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Where is the call history: ways to access the log


The basic Android Smartphone does not have a special application for viewing call history. The call history is tied to your contacts. There are two ways to view it. The button names and appearance may vary depending on the OS version and theme installed.

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    Through the "Phone" application:

    1. Click on the green handset at the bottom left corner of the desktop. You will see the latest phone calls.
    2. To see details, tap on the circle next to the contact
    3. Swipe down or select "Call List". The handset image with an arrow indicates the type of call: incoming or outgoing. Missed calls are indicated in red. On the right side the duration of the call is indicated

    Through the Contacts application:

    1. Select the number you wish to call from the phonebook.
    2. Swipe down or select "Call history"

    How to delete calls from the call history

    It is much easier to manage your call history through the dedicated application. But even with a basic smartphone this feature is available. The first option is suitable when you need to delete one or a couple of recent calls on Android. The second when you need to get rid of the call record of a particular contact. And the third way to delete the entire call history.

    How to remove the last entries from the history:

    1. Go to the "Phone" application by clicking on the handset image.
    2. Long press on the entry will activate the menu
    3. Click "Delete entry" and confirm the action.

    How to selectively remove the calls of a specific contact:

    1. Go to the call list of the desired number.
    2. Long press on the selected entry activates the menu
    3. Press "Delete entry" and confirm the action.

    How to clear the call history completely:

    1. In the "Phone" application, press the three dots in the top right corner.
    2. In the menu that appears, select "Delete Records"
    3. Here you can check certain calls or select all
    4. Click "Delete".

    Can you later restore the history?

    In the basic Android version this feature does not exist. The confidential information is stored only by you on the phone and by the Service Provider. But any rule can be bypassed. To restore it, you need to make a backup beforehand. There are many apps for this in Google Play.

    How to choose an app to save the call log

    From the many suggestions it is difficult to choose the right one. Therefore, we have prepared an article with a review of the best apps. The selection deals with the main features of three services: Call Log Analytics, Callyzer and Phone Vili. In the article you will also find step by step instructions on how to set up a call log, save and export the records to another device.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I view my call history on Google?

    In your Google Account, you cannot view your call history on your computer. Only your smartphone can show your call history. But you can always use a third party application to save and export your records to any storage device.

    How to recover your call history on Samsung?

    As on any other Android Smartphone. Backup your records beforehand or set up the automatic backup. Read here how and in which application to do this.

    How to find the longest call in the call history?

    There is no such feature in the basic OS. The detailed sorting of the call log is only available in third party applications.

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