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Windscribe VPN Overview


Windscribe is a VPN service for enhancing privacy, encrypting internet activity, and removing blocking from entertainment pages. This tool will be useful for gaining access to sites that have restricted users with a regional bind. At the same time, Windscribe VPN keeps server-side logs, does not store IP or other traces that can figure out the user of the VPN service.

Main features of Windscribe VPN

Free version - Windscribe VPN allows you to use a limited VPN connection, which is enough for basic needs. Basically, 10GB of traffic and 10 servers to choose from is pretty generous.

VPN/proxy - extension is available for all sorts of platforms. It supports tunneling and traffic encryption. As an "addition" it is easy to connect OpenVPN UDP/TCP, IKEv2, Stealth. However, many of the options are only available in the pro version of Windscribe.

Advanced toolset. Privacy is maintained on a very high level. In addition to the features already mentioned, you can configure your own VPN, use tools such as deleting cookies, modifying your personal data, blocking ads via firewall, and generating secure links.

For which platforms the VPN service is available

The VPN client can be downloaded for Mac, Windows and Linux desktop platforms. Extensions are available for Opera, Chrome and Firefox browsers. The mobile platform has not been forgotten either, the corresponding extensions are available for iPhone, Android.

To download the app, go to //, browse to the bottom of the site and in the footer you will find a link through the Apps list.

How Windscribe VPN works, step by step instructions

How to use Windscribe VPN in the browser extension for Google Chrome.

  1. Download the Windscribe VPN extension from the address (click the "Install" button and activate it in the extensions section chrome://extensions/ or just click the icon).
  2. Register at //, confirm your e-mail address by going to the specified e-mail address.
  3. Use your login data to enable VPN via extension in Chrome.
  4. To activate the VPN connection, click on the large connection button on the right. The connection status "You are now connected" is displayed.
  5. With the Location Menu, you can select your preferred country - USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, etc., there are 10 free options in total.
  6. Disconnecting from the VPN service is done with the same button as activating it.

Windscribe VPN paid and free version features

Windscribe VPN has a free version with some restrictions on traffic (2-10 GB limit) and countries (one of 10). Nevertheless, it's quite a suitable way to create a VPN connection via mobile app or browser.

The cost of a monthly subscription to the Windscribe VPN service is $9.00. By subscribing for a year, you can save about half the money ($4.08 / month). Generally, you can save even more if you sign up for a custom subscription specifying the desired countries and needed functionality.

With the pro version of the Windscribe VPN you get the following features:

  1. Limited traffic: you can surf the web without limitation.
  2. Unlock all locations - servers located in more than 60 countries, including more than 100 cities.
  3. Configuration generator: allows you to carefully configure your OpenVPN, IKEv2, SOCKS5 connection, making your protection even more secure.
  4. The R.O.B.E.R.T algorithm filters out all ads, trackers and viruses, acting as an intermediate firewall.

Ratings for Windscribe VPN

The average rating for Windscribe VPN on Google Play is 4.4, which is a very good rating among VPN applications.

Without some complaints:

  • Unintentionally disconnecting the connection from the favorites list in the free vpn connection mode.
  • Clicking the Disconnect button triggers the application in the notifications.
  • Weak network connectivity on mobile devices can cause interruptions.

All the good points of Windscribe VPN are related to the functionality - the service is well worth the price, offering many tools to strengthen anonymity and traffic encryption.

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