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Where and how to download CardRecovery in Russian


Key features of Card Recovery software 5

Let's look at the key reasons for choosing CardRecovery as a photo and other data recovery software for sd memory card. Why is it the right microsd flash drive recovery software?

CardRecovery - professional sd memory card and microsd recovery software

The developers of CardRecovery are experts in digital camera and microsd photo recovery. CardRecovery software in some ways continues the functions of android app 7 data android recovery. It supports all types of sd memory cards and various image formats, including erased and destroyed photos. The most popular image format is JPG, supports various picture formats (raw etc), some types of videos. This has helped thousands of Card Recovery users to save valuable photos and video /files as a result of deleting them if the memory card is damaged. CardRecovery reviews are published in reputable magazines. In addition, this program is recommended by users and developers of memory stick sd-card storage devices.

CardRecovery 6 Free and Pro features a unique smart media scanning technology, SmartScan. SmartScan technology finds recovery photos on microSD cards. It quickly diagnoses the situation and scans every sector on the sd card and stick memory device to make sure all photos and other /files are returned and saved. CardRecovery allows you to perform recovery of data from sd card lost due to deletion, formatting or damage of memory card in most cases. CardRecovery 5.0 uses low-level access to sd and microsd cards, which and will be able to complete the reconstruction at the stages where other Windows programs go aside.

Maximum recovery speed for sd card /files

You do not have to wait for hours to complete the recovery process on microsd images. In our tests, sd card data recovery via CardRecovery takes 3 minutes. This includes a full scan of a 1 GB SanDisk SD card. Accordingly, it took about 15 minutes to process and recover an 8 GB Transcend SDHC card. The microsd scan may take a bit longer if the sd card uses the outdated USB 1.x protocol when connecting.

MicroSD Card Data Recovery: Cardrecovery support

The free version of Card Recovery 6.10 retrieves EXIF information, including the shooting date, image size, camera model (e.g. Samsung or Nikon), etc., during a file scan on the flash drive, in real time. Additionally, it allows you to view images from an sd card or camera as thumbnails before saving them and allows you to calculate the necessary photos on the memory stick rather quickly.

The CardRecovery utility (version 5.0 >) in Russian performs data recovery from a memory stick (microsd) and all other operations on the memory stick in read mode. It does not move, delete, modify data on the card, preventing sd /files from being changed or overwritten. This allows you to restore the data on the flash drive and from the card, save to the source where you specify the program - to the same sd card.

Other features of Card Recovery Pro for Windows

  • can be used as a universal tool to recover data from flash drive and sd card - both photo and video
  • the program is suitable for recovering /files on other solid state media
  • Features of CardRecovery Pro can be tested for free for 30 days
  • a step-by-step wizard will tell you, how to reanimate your memory card and sd card (microsd)
  • recover sd cards step by step through a selection of intuitive options
  • retrieve photos from your flash drive and other multimedia data recorded on your memory
  • the cardrecovery utility also allows you to recover data from damaged memory cards and microsd

CardRecovery has a very user friendly interface. The step-by-step wizard has three steps, which allows you to go through the entire sd card data recovery process, breaking it down into intuitive steps. There is no easier way to save time by returning data in just this simple way in sd recovery software.

Verdict . If you need to recover memory card and deleted /files from cameras (photos and videos) and other media, download CardRecovery latest version 6.10 would be a good and free option. The introductory version allows you to do file preview, and that's good to know. One of the best programs for data recovery - photos in particular.

Information about CardRecovery software
Software name CardRecovery
Operating system Windows
Price Free / $40 (CardRecovery Pro )
Distribution size 828 Kb
Russian language support Yes

Method №1. Download CardRecovery 6.10 from official site

Clicking this button will download CardRecovery

In this case everything is very simple. Go to, find the "Download" section in the sidebar and click the Download button. This way to download CardRecovery is good, because you get the latest version of CardRecovery 6.10, and completely legally.

Way #2: Download CardRecovery from torrents

The second way to download CardRecovery application is more tricky. The full version of this reanimator can be downloaded from the torrent tracker However, this method has its disadvantages. You do not act very honestly, since you are downloading pirated software. On the other hand, you don't have to pay about $50 for the full version of CardRecovery. So, I am not going to provide a torrent link: it is very easy to find the distributive by yourself via the search line on the site and then download CardRecovery with a torrent client like uTorrent.

The second drawback of the download method: you will not have the latest version of CardRecovery.

The CardRecovery PRO software is available in Russian and for free on torrents, but version is outdated

Solution #3. Download CardRecovery program from the file archive

To the last method. Go to the file archive and using the search you find the file you need. The small drawback of all the file archives is that it is difficult to download the file at once and you have to navigate through several pages in order to finally get the link to the CardRecovery installation.

Instructions for CardRecovery 4

Questions and answers for Card Recovery

After scanning the sd card, no picture is found and no file reading error

An answer . CardRecovery scans every sector on the sd card. If a full scan of the flash drive fails to find the desired pictures, they are most likely not recoverable. The data on the memory card may be overwritten before the recovery process begins or completely erased during the deletion process after the formatting operation.

Pictures recovered from an sd memory card will be printable?

Answer . Yes, this Flash data recovery software, namely CardRecovery, does not alter the quality, size and EXIF (properties) of the images information. It recovers photos from memory cards and saves them to a folder on your hard drive. If required, you may copy them to a memory card or CD after recovery, and then send them to a print shop for printing.

Can I recover video /files from a memory card using CardRecovery features? Yes, you can select the "Video" option in the initial step (see screenshot) using CardRecovery Toolbox.

Video recovery on sd-card using the utility

I cannot preview and recover some photos on my memory card. Can the information be recovered?

An answer . CardRecovery is a data recovery software, not an image viewer. So using the built-in preview, you can do only a basic preview of JPEG images (less than 10MB). If recovered images are not in JPG format (or they are larger than 10MB) CardRecovery will not be able to open them, but in most cases they are usable once saved.

I deleted a photo by mistake, how do I recover my memory (SD) card or the contents on it? Yes, you can download and use CardRecovery 6.10 to recover your information. As said before, the program is very easy to use. Run the scan on the drive and examine the results.

I had my microsd card formatted, can I recover lost images completely?

Answer . Yes, you can safely download and use the Card Recovery utility to recover them. This is possible in most cases.

I have recovered my video /files to the original place on the card but I cannot play them normally.

Answer . The video /files might well have been overwritten before they were "recovered" or they might have been fragmented on the card, thus affecting the file structure. It makes sense to find a video reanimation software on the Internet to help you recreate them, e.g. Cardrecovery.

In some cases, if the recovered /files have the .MOV file extension, but your camera's microsd uses a different video file extension, you can simply try renaming the .MOV file extension to the original format of your camera (e.g. .mp4), which will open the /files. For instructions on how to change the file extension in Windows, please refer to the instructions available on the Internet.

What should I do if my sd card in my camera doesn't display as a disk partition, i.e. as a letter?

Answer . If your camera or photo camera does not show up as a drive letter in "My Computer", i.e. through Explorer, you need an external USB card reader to access the card. You can find such a device at local computer stores, or These devices are very convenient and may be very inexpensive.

How do I repair my card if some images are not fully displayed using CardRecovery?

An answer . Some recovered photos after being scanned by CardRecovery may have artifacts in the form of lines, cropped images, squares, drawing errors or incomplete images, etc. The data on the memory card may be fragmented. This may mean that your media has been in use for an extended period of time and has not been formatted or cleared during that time. As data overwrites sectors, old /files may conflict with new information, even during the CardRecovery recovery process. This may corrupt the recovered photos on the sd card.

The Android phone was hard reset, but the photos were not saved beforehand, 8 hours have passed since they were deleted. Are the /files still realizable?

An answer . Yes, the photos can be recovered. The main factor here is not the amount of time that has passed since the /files were deleted but the probability that you have not overwritten the information on top of the erased images. In other words, the less you've used the phone during that time, the more likely you are to recover photos on Android.

Bought Gerffins micro SD Cards with SD data storage technology (which added to the price). As explained in the store, this technology allows to recover lost data. Is it really true or does any card have this feature of data recovery or saving and requires the use of a special recovery program or how to understand this technology? Alas someone has misled you. There is no such technology on sd cards. Theoretically, any card can recover data using Cardrecovery to disk, but that does not mean that you are guaranteed to successfully recover data to the medium due to corruption, accidental deletion of /files on the sd card, etc.

In other words, the (co)storage technology is just the ability to save /files in different formats to disk, not to recover them.<3

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