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Find out the registration date of the VKontakte page: when it was created


The social network "VKontakte" does not allow to find out the date of an account - own or other member's - so easily. However, the time of profile creation is sometimes necessary to "scout". For example, if someone asks you as a friend and you need to determine if it is a real person or a fake account.

Accounts' exact date of birth can be found at the official VK web resource. You can obtain this information yourself or with the help of services that allow you to obtain the date of creation even if the account has been blocked or deleted.

Means :

    How to know the registration date in your browser

    This easy and fast way allows you to avoid third party applications. By using it, you can find out the exact date and time when the VK page was created. In order to do that, you need to know the id number of the page in the social network.

    The sequence of operations is as follows:

    1. Find out the VKontakte user id by going to the profile page in the address bar of the browser.
    2. Copy the numbers in the URL after "id" to the clipboard.

    3. Go to //"user id". Instead of "user id" you should write "id number".
    4. Hit the source code of the page you have opened.

    5. In the search window (Ctrl + F) enter "created".

    6. The highlighted code contains a string in the format YYYY-MM-DD. These are the year, month and day of the page creation, respectively, HH:MM:SS are the hours, minutes and seconds and +HH:MM is the time zone.

    Defects of the method:

    • It is not always possible to check the registration date in VKontakte using the indicated algorithm. For example, if the account has been deleted, it will not be possible to do so.
    • If you do not know the user ID, the described method will not help.

    In case of unsuccessful results, we suggest you to use specific programs and services (see below).

    Side services to determine the date of profile registration

    There are currently very many software tools developed to determine the age of VK accounts. Their differences consist primarily in the presence of these or those additional options. However, all of them are based on the detection of the user's id number or on a modified account address assigned by the customer.

    Service "Shostak"

    The advantage of this online service is the additional options available. For example, in addition to information about the date of appearance of the account in the VK social network, it is possible to read the registration activity of the people provided in graphic form.

    Check the VK page for registration data as follows:

    1. Copy the link to the VK account page through the address bar of the browser.
    2. Go to the webpage by following the link: //
    3. Top of the screen is a text line labeled "User Page", insert the link from the Clipboard.

    4. Here you can find the additional information (dates of registration or customer id), check the boxes below.
    5. Run the search by clicking on "Detect date of registration".

    Please note that for some accounts the option to display registration information is not possible.


    Web Service allows to find the exact date when the VK account was created by a certain user.

    To obtain the login information, please follow these simple steps one by one:

    1. Open the desired account page.
    2. Copy the link to the account from the address bar of your browser.
    3. Go to the regvk service at //
    4. Paste the link to the page or the username in the special field for your id. You can place the link from the clipboard in this field by pressing Ctrl + V.

    5. Confirm the action by pressing the "Detect registration date" button. The search proceeds for about one second.
    6. Data about the date of creation of the VK and other information about the account of interest will appear on the screen.

    Hint. If you want to know the date of creation of your own VK account, on the left side of the page find the button labeled "My Page" and click on it.

    With you can have the data of any VK user, just find and copy the page address.

    App "I am online"

    This program would be the best option for those who, for personal reasons, do not want to or cannot use the above mentioned services. Its drawback is that the exact date of the account's creation will not be determined - the application will only provide the time span from the moment the account was created until now.

    The procedure to use the application is as follows:

    1. Log in to your VKontakte profile.
    2. In the main menu click the tab "Games".
    3. In the search field write "I am online" and activate the application found. At the same time you should make sure that the other clients are also using it (the more people the better).
    4. The number of days since the person has been in the social network will be displayed directly in the main page of the utility. The number of days can be converted to months and years by clicking on the number with the left mouse button.

    If the information provided by the utility is not sufficient, the information should be referred to third party services to obtain more specific and complete information.

    If the information provided by the utility is not sufficient, the user may need to obtain more specific and complete information.

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