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Where to buy a virtual number to register via sms VKontakte


Top 10 services for the establishment of a virtual sim card :

    For privacy reasons or in case of the lack of an additional sim card, a virtual number is required. It allows an instant registration at the desired service, without leaving home. Here we offer you the best Russian sites having such a service.


    Convenient service for sms activation of new accounts in VKontakte and other web services. provides a virtual number to which you can send a confirmation code. A wide selection of countries is available, including not only Russia, China, US or European countries, but also exotic ones like East Timor, Gabon or Zimbabwe. Altogether about 260 countries.

    You use grizzlysms just like any other SMS receiving service.

    1. First you sign up shortly and get to your personal cabinet.
    2. You then top up your account with the amount you have requested.
    3. Buy the number.
    4. After that you can use the registration number from anywhere.
    5. The SMS code goes to your personal cabinet.

    You can use the virtual number provided by Grizzlysms in any service: VK, Odnoklassniki, Google and any other site.

    The number is theoretically unlimited, but you can define the number you want by filtering in the personal cabinet. By the way, the cost of the virtual number for VKontakte starts from 5 rubles . You can refill the balance by Visa / Mastercard, MIR, Qiwi, Payeer.

    Onlinesim is a convenient resource. It provides the disposable numbers for free of charge as well as unique numbers for a long term private use.


    Cost of one online activation: from 1 to 23 rubles. Prices vary depending on the country - it is advantageous to buy virtual number for Vk for Russian phones. Amounts for all services are available for 60 rub./hour.


    • Detailed price list;
    • Detailed statistics;
    • Unclear interface;
    • Benefit from referral system and personal SIM-cards;
    • Big choice of countries.


    Users complain about poor technical support on the site.

    How to use

    Step-by-step instructions to use

    Step 1 . Register yourself. Click on the blue button in the top right corner. You can create an account with your email and password or log in through Facebook, Telegram, Vkontakte.

    Fill in the registration form.

    Step 2 . Once in the Personal Area, click the balance symbol at the top of the screen near the language and the profile name. Follow the link "Top up".

    Step 3 . Next choose the currency, the payment method and the amount. The Bank accepts any amount from any payment system. An automatic debit will take place.

    Step 4 . In the left column find the option "Receiving SMS". Choose the desired service and press "Add".

    Step 5 . The number will appear in the column on the right. Copy it to the Vkontakte registration form and then do the same with the confirmation code that will appear next to the virtual phone number.

    Proovl is a practical service that allows you not only to receive but also to send messages to a whole group of contacts. It is possible to use both temporary numbers as well as real numbers for a long term.


    It is possible to try the virtual number for Vk for free by selecting one of the offered in test mode but there is no Russian number among them. The cost per message varies from 2,5 to 8 RUR depending on the operator and the tariff plan.


    • Maximum simplified interface;
    • Actions and unique offers for wholesale customers;
    • Big choice of countries;
    • A virtual mailbox, where the messages are stored.


    The main drawback of the site is the lack of instant technical support. The prices are high for this service.

    How to use

    Step by step instructions to use

    Step 1 . Registration is carried out through the button at the top of the screen ("Create an Account"). You are requested to enter your e-mail address and password or log in through Facebook.

    Step 2 . Then you have the possibility to try a free trial or to top up immediately. Both buttons are located in the middle of the page.

    Step 3 . Choose "Top up", select the amount, then the payment system. The funds will be charged automatically.

    Step 4 . Go to "Numbers", choose the phone and press "Buy".

    Step 5 . Copy the phone, insert it in the special Vkontakte form. Wait, while on Proovl site the activation code appears next to it.


    Zadarma - international project, that offers all different services, connected with online telephony. From the above list it looks the most impressive.


    Tariffs for phone numbers depend on the country and operator. You have to pay a separate fee for the connection and a monthly subscription. The Russian telephone numbers during the summer campaign are absolutely free.


    • Easy and intuitive user interface;
    • Detailed instructions and forum;
    • Online chat, telephone and other on-line tools with 24 hours technical support;
    • A large number of countries;
    • Hot promotions with free offers;
    • Having its own Android App available on Google Play;
    • All new customers receive €0.4 credit on balance and a free internal number.


    The project is aimed at the businessmen, therefore they have to add the documentation and then wait until the moderators confirm it.

    The answers about Zadarma are different - there are many negative. But all of them refer to the low quality of telephony for big companies and constant malfunctions. The service SMS activation Vk does not cause serious complaints.

    How to use

    Any user can use the site. All you have to do is:

    Step 1 . Register with the button "Register" on the top menu of the site.

    Fill in the registration form.

    Step 2 . Refill your account by clicking on the balance icon on the top of the screen near the name of the account. If you decide to use a number starting with 8800 you can skip this step and directly access the "Virtual numbers" from the main page.

    Step 3 . Choose the country and operator. Subscribing to 7(800) Federal Number is free. Once you have found the number you would like to buy, click on "Buy".

    Step 4 . Enter the company data and upload the identification documents.

    Step 5 . Wait. After the verification of the passport data you will receive a notification that the phone is connected. It will appear in your Personal profile on the site. Copy and paste it into the Vkontakte registration form and wait a few seconds for the activation code to appear next to the virtual phone.

    Sms-activate is a simple resource that allows you to buy a phone number for Vkontakte and has a low cost of service.


    One number for Vkontakte costs 7-50 rubles. The price for the Russian operator is 15 roubles. The phone is valid for 20 minutes, during which the user may make any number of activations.


    • About 58 countries available;
    • Detailed personal statistics;
    • Simple interface with instructions;
    • Return of money to the balance in case of unsuccessful transaction;
    • Raffiliation and Affiliate program on the SIM card with up to 75% cheque;
    • Special terms for the "bulk" customers.


    Lack of prompt help. Technical support replies within one hour at best.

    How to use

    How to use Sms-activate is simple:

    1. Create a profile using the "Register" button on the top right side. Enter your e-mail address and password. Do not forget to confirm your mail using the link sent to it.
    2. Fill your balance. To do this, click on your account in the top right corner and select the "Top Up" button.
    3. Select the payment system. The site even accepts Bitcoins. In the appeared window indicate the amount and click "Pay".
    4. In the left column choose the desired service and indicate the number of numbers. Then click on "Buy".
    5. The virtual number will appear in the "History" tab in the upper left corner. You will need to copy and paste it into the VK registration form. Next to the phone number you will see the code sent in the message.


    Service allows you to buy a phone number for VKontakte, in order not to tie the social network to your personal number. Local and foreign numbers accept text messages with a code for signing up to VKontakte and other platforms. Automated process of number issuing allows you to quickly register to sites in mass quantities. With Virtual Number there is no need to buy a physical SIM card to create an account. No limit on the number of incoming SMS to one virtual number. If the paid rental period is over, usage is automatically deactivated. Long-term rental is available, up to three months.

    Purchase of the number does not have a fixed cost, the minimum amount - from 4 rubles per action. The cost for receiving the sms from VK will be 29 rub.

    Service advantages:

    • Here is the referral program
    • Service integration via API for application developers


    • No free period
    • No trial version is provided

    Suitable for single registration or mass numbers.

    Service provides numbers for 180 countries, including Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries. For these popular geolocations there are always available numbers for rent. For less popular countries numbers may not be available, in this case you should either wait or write to support.

    The cost of SMS depends on the country and service from which the message came, in average from 1 to 23 rubles. For some countries the price tag may reach 40 RUR.

    How to buy 5sim numbers:

    1. Register on the site you have to indicate your e-mail address or use the Google and Vkontakte accounts.
    2. Click the balance button.
    3. Pay by one of the methods proposed.
    4. Choose the country from the list at the left of the page.
    5. Choose the operator if the system proposed the variants. You can select the "any" operator, in this case the choice will be random.
    6. Press the name of the service you would like to receive the SMS.
    7. Hit the "Buy" button.

    The status of the "Pending" order should appear. Once the number has been issued, copy and paste it into the input field of the VK registration. Now you have to wait for the activation code to come. It will appear in the appropriate box "Code" on the page of the site within 3 minutes. You can read the full message from VK in the "SMS" section.

    Sometimes due to technical failure the SMS might not come. In such case the second delivery should be activated.


    • Test period free of charge
    • Data for single numbers purchase is available
    • Telegram channel with the news of number availability @fivesim_new_numbers

    This service provides two options for receiving numbers: paid and free. In standard mode the site provides numbers for rent without any charges. The virtual numbers are available from any country.

    To use the free offer you need:

    1. Go to the
    2. Select any number from the list available.
    3. Copy and paste it to the registration form and request a sms.
    4. Open the page of the service and in the section "received text messages" wait for your sms.

    The peculiarity and drawback of the site is that all the messages that go through the service are displayed on the general page and all the users can see them. You should not use the service if the received sms will contain confidential information and may expose the personal data to the fraudsters.

    There is also an option to get a personal number that will be available only for one user, its owner. The content of the messages will not be published on the site. To do this, you need to activate the professional paid version by visiting //


    Russian service for mobile number lease, also acts as validation exchange. Numbers are provided based on the physical SIM cards. There are thousands of numbers available for use in the service's base. In addition, each user can lease his or her own number at in-exchange rates.

    If the number is required to receive one or more messages, there is no need to overpay for a full number lease. You can choose to pay by the action. For long term usage you should choose the period and pay for it - this will be more beneficial.


    • Numbers, that were previously used for signing up to vk, will be blocked, system automatically filters them and do not offer them to the user.
    • API protocol allows the integration with the other services.
    • Accessful users will receive discounts - bulk numbers activation allows to receive them at the wholesale price. This is especially beneficial for the cryptocurrency miners that register to hundreds of numbers.


    • When you lease a user number there is a risk that the owner will use the data from the sms for his own purposes, as he still has access to the number.
    • Long time for the sms processing - in average validation takes up to 5 minutes.
    • An electronic purse message is not available.

    The average number is constantly changing. Sometimes in the peak of price reduction you can buy a lot of activations at a bargain price.

    Site has been operating since 2016 and provides numbers for registration in social networks, including Vkontakte. To connect the number, you need to register on the site.

    The cost of renting a number for 20 minutes starts from 1 rub. If you take the price of Vkontakte specifically, it would be 19 rubles for unlimited sms for 20 minutes.

    Service advantages:

    • All our affiliate program
    • Fast registration

    Cons: Not always numbers for needed services are available.

    How to use site facilities:

    1. Authorize.
    2. Click the button "Payment".
    3. Choose the method of payment from the proposed ones.
    4. Set the amount of deposit and confirm the operation.
    5. The deposit to the account the service charges a commission, its amount will be indicated before the payment.
    6. Select the service VKontakte as authorization.
    7. Click "Get Number".

    The platform operates not only with SMS, but also with Call Forwarding. If you choose this option, select it and the service will automatically recalculate the cost of the service.


    • Budget tariffs
    • Select the payment methods - bank cards or payment systems
    • Instant generation of the virtual phone number

    You should write to our partner program, it works 24 hours.

    In summary

    The choice of the service depends on your wishes and possibilities. As practice shows, free virtual numbers for Vk exist, but it is better to look for them on foreign sites. Russian companies offer such a service rather as a promotion. The price of paid disposable phones is calculated by the number of sms or time spent.

    Virtual numbers are convenient to use when you need to create a large number of accounts for business purposes, for multiple participation in promotions or simply to hide your personal number. But it is not worth to register through a leased number on important services and your main pages. After the lease period expires, the number may be sold again, which will lead to the loss of access to the profile in case of its restoration.

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