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How to contact Instagram support or report a problem


According to numerous complaints from Instagram users, it is quite difficult to contact technical support. Emails sent to the official email go unanswered, social networks Facebook and Twitter are also useless.

We suggest solutions to the problem that still work in 2020. Let's also talk about ways to communicate with Instagram that are irrelevant.

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    Official tech support email - useless?

    In fact, Instagram has an official email that the helpdesk uses to inform users:

    [email protected]

    But there is no point writing to this email address: with 100% probability an auto-reply will come. This is evidenced by feedback from Instagram users who have experienced technical problems. Which is not surprising: This email was never intended for this purpose.

    The best way to report a problem is via the Instagram app

    Why contact Instagram support for help?

    • You have lost access to your account (lost password or login),
    • the account has been compromised,
    • I need to report abuse, spam or harassment,
    • personal information about you has been published (complaint about account
    • remove (reactivate) or unblock a banned account.

    The best way to inform the problem is to use the corresponding option in the application. You can use it as follows:

    1. Open the Instagram mobile app.

    2. Go to Profile -> Settings.

    3. Help -> Report a problem.

    4. Select the type of problem:

    • Complaint about spam or violation of rules by other users,
    • Technical problem with Instagram app,
    • Feedback about the quality of the service.

    5. Specify the type of the problem and send a request to support.

    6. It would be better if you attach a screenshot to the email, if this clarifies the situation better.

    6. Wait for a reply.

    Feedback from the Instagram support team may take several days, usually about a week. There is no point in writing multiple messages without waiting for a response to a previous request.

    How to complain about an inappropriate post

    If the post is threatening, abusive, violates service rules, you may leave a complaint.

    Open your Instagram

    2. Log in to your account by entering your email address and password.

    3. Navigate to the post. You can also click on the icon that resembles a magnifying glass at the bottom of Instagram and then enter the name of the profile that posted the inappropriate post in the search bar at the top. Then click on the profile and find the inappropriate post.

    4. Click ⋮ above the post. This is an icon with three dots in the top right corner above each post, a pop-up menu will appear when you click it.

    5. Click on "Comment...".

    6. Choose one of the options - "This is Spam" or "This is Inappropriate".

    • If the post contains offensive, pornographic content, click on "This is inappropriate.
    • If the post is trying to sell something, click on "This is spam.

    A couple of tips before you send an Instagram request

    Before you ask a question, look for the answer yourself. Your problem is probably (and most likely is) not unique and has somehow been solved by other Instagram users.

    The Help Center is actually for finding answers. This is a handy resource where all known cases are collected and solution variants are given in a very accessible form. The Help Center consists of several sections:

    • Using Instagram;
    • Account management;
    • Troubleshooting and login help;
    • Confidentiality and security;

    and others.

    As our site statistics show, the most popular questions are related to the inability to access the user account in Instagram.

    Find the answers to the related questions in the "Troubleshooting & Login Help" > "I cannot log in" section of the Help Center.

    If you do not have the App

    If you do not have the App, please try to send your request through your browser to your PC. In this case, your problem should be a breach: hack, fraud, insult, spam, etc.

    How to do this?

    1. Go to // (help center).
    2. Go to Privacy & Security.

    3. Click the "Report Abuse" link. Select the problem.

    4. Fill the form or answer the questions.

    This way does not guarantee that you will obtain a complete solution, but at least you may be on the right path.

    How to contact support via Facebook Ads account manager

    If you are spending money on Facebook / Instagram ads, you will be assigned an FB Ads account manager. Try sending your question through them.

    Since it's in Facebook's interest to meet demand (so you spend more money), they will probably respond one way or another.

    What to do if the answer to your question doesn't come

    You should understand that:

    • It is likely that you will be redirected to the Help Center after contacting, which is not always the best option.
    • In Instagram there are about 1 billion users as of 2020. It's physically impossible for the Help Center to respond to a ticket.
    • In view of the workload, Instagram tech support cannot guarantee a quick and comprehensive response.
    • There are force majeure events, such as a coronavirus. This leads to staff not working at full capacity and delays occur.
    • The "Report a problem" option does not always guarantee that you will get help from tech support. There are issues that are handled individually.
    • Many topics are not covered in the Instagram help center.

    In such cases, it is worth looking for a solution on third-party sites, forums. For example, concerning Instagram photo recovery, you can find the solution here: //

    Ask your question and get the answer

    Ask your question via comments on our site and we will advise you how to deal with the technical error. When prompting, please specify in detail which application you are using and the phone model.

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