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Yandex Navigator or Yandex Maps? Comparison, main differences


While Yandex Navigator and Yandex Maps have many similarities, there are differences in these navigation applications and services.

First of all, Yandex.Maps are maps available through an Internet service. Also "Maps" can be used as a navigator for automobile, bicycle and pedestrian routes - but with reservations.

"Yandex.Navigator" is a mobile application strictly for motorists, taxi drivers and truck drivers.

"Yandex Navigator" vs "Yandex Maps": differences, strengths and weaknesses

Then we consider the differences of these services in more detail in order to provide the reader with a clear idea: in what situations these products can show their fullest potential.

Autonavigators and public transport

The functionality of Yandex Maps is noticeably different from Yandex Navigator.

First of all, Yandex Navigator is designed for motorists of CIS countries, Serbia, Turkey and others. Of course, the list of countries is not as wide as in Google Maps, but even these locations are enough.

Using Yandex Navigator it is possible to lay the route and choose one of the suggested variants. The navigator tracks the situation on the road in real time, notifying about the traffic situation: including traffic jams and accidents. If something has changed and/or the Navigator has found a better route, it will issue a notification and the driver can make a decision.

"Yandex Maps" is not 100% adapted to the motorist. This is more of a plus than a minus. The mobile application allows you to set a route not only by car, but also helps pedestrians and cyclists. In other words, it is more universal than the navigator.

In terms of public transport it is possible to reliably determine the location of the vehicle: a bus, a trolleybus. Yandex Maps also helps to find the nearest stops and routes of public transport.

Calling a taxi

Yandex Maps is convenient to use to call a taxi. Of course, there is a mobile app "Yandex Taxi" for this purpose, but through maps you can also order a car. All you need to do is to indicate the destination point and click on the "Call" button with an image of a taxi.

In Yandex Navigator, of course, there are no such conveniences, as there is no need for this: the user is already driving.

Pedestrian mode

Pedestrian mode would be useful for those who do not use the car that much or not at all.

Yandex Maps web service allows you to view panoramas through Maps.

With regard to the mobile application with the same name the maps are primarily "tuned" for pedestrians. It is possible to make a walking route of any length and complexity. Maps displays even the paths and pedestrian zones which are not available in the Navigator.

Yandex Navigator is not convenient for nonauto navigation, it only shows automobile routes, speeds and notifies about the situation on the road.

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The Yandex Maps mobile application displays not only the house numbers but also a detailed description of the objects: organisation, café, shop, service etc. plus contact information and opening hours. Using the filter or search, it is convenient to search for the necessary establishment.

It helps to orientate around the city, especially if you like to walk, explore the city or travel.

In Yandex Navigator such functionality also exists. By clicking on an establishment's icon you can find out its opening hours, reviews and other useful information. However, this information will not be available in the offline mode.

Offline maps

The possibility of offline work is available both in Yandex Maps and in Navigator. For full use of maps without internet you need to preset it. This is quite simple: go to the application settings, select the city and download the map.

In the absence of Internet connection both Maps and Navigator will show the route based on the data saved in the phone memory. Maps do not take up much space. Available for more than 2.000 cities in the CIS countries.

The limit is that real-time changes will not be shown and alternative routes are not available.


So both Yandex Maps and Yandex Navigator are quality made applications for mobile platform (Android, iOS) and desktop. The main prerequisite for their operation is the gps connection to the satellite.

Let's note that their toolset is similar and over time, one must assume, will increasingly be mutually integrated. This is not surprising, since Navigator leverages Yandex Maps' work and is essentially their user-friendly shell with a focus on motorists.

We advise you to test these applications and draw conclusions about each product yourself.

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