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How to exit safe mode on Android devices


There are several simple ways to disable safe mode on Android. It is important to consider the manufacturer of your device and whether going to safe mode was an error on the part of the user or if it happened automatically. Anyway, this guide will help you to remove the safe mode from your tablet and smartphone:

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    The easiest way to exit the safe mode

    Orderly to exit the safe mode is to reboot your device:

    1. Hold the power button.
    2. Confirm the shutdown by clicking the "Unplug" or "Restart" button if this feature is available on your phone.

    3. If the phone does not restart, hold down the power button for 30 seconds and wait for the automatic reboot.

    Exit the Safe Mode via Control Panel

    To enter normal mode via Control Panel proceed as follows:

    1. Unlock the device.
    2. Swipe from top to bottom to open the screen.
    3. The notification panel is displayed, locate the safe mode in the list of running services.

    4. Disable the safe mode by tapping on the line with the mode name or by sliding this line to the right.


    How to prevent the automatic switching to the safe mode

    The automatic safe mode may be triggered by a particular application (usually the last one loaded). If the device keeps returning to safe mode - uninstall recent apps. To identify the recently downloaded applications do the following:

    1. Open the phone settings and locate the item "Applications" (also "All apps").

    2. Click on the option "Sorting" and select "Installed time".

    3. The screen displays all applications in the downloaded order: the last downloaded ones will appear at the beginning of the list.
    4. Click on the icon of the desired application and in the list that appears select "Uninstall" (Normally this option is placed at the end or the beginning of the list).

    If you have automatically fallen into Safe Mode due to lack of RAM on the device then after resuming normal operation be sure to remove the unwanted applications. If you use all installed applications you may try to clear the cache or remove some program updates that also occupy additional memory on the phone:

    1. Go to "Applications" in your device settings.
    2. Select the program you are interested in and click on its icon to display full information.
    3. Find the item "Memory" in the list and click on it.

    4. The "Clear Cache" button will appear at the bottom of the screen, tap on it and in the menu that will open select "Clear Cache".

    In the earlier versions of Android to clear the cache memory of an application simply click on its icon under "Applications" and select "Clear Cache" in the list that will open.

    Also a program containing malicious code may be one that runs at the same time as loading Android. To deactivate the automatic loading of an application:

    1. Discover all its information through the "Applications" menu in the settings.
    2. Find the option "Autorun" and disable it by clicking on the line with the option name.

    It is recommended to run an antivirus scan to remove exactly all the suspicious /files.

    How to remove safe mode in another way?

    If the phone has a removable battery then you can switch to normal mode as follows:

    1. Press the power button and confirm to turn off the device.
    2. Remove the back panel of the phone and remove the battery.
    3. Wait a couple of minutes and insert the battery back.
    4. Replace the back panel and turn the device on.

    Alternative shortcuts to exit safe mode

    If you are a Samsung phone owner and your device runs an earlier version of Android platform then in order to disable safe mode you have to do the following:

    1. Unlock the device by pressing the power button.
    2. Power on the phone and wait until the Samsung logo appears.
    3. Hold the top volume key until the phone is fully powered on.

    The instructions to disable the Safe Mode on the tablet are the same as the standard guidelines for mobile phones. If the reboot does not work for Lenovo devices you may use this method:

    1. Disable the device.
    2. Reboot the device, press and hold the "Home" key until the device fully boots.

    This instruction works for the most models with the "Home" key. To exit the Safe Mode on Meizu and BQ devices:

    1. Switch the device off.
    2. Switch the phone on and wait for company logo to appear.
    3. When it appears, press and hold bottom volume key until phone completely switches on.

    Exit from safe mode by performing a factory reset of the Android settings

    If none of the above has worked then you will have to proceed to a more radical method - resetting to the factory settings. In this case all user /files and downloaded applications will be automatically deleted. Before performing this procedure, it is recommended that you back up your /files to an external storage device (memory card or computer) and export your contacts. You will be able to reload this data after the device has been reset to factory settings.

    In order to leave the safe mode on Android with a factory reset do the following:

    1. Power on and off the phone (or press the "Restart" button if available on your device).
    2. When the Android logo is displayed, press and hold the power and volume buttons simultaneously.
    3. Select the option "Wipe data" (may also be called "Factory reset" or "Hard reset") from the menu that appears.
    4. Wait for the system to process the data.
    5. Click on "Reboot".

    After the reboot the device goes back to normal operation.

    Why use Safety Mode

    When in Safety Mode all the applications except the system software are disabled. This allows to detect if third party applications are known to work incorrectly or if there is a problem with the operating system itself.

    In order to fix the problem any additional installed programs are disabled but after exiting the safe mode all the Android applications are working again.

    For further details please refer to : The safe mode - what is it and why

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