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Where to download or watch online 60 fps movies


Lately, we've been hearing a lot about the fact that some movies are available in 60 fps. Popular director James Cameron is shooting a sequel to Avatar in a similar format. And he is known for his thorough approach to quality cinema. Let's figure out what it is together. If you're not interested in reading about the 60 FPS format, go to the list of sites where you can download movies.

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    What is FPS

    The acronym FPS ("Frames per Second") literally means "frames per second". Therefore the FPS is quite simple: FPS is the number of frames per second seen during video playback.

    What is the difference between standard 24 and 60 frames per second

    The well-known fact that the human eye perceives 24-25 frames per second is at odds with the fact that 60 frames per second is the quality required when shooting a movie. But this is not the case at all. If you study the subject carefully, you will find that with the standard 24 frames, moving objects appear blurry. This happens because of the shutter speed of 1/24 second. If you increase the shutter speed, the image becomes much sharper.

    Elementary example would be a professional camera. A friend of mine has one. He showed me the difference "in practice". We were shooting a moving stream of cars. With exposure time of 24 frames the image turned out blurred, the flow of cars merged into a solid line. When the shutter speed was increased, each car was visible individually. A high frame rate means smoother, more realistic motion during playback.

    What is remarkable about movies with 60 fps frame rate (with increased smoothness)

    Many of us have noticed the image strobing when watching an action scene in a modern movie. And the blurring is noticeable in both 2D and 3D scenes. This effect is due to the fact that almost all films are shot with a low frame rate (24 per second). The human brain can cope with a higher frame rate, as evidenced by the use of 3D technology.

    Tripleflash technology is used in all cinemas. It consists of showing the same image to the right and left eye three times, and alternately. This contributes to increased comfort of perception, but does not add smoothness to the image. Motion picture companies are well aware of the strobing effect, so they minimize the scenes where it can occur.

    The driving force behind the move into 60 fps cinema is the aforementioned James Cameron. Since the release of his film Avatar in 3D, this technology has been booming. So he's championed the spread of 60 fps technology.

    Films with high frame rates delight the viewer with smooth, crisp visuals, especially when watching high action scenes. Programs about nature or sports, where the emphasis is on every detail, are mind-blowing. The brain processes twice as much information in the same amount of time. Consequently, it is as if you are watching the same event but for twice as long. You have time to look at details you weren't paying attention to before. Understanding of the action scenes increases, especially the mass fights or battles look good. It becomes clear "who, with whom, and from where", and the feeling of useless movement disappears.

    Requirements for playback devices

    In addition to high smoothness, there is another undeniable plus: Video in 60 fps format can be watched on any device: notebook; PC; desktop media player; tablet; smartphone; TV. The type of display does not matter, it can be an LCD or CRT.

    However, the hardware requirements for a device capable of 60 FPS video playback are relatively high:

    • Video card support for 576p-720p-1080p;
    • screen resolution of at least 60Hz;
    • Recent memory of the player is more than 300MB;
    • Single core CPU with a frequency of 2000 GHz.

    Where to watch 60 fps movies online

    It should be noted that there are no full-fledged 60 FPS movies available for official or free download today. All you will be dealing with are likely "homemade" movies.

    Here are homemade 50 FPS examples on youtube:

    A 120 FPS example:


    Frame rate movies


    Title фильма


    Частота кадров



    Ночь снов

    Дуглас Трамбалл




    Новая Магия

    Дуглас Трамбалл





    Рик Ротшильд


    IMAX HD, Disney California


    Hobbit: Нежданное путешествие

    Питер Джексон



    Хоббит: Пустошь Смауга

    Питер Джексон




    Рик Ротшильд




    Осознанные сны Габриэля

    Саша А. Sriber


    Short film

    Hobbit: Battle of the Five Warriors

    Peter Jackson




    DVD and Blu-ray playback at 24 frames per second. Blu-ray 4K UHD is displayed at 60 frames per second.


    Curtis Clark


    Short Film

    Wings Over Washington

    Brent Young


    The Flying Theater, Filmed in 5K at 60 frames per second.



    Demetri Portelli

    120 3D / 192 2D

    Short film, projected at 24 and 60 FPS



    Viktor Kosakovsky


    Documentary At 48 frames per second



    Ang Lee


    Blu-ray 4K UHD is shown at 60 frames per second

    link to source

    With the feature films listed above, let's note Billy Lynn's Long Walk at Half Time of a Football Match.

    The rip specifications include the following figures: "MPEG-H HEVC Video 86410 kbps 2160p / 59.940 fps / 16:9 / Main 10 @ Level 5.1 @ High / 10 bits / HDR10 / BT.2020". To evaluate the quality you will need the original UHD Blu-ray disc at 2160p.

    Sites with 60 FPS Home Movies to Download

    Can I watch High FPS movies online? No, you need the original disc with the declared performances (see list above).

    But I'll share some interesting sites, where you can watch or download "homemade" movies in 60 FPS quality, and for free.


    An interesting resource with an original selection of content in different formats. Large section dedicated to high smoothness format movies.


    The main publick in VKontakte social network, where full HD 60 fps online content is selected for viewers' tastes. A large selection of well-known and beloved hits as well as the latest new releases from the film industry. The movies can be downloaded or watched for free by clicking through the ads.

    Kino 60fps

    VKontakte group with a constantly updated selection of movies, keeping up with the latest high fidelity technology.


    Torrent tracker and forum, very popular with users. A great way to stream foreign, Russian 60 FPS movies online for the whole family. Here you will find high frame rate cartoons, documentaries, clips.

    Films on the site are divided not only by format but also by genre (Western, Crime, Drama, Fantastic and others). For your convenience the 60 FPS content can be downloaded via torrent or viewed online via the related section - "60 FPS".


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