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What should I do if my phone doesn't turn on? The main causes of Lenovo / HTC / Samsung malfunction


This guide will be extremely useful for owners of phones, whose device one day "gave up", that is, stopped to turn on. After having read this guide, you will not only learn how to diagnose your mobile device but also how to plan your actions in case the phone does not turn on due to mechanical impact or software failure.

Content :

  1. Battery failed
  2. Phone does not work
  3. Android software failed
  4. Do Hard Reset
  5. Mechanical action (breakage)
  6. Reboot phone
  7. The reason for the failure is unknown
  8. Nothing helps - what to do?
  9. Here is the question

Change phone battery

Let us start our review with the most obvious reason: The phone battery is completely dead or defective.

So the battery cannot be charged to even the minimum operating level to initially start the smartphone.

The problem could be solved as follows:

  • order a new battery on ebay (cheaper but you have to wait);
  • go to the market and buy a new battery (faster but a bit more expensive),
  • if the battery of the phone cannot be removed - contact the service center of the device manufacturer.

A related malfunction is a damaged charger or power socket on the Lenovo / HTC / Samsung phone. You can check the malfunction visually: it is enough to determine by eye that the charger does not work. If the charger lamp is not illuminated the power cord may be defective.

To resolve the issue please refer to the manual: What to do if the battery is not charging or has failed.

Battery charging

The common reason that the phone will not recharge is the battery is totally discharged. Sometimes you might not even notice it. In this case proceed as follows:

  1. First of all just try to charge the device. If the phone is discharged and does not turn on, you may be able to recharge the battery in the usual way.
  2. Is it not working? It could be a problem with the adapter you're using or the outlet you're using. Try it again, see if the battery charges properly in this case.
  3. If you have a battery charging adapter that bypasses the Smartphone, then please use it. If you don't have one, you can make one yourself from an old and unwanted adapter. Disconnect it from the power, cut off the plug and strip the wires. Afterwards attach these wires to the battery with tape (do not reverse polarity, otherwise you might damage the battery!).
  4. It happens sometimes that the battery is not properly connected to the contacts, hence the charging does not go and the phone cannot receive the necessary power. In this case you need to do the following: Take a small screwdriver or tweezers and turn the contacts so as to make them fit tightly into the battery. It is however very important not to overdo it, since otherwise you might damage them.
  5. At last it is possible that the charging slot has simply become fouled. E.g. lint from clothing or crumbs from your pocket. Clean it very carefully using a needle.

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The phone powers on but does not boot (Software Failure)

It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between a hardware and a software failure. To understand that the phone powers on it is enough to see that the LED on the boot screen lights up - the phone therefore shows some warning signs.

Rarely is the matrix faulty, such a fault is usually caused by a software error. Among the precursors for such errors is the installation of incompatible software, applications from unreliable sources, add-ons, resulting in the Android not turning on. In other words, non-compliance with some conditional hygiene for the mobile device leads to unpleasant consequences, up to the phone failure.

What to do with a broken phone? The options are few:

  • completely reset the phone (hard reset) through the recovery menu;
  • flashing the phone.

The indicated ways to reanimate the phone are quite efficient in the case when the Android OS cannot turn on but they lead to the loss of the data on the internal memory of the mobile device. Data can be particularly valuable - contacts in the phonebook, sms, applications, text notes and other information. Some data, however, may be recoverable if you've previously synchronized your phone with your Google Account using the standard Android tools.

More important to know . In order not to clutter your Android phone with unnecessary, "rubbish" applications, carry out regular maintenance - at least once a month or two, clean it from unnecessary software and useless /files, duplicates occupying the space of your phone internal memory. For this purpose the following applies:

  • System section "Settings-Applications";
  • Any third party uninstaller;
  • Android Debris Remover software such as CleanMaster.

Maintain your mobile OS clean and then the chances that an application downloaded from Google Play will cause an Android OS failure will decrease in a direct proportion. After all, as already mentioned, very often Android does not turn on (OS does not load) precisely because of "cluttering".

Factory Reset

Sometimes the problem is purely software based. In this case the easiest way is to reset the phone to factory settings. You will lose all the data on it, but all contacts, messages and more can be recovered from your Google account if you have previously enabled syncing on the phone. The information on your memory card, if your phone supports it, will be preserved (and this is usually where you store your photos, audio, and video).

Resetting is done differently for each phone model. First you have to enter a special restore service menu. It is accessed by means of one of the following key combinations:

  • lock button+volume "more";
  • lock button+volume "less";
  • lock button+volume "more "+volume "less";
  • Lock button+volume "less";
  • Lock button+"home "button+volume "less";
  • Lock button+"home "button+volume "more".

For example, if your Lenovo phone cannot be switched on, the last option would normally work. Try these combinations one by one, one of them should help. If not, please refer to the user manual of your mobile device for information about this.

After you have pressed one of these combinations during start-up, a special menu should open. Select the Recovery option, then Wipe data/factory reset. Please note that the touchscreen will not function in this mode, because the choice will be done by means of the physical keys of the handset.

Phone malfunctioning due to mechanical impact or moisture

A rare gadget is protected from hardware damage by a robust or waterproof housing. Therefore, mechanical interference is one of the most common causes of hardware failure, after which the phone doesn't turn on. When the phone is dropped or exposed to water, the device (phone, smartphone, tablet, camera, etc.) cannot avoid being damaged or oxidized. The modular design of the phone suggests that specialists can repair the device by replacing a component or a board, but in most cases, this service is unaffordable or unreasonable - due to its high cost, which exceeds the cost of the phone itself. This means that the most probable outcome of the problem is the replacement / purchase of a new phone.

What to do if your phone has been dropped into water?

If your phone has been dropped into water and "died", the general rule is to act as quickly as possible.

  1. Remove the back cover, remove the battery from the phone
  2. Have the phone dried quickly
  3. Otherwise, place the phone separately from the battery in a bag filled with rice for 1-2 hours. For your information, rice is an excellent absorber of moisture.
  4. Insert the battery into the mobile and try to power it up.
  5. If the phone does not work, separately check if the battery is working by placing the battery in the charger.

What to do if the phone gets water

Reboot forced

It is possible that the phone is actually on but frozen. In this case there are several methods to force reset it.

  1. Press and hold the lock button and volume down button at the same time. This will force the phone to reboot. For some models just hold the lock button.
  2. If this does not work, remove the cover of your mobile device and remove the battery. Wait for at least half a minute and then insert the battery back - and try to switch on.

For some devices the battery cannot be removed (as e.g. it is often the case when a Samsung phone cannot be switched on). However they possess a special reset button. It is usually hidden behind a small hole. To press it, you need to use a bent paper clip or a thin needle. Usually this hole is located somewhere on the back of the device or near the SIM card slot.

The phone simply does not work, the cause of the failure is unknown

If the cause of the failure has not been clarified, you are left with few choices.

If the phone is under OEM warranty, please contact an authorized Lenovo / HTC / Samsung, etc. service center. If there is no visual damage to the mobile device, it is likely that your problem will be solved in your favor.

In an extreme case, you will have to use the services of an outside service center or repair shop, where experts will diagnose the mobile phone and possibly bring it back to working order. It is clear that the diagnosis and repair in this case will cost an enriched sum of money.

What to do if nothing helps?

Unfortunately, some problems cannot be solved at home. For instance the phone may get damaged by damaged screen tapes, power button might break, power controller that controls charging - and so on. If you have tried all variants, what to do, what to do, if the phone does not turn on, listed above, but nothing helped, necessarily carry device in repair. It is desirable to the branded service, then the probability to obtain the high-quality and operative repair will be higher.

Resume . In this article I have listed, perhaps, all the main reasons why the phone breaks. In addition, I've shared a few effective techniques on how to turn your phone on when it's not working. All the mentioned recipes are relevant for popular phone models including HTC, Lenovo, Samsung. If, nevertheless, you are unable to deal with your problem, ask a question through the feedback form in the sidebar and wait for an answer. Good luck!"

Question - Answer

The tablet had 3 percent charge. Asus tablet was watching a video and came out the task manager window stopped . it went out and does not turn on and charging does not help . just vibrates when you press the power button and that's it.

Asus tablet just ran out of power and shut down and when I turned it on it did not turn on I put it on charge it was left on for 20 minutes and still it did not turn on I took out the sim card it did not turn on and to repair it I have no money and what to do.

listened to music, the screen was on, the phone was not on charge, I wanted to turn off the screen, I pressed the off button.., I took the battery out and put it back in and tried to turn the phone on but it didn't turn on and I put it on charge, charge it up. Why doesn't the phone turn on, can it be fixed?

The phone turned off and won't turn on. I talked to a friend on the tablet firm asus everything was fine I turned it off so the battery did not sit then tried to turn on did not turn on but my friend was still talking earlier I solved the problem just I still understand all the same little bit I unplugged and plugged the battery it helped but now all is not so I unplugged the battery and plugged no reaction again no reaction looked plume of button on is ok but then I heard that when you click the button on he strange clucking, I don't know what to do then it beeped and it smelled funny while charging it did not respond to clicking the power button also the power supply was not heating I have tried everything what should I do throw it away or try to fix it?

I had a Samsung s4 until today. It doesn't turn on at all. I put sim card into another phone Samsung s6 Edge. Is it possible how to restore photos and videos from a broken phone to this one. They are very expensive for me. I am not a pro in this matter so I do not know how and what. The only thing I have been able to do is log into my email to ask for help. Thank you very much in advance.

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