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When I launch Windows 10, the browser opens with ads - how do I fix it?


The browser is one of the most frequently opened and, therefore, vulnerable applications. Not surprisingly, it is the browser that can be infiltrated by unwanted software. The symptoms manifest themselves in the following way: the browser starts living its own life, launches itself automatically and opens spammy sites and popup windows in its tabs. Many articles have already been written on this subject but we focus on this problem: the browser (most frequently Chrome) opens automatically or opens tabs with advertising without user's consent.

Methods to solve the problem, in Windows 10 and below, the following:

    Removal of programs and malware in Windows 10

    Adware modules and other infections may be contained in cookies, temporary /files stored in the Windows user directory. You can remove all of these manually but it's better to clean them point by point.

    Malwarebytes Antivirus is one of the most effective products for removing adware and unwanted software. It scans the autorun items, the RAM, the registry and the file system for suspicious modifications that are generally causing the tabs to open automatically and the browser itself regardless of the user.

    1. Go to the application site, select the free download.

    2. Install Malwarebytes on the computer (this should take about 3 minutes).

    3. Run the application, use Verify in the Validation Tool .

    4. The line Detections displays the amount of infections found.
    5. Wait for the end of the test and in the window Results the found pests will be indicated. Uninstall them by clicking on the Quarantine button.

    6. Restart the PC to apply the changes.
    7. If you still see ads in the browser then in addition to the steps described above we suggest you remove the browser history and clear the cache.

    You can use the free Malwarebytes scanner without looking back, it contains all the latest databases but you can purchase a license for this software. The Premium version has more features, such as real-time protection, ransomware detection, full malware removal from your system and browser.

    See alsoother anti-malware programs for Windows 10

    Install another browser

    A perhaps not the most obvious option, but suitable for desperate users. Sometimes an unresolved browser conflict is solved just by replacing it. Say, if you use Chrome, try Opera or Firefox. Switching to another browser will probably save you from annoying ads if you configure it properly.

    Of course, switching to Opera will not give you a headache. And here are some of the reasons why:

    • You will be able to move painlessly all your bookmarks, settings from Chrome
    • In addition, you get interesting features such as VPN (what is it?).
    • In Opera you get maximum privacy, usability.
    • Everything is customizable: UI, preferences, add-ons.
    • Many useful extensions improve the web experience
    • The kernel on which Chrome runs is used.

    Reset Chrome to its initial settings

    The Chrome browser can be reset to zero - reset to the default settings. This will help get rid of ads, hidden modules, tricky settings that somehow lead to user dissatisfaction. The way to tame the browser is quite simple and effective. Users report that it prevents Chrome from opening automatically on startup and even stops it from opening ad-supported tabs.

    How to reset Chrome to default settings:

    1. Open Settings .
    2. In the settings menu, on the left side, go to Advanced .
    3. Click Reset Settings and Remove Malware > Restore Default Settings .

    4. In the window that appears, click on " Reset Settings ".

    5. Monitor how the browser behaves after resetting, if any advertising modules or spam tabs are displayed.
    6. To synchronize Chrome with your profile, click on the profile icon and activate the synchronization by entering your authorization data.

    Adware cleaning with the browser (no extras)

    Not everyone knows this, but Chrome has built-in tools to diagnose problems and to remove malware. The browser is able to detect adware and malware specifically related to Chrome.

    While these actions are in most cases not sufficient to deal with serious browser problems, you should not ignore these features.

    1. Go to Chrome Settings .
    2. Scroll down the list and navigate to Advanced .
    3. Open the menu item " Reset and remove malware "
    4. Go to Remove malware from computer .

    5. Click Find and wait for the scan to complete.

    6. If viruses and malicious elements are found, the problem will be removed automatically.

    Remove background applications and unnecessary extensions

    Phone applications and extensions supplement the browser functionality and may, however, negatively affect system performance. Extensions are given the permissions to perform various actions, thus causing the browser to display inappropriate advertising activities. Background processes run even when CHrome is not running. This results in advertising popups.

    Healing this problem is rather simple:

    1. Go to Settings > Advanced > System
    2. Disable the option " Do not disable services running in the background when closing the browser " by moving the slider to the left.
    3. The background process will be disabled.
    4. If you wish to reactivate notifications, activate the above option (slider to the right).

    Other ways to disable ads in the browser at startup

    We have considered only the basic ways to deal with ads in the browser. If these did not help you try:

    1. reinstall your browser,
    2. block sites with ads,
    3. disable notifications,
    4. change your search settings.

    I wonder which method worked for you? Share in the comments, any feedback is welcome. Good luck!

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