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Why is Telegram not working and how to restore its functionality


Messengers quite often work with failures. The same can be said about the rather popular Telegram. This can be caused by a number of reasons: system garbage accumulated in the device memory, large volume of cache, poor connection. And since 2018 another one has been added to this list: attempts of the RCN to block the messenger. With the entry into force of sanctions against Telegram, more and more often users are receiving messages such as "I can't get into Telegram". If the service does not open, it is impossible to carry on correspondence and view previous chats.

Depending on where Telegram is installed - on a mobile phone or a PC, it is possible to restore its functionality. There are different ways to do this. That is the purpose of this review.

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    Restoring Telegram with a VPN

    VPN service allows you to connect to sites using someone else's IP address. In this way, it is possible to visit blocked resources that are inaccessible for certain IPs.

    So if your Telegram on your PC does not work, is blocked or cannot connect to the Internet, different VPN services can effectively solve the problem. There are many of them; to avoid mistakes, you should use two simple recommendations:

    For Android and iOS devices, VPN solutions such as:

    For establishing a VPN connection on a PC, you can use the following services:

    For example, consider TunnelBear service available for iPhone & iPad, Android, Mac OS, Windows. For $5 per month you get access to VPN from 5 devices and unlimited traffic. Moreover, you can use 500 MB of traffic for free in demo mode.

    1. Download the application TunnelBear .

    2. Install the application to your PC or another device.

    3. Launch TunnelBear .

    4. Choose the country to connect to the server (e.g. United States ).

    5. Move the slider to On and in the notification panel we have the status window Connected .

    6. Launch Telegram and check the connection status.

    Reinstall messenger

    If the Telegram does not work, the first thing to do is to clear the cache and reopen the messenger. If the result is unsatisfactory, you can try reinstalling the application. This method is the easiest and is suitable for both smartphones and computers. You need to uninstall the existing application and re-download the new version, for example from Play Market. To do this you should:

    This is as far as a smartphone is concerned. Installing the messenger on your computer is a little different:

    After downloading, you need to create your account. As a rule, this is done by tying your phone number to the application: you enter the digits of the number in the proposed line, and then the activation code comes to your phone. That's all - the messenger is ready to work.

    As a rule, newer versions of the application contain detectors, so, in most cases, Telegram keeps functioning normally. However sometimes the built-in tools do not work and in that case you will need to use third party software.

    Use proxy servers

    If you cannot use Telegram because it is blocked, you can use proxy servers to cope with the problem. Such term means a server mediating between a user and a site he is interested in. They are designed to maintain confidentiality, provide access to restricted web resources, etc.

    The IP addresses of such "intermediaries" may be either free or provided for a fee. Here are the most common ones:

    Any selected address should be added to the Telegram settings. For Android smartphones this is done as follows:

    If Telegram does not work on the PC, the proxy connection can be established as follows:

    Web Telegram

    Another option that can be used if the methods described above have failed and Telegram does not work as before. This one applies for mobile gadgets as well as for PC.

    When you finish working with the application, you have to log out from it to prevent someone else from reading your correspondence. To log out you must:

    In this way all chats of the user will be saved and you will be able to access them the next time you log in to Web.

      • Go to the applications site and look for the new version of the messenger for the operating system installed on your device;

      • click the "Install "button and start the download.

      • Go to the official web site // and locate the installation file for your present OS;

      • launch it and follow the instructions of the installation wizard.

      • choose a paid service;
      • avoid VPN providers that collect user data (e.g. PureVPN, HideMyAss! HotSpot Shield, VPN Unlimited, VyprVPN, etc.), as well as dangerous Android VPN applications (Turbo VPN, VPN Proxy Master, Snap VPN, X-VPN, VPN 360, etc.).
      • Betternet VPN
      • TunnelBear
      • //
      • //
      • //
      • /
      1. Go to "Settings", select the "Traffic & Storage" tab and under "Proxy settings".

      2. In the line "Host" indicate the IP address of the selected proxy server and in the line "Port" indicate the proxy server itself.

      3. Check if the messenger is working properly.

      1. Go to the Settings and choose the item "Connection Method".

      2. Usually this is the TCP. If you click on it the window of choices of the connectivity appears. Here you need to indicate the TCP via socks 5 and below indicate the proxy address and port.

      3. Click "Save" and test the messenger.

      1. Open the browser and type //

      2. The window that opens, indicate the country you are in and give your phone number. Click on "Next".

      3. The Verification Request that appears, click on "OK" and the generation of the keys will begin.

      4. The confirmation code will be sent to the indicated phone number. After entering the code the Webtelegram application with all its functions will be started.

      1. Click on the 3 bars (on PC left, on Mobile right) to enter the menu.

      2. Find the section "Settings".

      3. In the window of user profile settings by swiping down and clicking on "Exit".

      4. Confirm your choice by clicking on "OK".

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