movies for watching in 3d glasses. For AAA VR Cinema Cardboard 3D SBS (available as a free download from Google Play), just type the name of the film with VR prefix into the search box.

    IVI: Watching 3D legally

    With Russia's biggest online cinema, IVI, you can find a selection of movies that are in 3d format.

    What's convenient is that filters are available by genre, release year, and rating. There are free movies and those available only by subscription. If you look closely, there aren't many movies in the collection. However, that said, all of them are available legally.

    In addition to the movie itself you can check out the movie description, trailer, release details and other users' reviews. Depending on the available qualities, you would like to know if it is supported in 3d.

    List of supported devices can be found in the footer. The supported devices are: Android, iPhone/iPad/iPod, Samsung Smart TV, Apple TV etc.

    Either way, you will need a mobile app to watch movies in 3d via this site. If you use the browser-based version via PC, you do not need to download it accordingly.

    Download the Ivi

    Rutracker is a Russian language forum that provides a huge amount of /files that you can download through the forum.

    To download movies for 3d glasses you need:

    1. Go to the service. You can download sites via magnet-link (there may be restrictions on the /files available, you do not need to register on the service) or you can register on the website to access all the video /files available.
    2. Download the uTorrent program on your computer or phone;
    3. Go to // to access your entire collection of 3D movies or use the search box (remember to add "3D" to the movie title).
    4. Download the torrent file and download the full movie to your device.

    Benefits of this service:

    • Thousands of 3D movie collection (from classics to new releases);
    • Free access to most /files without registration.

    Watch 3D movies at OKKO

    OKKO is the Russian-speaking service allowing you to watch 3D movies for virtual reality glasses without the need to download additional software or the video file itself online.

    To enjoy the total immersion in another reality and watch 3D movies:

    1. Go to the official website of the service at;
    2. Choose the section "3D movies" in the catalog and then choose the genre of the desired movie;
    3. Start the video after watching commercials.

    Films can be sorted by rating and release date. Examples of movies for VR glasses: The Lion King, Toy Story, Godzilla, The Avengers and more - just a few hundred choices.

    Not many videos are available for 3D viewing, you will have to purchase VIP access to access the full collection. This status also provides access to the following features:

    By the way, the cost of subscription to OKKO is not so high - from 199 rubles for the minimum rate. There is a free two week test viewing period.

    Benefits of OKKO:

    • No need to download /files and install any third-party software.
    • Browse films without advertising;
    • Videos in high definition;
    • Access to latest movies.


    • Most videos are only available after purchasing VIP status.
    • Cannot download movies for vr glasses directly to device.

    Download the OKKO application


    The service offers a quite large number of 3D movies to choose from among which are cinematic novelties, one thing is that to watch it you need either a 3D TV with special glasses or you have to download the movie to your device and run it through the above mentioned application. To download movies in 3d format, you can't do without a subscription. However, new releases of cinema are not available for download even if you have an active subscription.

    The minimum subscription price is approximately 400 roubles per month. is a website with a database of online films in VR format. In order to use this service you should:

    1. Go to the official site;
    2. Choose a suitable film on the home page or using the search box;
    3. Launch the video in full screen mode after watching commercials;
    4. Insert your smartphone into the virtual reality glasses.

    Benefits of the service:

    • No paid subscription required.


    • Most of the movies are removed from the site following requests from copyright holders. is a service with a large collection of the best 3d movies and is constantly updated with new releases. Among the usual formats there are also 3-D movies that you can watch with 3d glasses.

    To view these films you should:

    1. Go to the section with the 3D movies.
    2. Select the desired video and click on the title.
    3. To open a page with a player for viewing.
    4. Watch the movie for one minute, right click on the player and select the option "Save as..." in the menu that appears.

    Download the file to your smartphone and convert it to the understandable format with the AAA VR Cinema Cardboard 3D SBS application. In the settings of the program you can set the camera movement mode when your head moves, if you just want to watch the movie, deactivate this mode.

    Sites for watching videos online and downloading /files quite a lot, with all other third-party services not included in the description, you work at your own risk.

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