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How to download music to your phone or transfer from PC, instructions for Android


Lists the most convenient options for downloading music to Android phone (tablet): from laptop, PC, via internet, via usb cable.

Few people still use a smartphone solely as a means of communication. It has long been a multifunctional device, which acts as a player, camera, text editor. However, in order to listen to your favorite tracks, you first need to download music to Android. We will share proven ways to fill your phone with your favorite tunes for free and fast.

This can be done using a computer, special applications, a card reader - the main thing is to choose the most suitable way for your situation.

Tip To listen to the downloaded /files, you will need a music player. We have collected the best applications that will make your listening experience comfortable in this review.

Which is the best audio player?

How to download music on android: :

  1. Use the Videoder app
  2. With a usb cable
  3. Copy /files to your USB key with a card reader
  4. Download via torrent

Method 1. Downloading songs via Videoder

If you have difficulties and you do not know how to download songs from the Internet to your phone, use free applications such as Videoder. With this program, you can download songs to Android from YouTube, Voot, Hotstar, Facebook, Instagram, VK and hundreds more media services.

Download Videoder on Android

For your convenience, Videoder has:

  1. Package download /files. You can first compile a collection of songs and then download music in a batch mode in one click.
  2. Music Library Editor. Sort your collection by genre, artist, set artwork and add relevant tags.
  3. Collection of top artists or songs.
  4. Convert video to MP3. This function is indispensable when you download your favorite music from YouTube.

Videoder takes care that each song appears on your smartphone as soon as possible, so it uses several network connections to download /files.

So your phone will not be left without music. It is possible to download a song on Android in a variety of ways. The most common one is to copy a song from your computer to your phone using a USB cable or a memory card reader.

If you find that Videoder is not enough, take a look at the other downloading applications. These include Zaycev, Google Play Music, Yandex.Music and Musixmatch. Enjoy listening!

Method 2. Using a laptop, a computer

The Internet cannot be called a reliable friend because its speed is not constant, and in order not to allow this to affect listening to favorite songs, it is possible to transfer music from your computer to your phone. From additional adaptations the USB-cable is necessary. How to download music:

1. using the cable connect the device to the tablet, computer or laptop;

2. after detecting the connection, choose the method of operation - the window will appear on the screen or you have to find the necessary item in the notifications;

3. we have the connection method MTR - media content transfer;

4. in "My Computer" of the PC will appear the folder with all the /files of the phone; by choosing the necessary location we need to copy the music to the smartphone;

Download music to the phone through the USB cable;

Downloading from the PC is one of the easiest ways to enrich the multimedia collection of your smartphone;

Method 3. Downloading music using a memory card reader

An equally accessible method is downloading /files using a memory card reader. The steps are the same as for the USB method. Only you should:

  1. release the memory card from the phone;
  2. insert the memory card into the memory card reader connected to your PC, notebooks or tablets;
  3. open the memory card in "My Computer" on the PC and copy the necessary /files.

As you see, you do not need any special knowledge and skills.

Method 4: Download music via torrent

Torrent downloads are not only for computers anymore, µTorrent version 5.0.4 is available for phones. Going to the site with torrent /files, you choose your favorite album and download it at once, without looking at all the tracks, or you first read the contents, the description of the album. Then click on the key "download torrent". At this stage, you can select the tracks you like the most from the collection. To do this - put a tick next to them and click "download". Now the Android owner is not required to do anything - the torrent client works.

Download torrent client for Android

Remember that the download speed depends on the internet and the size of the /files. The tracks will not appear instantly on your gadget.

If you don't know which resources you can download music from, check the rating of torrent trackers posted on the net.<1

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