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How to change the assistant's voice in Google Maps


Google Maps is a popular and actively used tool with a wide range of functionalities. One of the most useful features is considered to be the navigator, which serves as a great companion and assistant on any trip.

The voice navigator options include voice and accent changes. If you have a long journey ahead of you, or if you are tired of the standard voice recognition, try to use a different voice in the Google Maps app.

Changing the assistant's voice:

  1. in the Android application
  2. in the iOS application
  3. on the PC (in the browser)

How to change the assistant's voice on your Android device

There are two ways to change the voice on your Google Maps navigation device if you wish to do so on any Android device. The first one is to reconfigure the voice from the app, the second one is to do it from the profile.

Change the assistant voice in the Google Maps app as follows:

  1. Launch Google Maps on your tablet or phone by clicking on the program icon;

  2. In the left corner of the opened application, click on the main menu icon (three horizontal bars);
  3. In the side menu that appears, find the "Settings" button;

  4. Further find the "Navigation Settings"-"Voice Selection" section. The default setting is English or Russian;

    Select the desired language by ticking the box.

The disadvantage of this method is that Google Maps has a small number of voices, one per language, with no accents.

Let us look at another method to change the assistant's voice.

Setting the voice via "Okay, Google": the Android method

  1. Say "Okay, Google" to activate the Google Assistant, or press the Home button on your tablet or phone;
  2. The compass icon is drawn on the right side of the screen. Tap on it;

  3. Your Google Profile will open. Now you have to click on the profile picture or, if not, on the icon with the first letter of your name;
  4. In the tab that appears, locate the section "Assistant" and the section "Assistant Voice";

  5. Select any of the options you like.

In order to apply this method you should be authorized in your Google Account. But the list of possible voices will be longer than in Google Maps.

How to change the assistant voice on iPhone or iPad

In contrast to Android device owners, iOS users cannot change the assistant voice directly in the Maps application. However, for them the voice can be changed as well:

  1. Open the Assistant application on the device (if you do not have it, install it)
  2. Click on your profile picture or on the icon with the letter of your name. Then click on the tab "Assistant";
  3. Choose the "Voice" subsection. Now you may select any option you like, this will change for all Google applications including Maps.

Note Note: Changing the voice is possible during the installation phase of the application: they are not installed by default on iOS devices.

Alternate Voice on PC (via the browser)

The voice settings on PC are limited. This is due to the fact that users rarely navigate to Google Maps from the browser. However, it is also possible to change the language of the navigation device via computer.

  1. Open the Google Maps website with the browser of your telephone or computer;
  2. Click the "Menu" button on the left side of the screen. In the tab that appears, select "Language";

  3. Switch to any of the proposed languages by ticking the checkbox.

In this way you cannot indicate an accent or switch between the male and the female voice. Therefore it is better to configure the Assistant from the mobile application.


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