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How to change the language in Google Maps


In Google Maps the language and the domain are chosen automatically according to the geo-data of the device. But the developers allow us to choose these settings manually.

    The web version of Google Maps

    To change the language settings for your browser, please follow these steps:

    1. Click the menu button - it looks like three bars and is to the left of the "Search on Google Maps" bar.
    2. In the drop-down list, choose "Language".
    3. A table will appear with all the available languages. Select the language you require and the map will be displayed in the selected language.

    The recommended language is marked in bold. It is selected by the system based on the geographical location of the user.

    To change the language of the interface, do as follows:

    1. Go to the menu.
    2. Choose the section "Search settings".
    3. Click the tab "Languages" in the left menu list.

    There are two language settings available:

    • In what language do you wish to use Google products? - Here you select the language in which you want to see system notifications, button captions and menu items.
    • Display search results in these languages - by default Google uses the same language you selected for the interface. If you require search results in a different language for any reason, select it here.

    Click "Save" after selecting the settings.

    Google Maps on Android

    To change the language in the Android application:

    1. Go to Google Maps.
    2. Click on your profile icon (in the top right corner of the screen).
    3. In the menu list, find "Settings", access the section.
    4. Choose the option "Language".

    Select the recommended languages at the top. If you are in Russia, here you would find Russian and English. If you require a different language, find it in the list of all languages supported by the application.

    Please note that you have modified the settings of not only Google Maps, but also of the Google Account through which you have authorized access to the services. Therefore, the language will be changed in all Google services.

    Google Maps on iOS

    On iPhone or iPad make the following settings:

    1. Go to the Search settings page.
    2. Open the language settings.
    3. In the Google services language section, select the language you wish to use for the interface such as service notifications, menu items and buttons
    4. In the Search results language section, the default settings are the same as the language used in the interface. If you wish to change the search results language, you may do so here.
    5. Click "Save".

    The Google applications normally synchronize with the device settings, so you may change the language on your iPhone and iPad. To do so, go to the "Settings" application, go to "General" - Language & Region - iPhone/iPad Language and select the appropriate option and press "Done" to save.


    Do street names change when changing language

    The map elements are automatically displayed in the language of the country in which they are located. But it is possible to change these settings, otherwise how would tourists navigate there. The names of the streets will not be announced by the voice assistant when you change the language but the navigator will still tell you where to turn and where to go.

    If you have changed the language settings but nothing has happened and the language remains the same, you should try to re-install the application. Make sure that the language you want is in the phone settings. The application, when installed on the device, will set the same default language.

    1. Remove the Google Maps application from your smartphone or tablet - through the "Trash" tool or through Google Play.
    2. Go to the settings, find "Language and input", set the language.
    3. Go back to the phone menu.
    4. Open Google Play.
    5. Download the Google Maps application.

    The language settings are automatically synchronized with the smartphone settings.

    How to change the voice of the Google Maps assistant

    You can change the language and voice of the Google Maps navigation. The device will not speak street names after the language change, but will indicate the way in the selected language.

    1. Open the "Google Maps" application.
    2. Click the profile icon, then "Settings".
    3. Select "Navigation settings", then "Voice".
    4. Set the desired voice and language.

    The voice assistant helps you navigate the roads without having to look at the screen. The user has the option to make usage more comfortable by selecting the voice assistant.

    For Android:

    1. Play Google Maps on your tablet or smartphone.
    2. Go to the profile settings.
    3. Settings section, navigation settings tab.
    4. The voice selection section has the active voice option checked.
    5. In the list of available languages, select the desired one.
    6. Press the "Back" button to return to the map.
    7. Enter your position on the map using the "Jump" button at the bottom of the screen.
    8. Set a destination.
    9. Press "Start", you will hear the navigator guide you with a different voice.

    If you also want to change the gender of the Electronic Assistant, this idea must be rejected. Google does not provide this possibility.

    How to change the language in Android

    If you cannot enter the request in the search box in the desired language, change it in the smartphone settings:

    1. In the main menu navigate to the application with the gear icon - settings.
    2. Locate to the category "Language and Input".
    3. Select the option "Keyboard and Input Methods" then "Input Languages".

    The long list of languages will open, select the language you require. The location and name of the menu items may vary depending on the smartphone model.

    How to change the language on iOS

    On Apple devices you can display the language settings as follows:

    1. Go to the Settings - General - Language and Region - Language.
    2. Select the language you wish to change.
    3. Confirm.

    If you reinstall the Maps application, the application will adopt the new system settings.

    Why does Google Maps display in a language other than the language of the operating system

    Mogle Maps may use the settings of the account itself or use the location of the user. This is why the configuration of the service and the operating system may be different.

    Which languages are available for Google Maps

    Google Maps now supports around 80 languages, including the languages of Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.

    Where to find the region settings for English

    The Google Maps service automatically selects the domain based on location data and displays the part of the map where the user is located. Google Maps works in some national domains and opens in the language of the country where the domain belongs.

    If you need to see the map and interface in English, manually navigate to the .com domain zone, to do this:

    1. Open Google Maps in your browser.
    2. Go to the Menu - Search settings.
    3. Select the region at the bottom of the page.
    4. Select the desired English speaking country.
    5. Click "Save".

    This will open the site in the desired domain and in the corresponding language.<1

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