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Why is the phone warm and how to avoid it


Statistically, one in three people have experienced phone heating. The situation is unpleasant, considering the stories about exploding batteries. And it is not comfortable to use such a gadget. To solve this problem, you need to understand what causes the phone to warm up. The reasons can be very different - from accidental (the case heated up in the sun) to constructive, which will help to solve only the change of smartphone. But do not worry: in most cases, the problem can be solved by simpler methods, which we will discuss below.

The more powerful, the hotter

Beneath the chassis of a modern smartphone, a real power is hidden. The Apple iPhone X has a 6-core processor. The Huawei Honor 10 has an 8-core. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ have a 10-core processor. A real power race among smartphone manufacturers. This power they put in a small case, where the cooling system does not cope with the responsibilities entrusted.

It does, as long as you use the processor power as little as possible. Calling, messengering, working with documents or emails. But as soon as the user starts to play a modern game, watch a movie in good quality, the situation changes, the phone gets warm.

If it heats up for several hours, it can lead to system failure. Constant overheating of the smartphone - to a significant reduction of the time without recharging: by half in six months. The prospect is unattractive. This can be avoided by simply letting the phone rest. After one movie, pause before watching another. After a mission in a game is completed, also take a time out. The processor will rest, it will be ready for new tasks. If the phone is not particularly active to cool down, you can turn it off for a while. Then turn it on. This will help the processor to reactivate faster.

Apps, viruses, navigation

The phone gets very hot because of the numerous applications, smart hints, installed in it. We were still just thinking, and the smartphone told us how to get to the bus stop faster, from which point it is better to call a taxi, which pharmacy the medicine is cheaper.

In a day we open a bunch of apps. They remain hanging in our phone unless we forcefully close them. By default, the smartphone runs navigation. It is connected to the mobile internet, at the same time searching for wi-fi. These activities also make the phone warm up. To solve this problem is simple. It is enough to close unused applications, turn off the navigation, if it is not needed, use wi-fi. It is necessary to systematically check the contents of the phone for viruses, download applications only from official sources. Viruses can send spam from your smartphone that you are not even aware of. Such activity is also the cause of overheating of the device. If this happens, you should check your phone again for viruses. By the way, the antivirus on the Android operating system should be a must.

When choosing the best antivirus, our review will help you.

If the heating does not stop, all recent installed applications, games must be uninstalled. If this doesn't help, you'll have to reset your smartphone to factory settings. Refresh the phone.

Brightness of the display - the path to overheating

Bright picture is always pleasing to the eye. But the higher the brightness of the display, the faster the battery consumption, the harder the phone works. The other side of the coin is the high picture resolution.

Avoiding this is easy. It's enough to reduce the brightness of the display. Use it half-heartedly. True, not everyone agrees to it.

This insidious battery

The battery is the weakest link in the smartphone. Why does the phone get hot while charging? This is one of the most common questions. There are different answers to it.

First of all, the charger itself and the cable to it. These must be "genuine" or purchased from authorized dealers. Chinese chargers for 100 rubles are not too reliable. They can cause the phone to heat up.

Another point is the battery itself. When charging, it can even swell, quickly consuming energy. This means you need to change the battery to avoid more trouble.

Modern smartphones charge very quickly. Just an hour and the device will be fully charged. Unless, of course, you leave it alone for that hour. No gaming. No phone calls. No surfing the web. Any activity during charging may cause the phone to heat up.

The right case

Not only the internal filling, but also the external casing may cause the phone to overheat. There is no such thing as a small thing. The hottest, oddly enough, are recognized leather cases. It is corked in the leather smartphone begins to warm up faster. And the usual bumper made of plastic will not lead to this problem.

Tip is simple. Pay more attention to the clothes on your phone. If the phone gets warm, you should change its case.

No moisture or short circuits

The reasons why the phone gets warm may be due to moisture in the case or a short circuit. Both things are unpleasant. And the short circuit could be caused by the moisture. That is why it is so important to take care of the phone. If it is not possible to save, it is better to apply in the service center. The overheating of your phone due to these causes is unlikely to be resolved by yourself.

Factory rejection and other damages

The smartphone may be too hot due to a factory defect. Any kind of internal malfunction leads to overheating. Think about how many times you've dropped the phone. Enough for jewelry circuits. Just one loose contact could spell disaster. And that's where you should call in a professional immediately. As in the case when some concrete place in the device heats up: a corner of the case, the display center, the socket for charging, the camera. The technician will tell you how to cool your phone.

Smartphones heat up for various reasons. A too bright screen, using the device's functions to the maximum, viruses, false chargers, unreliable sites and applications - all these can lead to the phone's overheating. Simple care and attention will help you to avoid it and to use all the features of your smartphone longer.

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