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How to download video from any site online from a link: the best services


Sites and programs allowing to save videos appear like mushrooms after the rain. We offer you dozens of new methods to download video from the Internet, from virtually any resource. You can use video services, applets, browser extensions and other tools.

Full list:

    Video Downloader Inshot

    Free Inshot browser supports video and music downloading from more than 100 different websites. An Android mobile app is available and there is also a handy online version. You can download directly from your browser by inserting a link in the address bar.

    First of all, Inshot specializes in social services such as Facebook, VKontakte, Vimeo, RuTube, Soundcloud. Basically, the application can download videos from any website; if it does not exist, it will most likely appear if you write to the author of the application. Of course, if we are talking about a sufficiently popular Internet service, from where you cannot download /files directly.

    Inshot features:

    • Browser based site navigation
    • Search the video sites and direct download links
    • Multithreaded download manager supporting resuming
    • Automatic video player
    • Support for mp3, mp4, mov, avi, wmv etc.

    Technique: How to download videos in Inshot

    It is very easy to use the downloader. To download videos from the Internet you will need:

    1. To download the Inshot Mobile App

    2. Copy the link to the video page to the clipboard. You may use the built-in browser to navigate to the site.

    3. Click the play button.

    4. Click the download button.
    5. Get the owner permission if necessary.

    6. Select the saving path and quality.

    7. The video will be available for offline viewing on your phone.
    8. Go to the folder Finished and open the video for viewing.

    There are many download settings available such as video bitrate, video format.

    Download the application

    How to download video online in Movavi Screen Recorder

    The Movavi Screen Recorder software gives you the ability to record virtually any online video. Be it video or streaming media that can't be saved from a direct download link.

    The program works very simply: It records what happens on your screen - the picture and the sound - in other words, it makes a screencast. In the settings you can specify the desired recording area, video and audio format. Let's take a look at how to use this useful tool.

    Download Movavi Screen Recorder

    Instructions for saving video

    1. Download and install Movavi Screen Recorder on your PC

    2. Click the "Screen Capture".

    3. A special frame will appear. By dragging it with your mouse you will enter the boundaries of the capture.

    4. Open in your browser the page with the video you wish to record.
    5. If your video is large and of excellent quality, choose full screen mode. Either way, you can easily edit the resulting file later with the internal Screen Recorder video editor.
    6. Check the video quality to get the maximum settings. For smaller videos there is no point to set a larger scope: you cannot increase the quality and the resolution above the original.

    7. Turn on the audio recording. To do this click on the "System audio" button with the speaker picture.
    8. Adjust the sound level by running the video before you start shooting.
    9. You can start directly to the recording. Press REC to start recording.

    10. You can stop the recording by pressing F10 or with the Stop key.

    In fact this is the way to download the video, i.e. to grab it from any website without limitation. The resulting file is in MKV format and you can view it in any video player. If you want you can use a converter to convert the clip to another format. But usually you do not need to.

    Free alternative: Open Broadcast Software

    Is there a free alternative for this program? Yes, there is. Open Broadcast Software (OBS) Studio. The software is available for download on Mac OS, Windows and Linux. By selecting the screen region, you can record any video on any site. Including streaming. Specify your audio and video sources and recording mode before you start recording.

    Download Open Broadcast Software

    Video Downloader for Instagram

    Video Downloader for Instagram is a handy mobile add-on. By installing it, you will be able to download videos from Instagram through a link in a couple of clicks.

    The "Download" button will appear on Instagram pages and by clicking on it, you will start downloading the file to your mobile device. The result will be a standalone file that you will comfortably view on your device's display. It does not matter if it is a desktop or a mobile phone.

    When downloading, you can select the quality (bitrate) for the mp4 video. It is not possible to extract the audio track from the video.

    Any other Video Downloader settings, in fact, you do not need them.

    Using this extension-assistant is not difficult, it has a russian language interface. On the main page of Video Downloader you find detailed instructions on how to download video from the Internet. Under the link below there is an extension available. Install it on your Android and download your /files right now.

    Download Video Downloader

    Why is it impossible to save videos on web sites

    Save a page of a certain site is not a problem: every web browser has the corresponding command in the menu. If a site has a direct link to the file, no questions arise, but in most cases the download and saving of videos is not possible. Why?

    For the creators of such sites, such a parameter as the number of visits is very important. There is no need to hide it: the developers earn money by showing ads. Consequently, visitors are not allowed to download videos for free - directly, via a link. Particularly experienced computer geeks have learned to find the address of the file in the source code of pages, but it's not that simple. Links are encrypted. That's why "unprivileged" users can't download the video themselves or share a direct link to the file.

    The solution is simple:

    1. Go to the special service dedicated to the video link,
    2. input the URL of the page,
    3. copy the "straightened" link to the clipboard,
    4. use this link in your download manager.

    DownloadMaster - A program to download from the link

    There are many programs available that stream videos from the Internet. But we don't need those that only broadcast, but also include the useful feature of downloading and saving a video file via a direct link to your computer.

    Download Master is a download manager that has recently learned how to download videos. The program just needs to specify a link and then DM acts according to its own script. The downloaded file can be viewed with the FLV player embedded in the program.

    Download Master

    Download Master is not called as a social media downloader for nothing. In general, this download manager goes a long way ahead of other tools in terms of support for all kinds of video formats. Despite its simple interface and small hard-disk and RAM size, Download Master is a joy to use in order to support Rapidshare, MySpace and many other services.

    Online services for downloading videos via direct link


    It should be noted that there are online services for getting links that work for a certain time and then suddenly stop working. There is another category of "bad" sites - you can't download multiple /files at once, only one at a time. is one of the most famous sites that allow you to save videos. Keepvid has never failed - in the sense that the links to download video /files always work. In case the mp4 format is not available, Keepvid simply doesn't display it in the list. Of course, there aren't many options, but nothing more is required from the service.

    Site, the convenience of working with which is actually hidden in its name. To say that it can "kill" videohosting, of course, is not possible, but for downloading videos, it's almost ideal. In order to save the video on your computer, from a particular page, you should add in the address bar "kick".

    The page will be displayed, where it will be offered to download the file in the required format. In order to avoid having to access the service every time, you can install a bookmarklet in your bookmark panel (see below for a definition of this bookmarklet).

    The service has one major drawback, the instability. Links work only for a certain time, downloads are impossible, not to mention simultaneous downloads of several videos. You will ask: How to save video? The answer is that there is no way. At this moment the service works only with torrents.

    Extremely convenient video service for those who don't want to understand the wisdom of the FLV format (read: too lazy to install video codecs) in order to save videos on the fly. You can convert your video to the preferred format (AVI, MOV, MP4, etc.) on the fly, and then download the resulting video. Unfortunately, it is not allowed to choose the resolution of the clip. In general, it would be an ideal way to save time and traffic. But instead of video you can download audio track of the file through the link.


    Russian video saving service, the main advantage of which, however, is awareness of the Russian resources. Such popular sites as: Video.Mail.Ru, Vision.Rambler.Ru, Rutube.Ru,, News.Ntv.Ru, Loadup.Ru, Video.Privet.Ru,, Liveinternet.Ru and many others.

    Important note: at the moment you cannot download videos from a website online or save videos via Videosaver, as the service is not available.

    In the case of, besides videos, audio is available for download. You can also easily download videos from rutube, a popular Russian-language social service. I like that the site has a detailed download instruction.

    Bookmarklets to save online videos

    We return to the word we already mentioned. A bookmarklet is a special javascript application that can be put as a separate button on the browser's Favorites or Bookmarks panel. Generally speaking, it's quite a handy feature for getting direct links to videos from the internet. The button saves you from having to manually enter the address of the desired page. When you click on the button, the address is processed and you end up with the same links to download. A good thing about bookmarklets is that they are compatible with almost all modern browsers that support javascript.

    As an example consider Bookmarklet is located in "Tools" section. In any browser, by right-clicking on the "Download Video!" button, you can add it, the button, to bookmarks. You can do even simpler: Drag and drop the bookmarklet to the toolbar yourself.

    Browser extensions

    When talking about browser extensions, the first thing that comes to mind is Mozilla's Firefox browser. And in fact, it is originally designed to extend functionality. A large number of plugins have been written for Firefox to get links to /files from video services. Here are some of the extensions.

    UnPlug - supports local video saving to,, and other popular services.

    Videodownloader -supports over 60 video download services!

    Ook? Video Ook! -similar to the previous one, plus integration with the DownThemAll extension.

    For IE, by the way, there is also an extension for saving video /files. One of these, Clip Extractor , allows you to download and convert video clips.

    With Opera, things are a bit more complicated. For this browser you need to download custom javascript /files. You should look for them on Opera fan sites like The script is copied into a special folder, and in the settings of the program (tab "Advanced" > item "Contents" > button "Customize Javascript") its location is specified in the field "Javascript user scripts folder".

    Best programs for watching downloaded videos

    Android has modern codecs. Both MX Player and VLC Player have no problem playing the downloaded videos.

    For more details, please read the review :Best Video Players

    For Windows, VLC Player is also available.

    The second way is to convert from one video format to another. You can do this with Internet video services and applications.

    This is a typical feature of You can download the file through this link in its original quality or in any suitable format. and are other similar services.

    When it comes to software, MediaCoder and HandBrake are worth mentioning.

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